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by kathryn weber

There is no doubt how warm and cozy a fireplace can make you feel. those leaping golden flames represent fame, recognition, friends, and sociability. however, when placed in certain locations, the fire element can pose problems ranging from job loss to ill health, bankruptcy, or an accident.

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then there are questions about what the fireplace symbolizes, where it is placed and what is placed on it. Fireplaces are considered something that burns energy, so it’s helpful to see them as something that burns energy. however, when placed auspiciously, fireplaces can also bring benefits. Below are some remedies, recommendations, but cures are not always easy to find in some cases.

However, one serious concern is annual afflictions.

every year, when feng shui shifts and changes, it’s good to pay close attention to those afflictions. land afflictions, such as placing 2 black stars or 5 yellow stars, will improve if the fireplace is placed in these sectors where the fireplace is located, so pay close attention to the warnings about these two afflictions.

Read on for these important fireplace tips to make your fireplace a welcome addition to your home and one that helps your life, or at least does no harm.

fireplace & the front door a fireplace in front of the front door can cause you to spend money quickly, suffer from a lack of opportunities or could cause an accident. If possible, block the view of the fireplace with a console, curtain, or other decorative object.

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address location There are always concerns about where a fireplace is located. Below are the areas where the fireplace is located and what it symbolizes, and how to manage its energy.

North: This is a place with water and a fireplace located here can add steam power to your run. In general, however, water controls fire, so this should not be a problem when a fireplace is in this sector. if you’re worried about money, add a mirror over the fireplace to add more energy.

northeast and southwest – these two sectors are places of land, and the fire in the fireplace strengthens these two corners. having a fireplace located here can help students, children, and thinking (northeast), or the woman of the home, romance, marriage, and relationships (southwest). a mirror here is fine, as well as images of terrestrial objects, such as mountains or a television.

east and southeast – these two corners are wooden corners. having a fireplace located here is not considered auspicious. In the East, the fireplace can harm health, the eldest son or family relationships. in the southeast, a fireplace could affect the oldest daughter and her assets, such as investments and the ability to save money. if her fireplace is located here, it would be a good idea to place a large image of water, such as a mountain with a lake or a view of the ocean above the fireplace. a mirror can also be placed here to help increase the energy.

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south – this is the corner of the fire, so having a fireplace located here would harmonize with the direction. adding a picture of trees, a TV, or a mirror above the fireplace would work well here.

West and Northwest: These two are metal corners, and fire is especially damaging here. in the west, the direction of descendants, a fireplace could be detrimental to the daughters of the family. a mirror or image of water or a mountain here will help tame the energy of fire. adding gems or vases here will also strengthen the energy of the west.

If you have a fireplace in the Northwest, you should not only work to place a large image of an ocean or mountain scene above the fireplace, but you should also avoid using it at all.

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This is because the northwest represents the energy of the father, the breadwinner and the sky. having fire located here can cause loss of man or loss to man. it can also cause serious illness or health problems. for those reasons, it should not be used.

Fireplace decoration: what to do and what not

In addition to where the fireplace is located, it is also important to look at what is placed on top of it.

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Family pictures. Many families like to put a family portrait or photo above the fireplace. this is not good symbolism for family as it could cause tempers to flare and represents the family unit on fire.

Religious images. These are considered heavenly, and for that reason, they should also not be symbolized with a fire under them.

televisions. these are fine when placed over a fireplace and are becoming the trend and can activate the energy that the fireplace burns.

mirrors. mirrors are an excellent decorative object to place over the fireplace and activate the energy burned by the fireplace.

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