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blinds are an important furnishing accessory for our home. they affect both the aesthetic and functional aspects of our house, allowing you to regulate the light, shadow, and privacy as you wish.

but this is not all..

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According to the principle of feng shui, blinds can also influence the life and well-being of a family.


if you want to know more, keep reading!

what is feng shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy based on living in harmony and prosperity with nature, offering both exterior and interior personal well-being.

The most important space in our lives is our home, the place where we spend most of our time. For this reason, feng shui offers you suggestions and solutions so that positive energy flows freely through the house.

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Windows and shutters are some of the most important elements in our homes and the choice of colors and materials for them can really influence the flow of this positive energy.

So, how to choose the most suitable feng shui blinds?

here are some helpful tips…

choosing the right colors and materials

Feng shui refers to 5 elements – instead of the four considered in astrology – associated with colors, seasons and planets.

each of us belongs to an element, determined by our date of birth, and choosing blinds that can evoke this element will determine our harmony and the harmony of the space where we live.

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The choice of suitable tones and materials based on these elements can improve the comfort of your home:

  • wood: if you belong to this element, choose shades such as green and brown and neutral materials such as wood. the ideal option for you is the natural or matte wood Venetian blinds;
  • fire: this element is characterized by red and purple tones. the choice of materials should lean towards artificial fibers;
  • earth: in this case, yellow, amber and rust are the best tones to combine with natural materials;
  • metal: this element moves in white, gold, gray and silver tones. the most suitable blinds here are the extruded aluminum venetian blinds that will guarantee long durability over time;
  • water: choose the colors blue or black . always choose natural materials such as cotton roller blinds.

These elements define an ideal circle to balance our lives: wood is nourished by water, fire by wood, earth by fire, metal by earth and water by metal.

so, after you’ve discovered your element,try to remember to choose a color and materials that balance your element but also choose fundraising accessories that can nurture your element.

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5 elementi feng shui

taboo colors

once you have found your feng shui element and consequently the one that nourishes it, you must be careful not to “exceed” with the colors since you will obtain the opposite effect, making the space chaotic and not very harmonious.

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Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • don’t use too much red or too much black: the former can cause too much emotion and the latter can have a depressing effect and can bring negativity;
  • the color of the blinds must be in harmony with the walls and the ceiling. in feng shui the ceiling represents paradise, the floor is the earth and the walls represent the human being. for this reason, the color of the wall should be an intermediate tone (darker than the ceiling but lighter than the floor) so that the rooms are as harmonious as possible;
  • avoid blinds roses because, despite the romantic atmosphere that this color creates, in terms of feng shui, this color represents irritability, anxiety and irritability;
  • choose light colored blinds for your bedroom such as gray and light blue, to achieve a calm and relaxed atmosphere. bright colors can make it harder to get a good night’s sleep.

avoid heavy materials

As for fabrics, you should avoid thick materials which, according to feng shui, would prevent good luck from entering your home.

Thick materials can also create a feeling of dullness and, according to feng shui, make your family feel stressed and negatively affect your health.

If you want to optimize the management of natural light, you can choose Venetian blinds, roller blinds, internal blinds with double glazing made of light, efficient, practical and easy-to-use material.

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how to use your blinds to improve feng shui

Blinds play an important role in improving the flow of energy in your home. Here’s what to do:

  • Open the blinds during the day to allow light to shine through your home and bring in positive energy;
  • Keep the blinds on closed at night : do not leave your window ‘in sight’ as this will bring you bad luck;
  • the blinds must be made of natural material. that’s why we suggest the use of wooden or cotton roller blinds;
  • make sure your blinds can open and close easily ;
  • keep blinds and windows clean as they will help bring fresh energy into the house;
  • use blinds to change the color of your rooms and according to the particularities that each room should have.

If you believe in feng shui the best way to decorate your home is to choose blinds that can attract positive energy and that will make your home feel perfect and harmonious.

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