Wind Chimes in Feng Shui (2022 Update)

In the science of feng shui, wind chimes are a remedy for healing and energizing purposes, vibrating in harmony with the energy of the universe.

Since the 5th century BC, since the time of Confucius, the Chinese were aware that sounds can influence the state and health of human beings, so they sought ways to create special music that would help them regain balance.

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About the sounds created in harmony with the forces of the universe we learn from its innumerable legends.

huang chung (yellow bell) is believed to be at the origin of the Chinese musical system (the system which, according to some sources, was invented in the third millennium BC).

The name of Emperor Huang di (reigned 2698-2598 BC) is associated with the invention of the bamboo instrument (often described as a flute or set of bamboo pipes) to which special mathematical formulas were applied to so that the sound is “in tune” with the universe.

the purpose of the pure sounds emitted was to harmonize the cerebral hemispheres.

This is also the purpose of wind chimes, their sound is transmitted directly to the right hemisphere of the brain, thus awakening creativity and intuition.

Its popular use spread more widely in East and South Asia, from Bali to Tibet and Japan.

Buddhists hung thousands of elegantly decorated wind chimes from the eaves of their temples, creating an almost deafening sound in high winds.

In China and Japan, this decorative arrangement gained popularity for decorating temples and homes.

The western world would learn about the wind chime at the end of the 19th century, when Asian art and philosophy began to have a greater impact in Europe and America.

Today, the bells are known and used throughout the world, being considered auspicious by many people.

which wind chimes are the most popular:

Corinthian bells 44 inches copper vein

These are made of a wind resistant material and have a very attractive color.

Place this feng shui wind chime on the balcony, under the eaves, or anywhere the wind is blowing to attract positive energy.

“Corinthian bells” wind chimes create a pleasant atmosphere in your home, garden or terrace.

They are metallic, circular and are made up of 6 tubes that emit a very pleasant and relaxing sound.

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woodstock medium amazing grace

This silver chime has six tubular branches, hanging from a piece of wood.

This type of wind chime brings favorable feng shui into your home through its melodious sounds.

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“amazing grace” is one of the most beautiful and popular wind chimes and, at the same time, very resistant.

can be heard at the beginning of the song “Amazing Grace”, one of the most famous Christian hymns in America.

new birds and nest – 12 pieces bronze colored bells

These are represented by a bird feeding her two young and symbolize eternal maternal love.

These bells consist of a bird’s nest, along with the mother bird, her two young, and 12 bells.

Wind chimes often have different healing symbols and can be used in various situations.

The most popular wind chimes are those that attract prosperity, abundance and protection, as is the case with the wind chime presented above.

types of wind chimes

The most widely used model is made of hollow metal tubes or solid metal cylinders suspended by a hoop.

They can have different lengths and thicknesses, but the principle of operation is always the same: at the slightest breeze the cylinders collide with each other or are struck by a central pendulum.

The wind chime can be made not only from metal or wood, but also from other materials, such as glass, bamboo, shells, stones or porcelain.

The sounds of bamboo will help relax the body and reduce stress.

These are a great way to relieve stress in your everyday life just by listening to the sound of these wooden chimes.

Bamboo wind chimes are also well known for their engaging musical sound, which has even been shown to be quite healing.

Bamboo wind bells are generally inexpensive and often times are made by hand.

If you decide to choose these wooden bells, be sure to add a weather treatment so that the bamboo does not get ruined by outdoor weather conditions.

If you choose metal wind chimes, metal is the element that corresponds to the north, west and northwest zones, that is, the zones that activate professional life.

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so, if you want to attract career success, placing these decorations in the above areas can help you balance the energies to your best advantage.

According to feng shui tradition, wind chimes have the power to enhance many aspects of your life and essentially have the ability to optimize the characteristics of chi energy, wherever they are placed.

From this point of view, the design of the wind chimes is important, as it can stimulate a positive spread of chi energy.

Thus, they consist of five, six or eight branches, each number has a clearly defined meaning.

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Wind chimes with 4, 6, 8 and 18 tubes attract good luck, while those with 5 tubes are capable of eliminating negative energies.

those with six branches also represent the chien hexagram of feng shui studies, they symbolize the metal element and attract absolute luck.

The hexagonal design forms the most beneficial representation of metal energy, having the ability to neutralize the negative earth characteristics of the 2 and 5 flying stars.

The ones with five branches represent the earth element and, according to feng shui art, attract chi energy and prosperity from the five cardinal points: center, north, south, east and west.

wind chimes with eight branches symbolize the blessing of prosperity, with 8 being an essential number in Chinese popular culture.

We can also pay attention to the influence of colors, being aware that red can be placed to the south to ensure reputation and success, or to the southwest for love and harmony in relationships, blue is suitable for the north zone: the career zone, green to the southwest for prosperity, but also to the east for health, white can be placed to the west to facilitate communication and great ideas and also to the northwest for collaborators and reliable protectors .

what wind chimes are used for:

  • eliminate depression through sounds that have a direct effect on the mind and energy centers throughout the body
  • eliminate monotony, an effect that is mainly attributed to five tube wind chimes because
  • they remove negative energies
  • they increase creativity
  • they have a strong aesthetic impact
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where to hang them:

  • the ceramic ones can be placed in sw, ne and center (in the v they activate the child area, while in the nw, the relationship area).
  • wind chimes of bamboo on s, se, e.
  • wooden windchimes placed on s activate the fame zone.
  • metal windchimes on w, nw, and n.

Wind chimes are often placed by the front door, right in the entry hall, because they make all sorts of nice sounds when you walk into the house.

Even if they don’t sway in the wind, it’s a good idea to trigger the sounds every time you walk past them.

In addition, they can be placed by the window or on the balcony.

therefore, for the interior of the house, it is indicated to choose metallic or ceramic (glass) wind chimes.

don’t forget about the children’s bedroom. they will love playing with the wind chimes.

The ceramic ones are especially suitable for the little ones because they emit the softest and most relaxing sounds.

where to hang them in the bedroom:

In the bedroom, it is not recommended to place the wind chimes above the bed, table or chairs, but in places where the energy is stagnant and needs a boost.

We can tell if they are well placed when they induce a good mood when we feel energized, less stressed and eager to express our creativity.

where to hang wind chimes outside:

For the garden and the balcony, you can opt for bamboo wind chimes.

wind chimes have a strong aesthetic and relaxing impact through their sounds.

For this reason, they are usually placed on patios, terraces, in areas where the air flows freely.

Wind chimes can be left outside year-round, but it’s best to tie them down or store them in case of a storm, blizzard, or when the wind blows for a long time.

It is recommended to change them every 2-3 years and wash them from time to time with rainwater, to maintain their clarity and purpose.

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