11 Feng Shui West Facing House Rules For Luck Prosperity

According to science, everything, whether it’s a non-living object or an animated thing, is made of energy.

energy is never generated or destroyed, and this is something you will also find in the basic law of thermodynamics.

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the feng shui west facing house is about changing the form of energy that is already there for good luck and prosperity.

The fact that it is where the energy enters your home is one of the most important elements. it has a variety of effects on you. In feng shui, the front door is one of the most significant things that affects the energy of the house. this house entrance door or phenomenon is known as the mouth of qi.

Read on as we look at various aspects of feng shui west-facing front doors. Also, check if you have an east facing home.

what are the rules and tips for feng shui in a house facing west?

Thousands of years ago, the Chinese recognized and used feng shui to apply energy flow concepts to their workplaces and homes.

The modern goal of feng shui is the same (also check Western and Chinese), which is to balance your living space to promote the flow of vital energy or qi through it. .

however, feng shui is often hampered by furniture and other objects that are present in your home.

To achieve a feng shui west-facing house, you need to keep in mind that metal (one of the five elements) is the element associated with the west. so keep in mind that you’ll have to deal with that if your front door faces west.

To identify the feng shui west-facing house direction using the front entrance, you’ll need a compass. It could be a compass dedicated to feng shui or the compass on your smartphone.

Standing in your hallway, look out your window and use your compass to determine which way you’re looking. this is the orientation direction determined by the front door. here’s what to consider for feng shui in a west facing home:

1. work on customizing mouth qi accordingly

The front door of your house is one of the first things you should adapt if you want a house facing west according to feng shui.

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Even if it’s not the door you use most of the time, the front door is still considered the main entrance for qi energy, the doorway through which life force energy flows into your home .

The west facing front door of your home welcomes qi into your home, allowing you and it to flourish and prosper.

That said, for feng shui, the west facing house uses the side or back door instead of the main entrance if the direction you face is the side or back of your residence. qi energy ignores the differences between these places and is simply attracted to yang energy.

2. metal & the colors of the earth element are the ones that best adapt

To ensure your west-facing front door brings success and wealth into your home, paint it a color that reflects the metal element or any of its relative hues.

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When it comes to a feng shui west facing house, you can paint your door in a feng shui friendly way using the colors of metallic elements and earth elements.

These include shades of white, bronze, gray, silver, gold, or any other color associated with metallic tones.

As for the colors of the earth element, brown and all its shades can be used, even if they are spots.

3. there is a door that leads to wealth

The main entrance is vital when a person is looking for a west facing feng shui house.

through the main entrance, the house is fed by the energy of feng shui, which determines the quality of energy in your home.

The compass direction to the door and the corresponding feng shui element define the optimal colors for a feng shui inspired front door. each orientation and element can have one or more harmonic or productive front door colors.

4. a house facing west should have open doors

a door that opens inwards welcomes the flow of qi into the dwelling. there is also the door that opens to the outside, on the other hand, it pushes it.

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To improve the flow of qi energy, reverse the hinges of the door so that it swings inwards. don’t store anything behind the front door and always let it open and close easily.

To help energy flow through your feng shui west-facing room and home, add a light to your front door or car porch area.

When it opens to a stair, the qi going down the steps competes with the qi going in.

You also have to distribute the qi going down the stairs on both sides. To do this, you can hang a wind chime or crystal halfway between the door and the steps.

also, there should never be a mirror or glass objects in front of or behind the front door because they will reflect qi back into the house.

5. focus on avoiding the factors that bring bad luck

When it comes to feng shui in a west-facing house, be sure to weaken unfavorable energies from a negative direction.

You could apply an element of the exhausting cycle.

You can also use wavy lines, which are a form of water, to weaken evil chi energy.

This is especially useful if your house kua number is in the west group. do not overcompensate if you want the sheng chi to continue to feed the chi energy in your home.

6. keep your stoves to invite luck & amp; wealth

The stove indicates your money and resources in feng shui. If we can properly prepare and nourish our bodies, we can do our best in the world.

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Also, to increase your feng shui fortune, keep your stove in good working order. check that all burners are working and equipment is clean.

You should also use the stove every day to stimulate your fire energy, which will help you attract prosperity.

We have a propensity to automatically switch to our favorite burner whenever we get ready to cook something.

However, for that feng shui west facing house, we suggest you try something new. Switch to a different burner on the stove each time you use it to keep your mind and energy open to new possibilities.

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7. incorporate a plant element into your home

In feng shui, flowing and traveling water is associated with financial and generous flow. Make sure the plumbing in your home is intact and in good working order so there are no leaks or water damage.

a fountain, for example, can be used to bring this image of flowing water into your home. make sure the fountain is clean and functional, and that the water is directed towards the center owned by you.

what are the positive points if you have a house facing west according to feng shui?

According to Japanese house design beliefs, houses with west-facing doors convey vitality and vigor. it is considered that more energy enters the house through the doors facing west.

as a result, the main entrances of all traditional geisha houses in japan face west. Residents of west-facing houses are considered to be wealthy and have a large social circle.

They will have no opponents and will be adored by everyone at work, in personal relationships and in social situations.

Politicians, teachers, religious leaders, and business leaders have all benefited in the past from west-facing feng shui houses.


When choosing a feng shui house, the orientation or appearance of the house is not the only thing to consider.

It’s also critical to realize that a home may or may not be right for you, depending on the purpose of the purchase and the buyer’s profession or occupation.

Also, it’s time to dispel the myth that west-facing houses are cursed because there are no bad energies that can’t be fixed by applying feng shui to west-facing houses.

people who work in the commercial industry will appreciate these properties.

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