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Feng Shui employs the five element system to harness the energy in your living spaces. these elements are wood, fire, metal, earth, and water, and together, each of these elements represents the different aspects of nature. each element interacts in a complementary and predictable pattern with each other.

You may or may not understand the energy and principles of feng shui, but it comes with its science. each of these five elements represents a different type of energy, and each of these elements comes with its own set of qualities, shapes, colors, and materials.

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If you want to invite more than one of these elements into your home, using a combination of colors, materials, and shapes in your home design will help increase the type of energy associated with these elements.

Water features are one of the most popular and versatile elements that most people start with when it comes to incorporating feng shui into their living spaces. water is the element that is connected with intuition, wisdom and fluidity. If you want to increase the energy associated with social connections or if you want to receive more cash flow and wealth, adding water elements to your home would be fruitful.

10 Ways to Add Feng Shui Water Elements to Your Home - Design Swan

here is a breakdown of the water element:

  • qualities include flowing, descending, or changing.
  • shapes are curved, wavy, wavy, or even shapeless.
  • colors are always black or gray.
  • The season of the water element is winter.

here are 10 wonderful and easy ways to add the element of water in the interiors of your living and work spaces:

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add a pool or fountains

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Of course, one of the easiest ways to introduce the element of water into your home is to install a fountain. water fountains are ideal for any space, whether in the garden or even as a centerpiece or floor piece. not only does it bring a calming and calming presence, but it is also a wonderful decoration. If you love the sound of moving water, a water feature will create that soft water sound, perfect for a meditation session.

acrylic pools

If you have the space and the budget, why not add a pool? A swimming pool may not be the first thought that comes to mind when someone says “feng shui water element,” but it fits the bill. If you are looking for a unique type that exudes serenity and calm, then a clear acrylic pool may be the type of pool that offers just the right touch of soothing simplicity. Check out https://www.titanaquaticexhibits.com/acrylic-pool-wall-viewing-panels/ for a dose of inspiration if you’re looking for acrylic pools with see-through windows for a mesmerizing effect.

10 Ways to Add Feng Shui Water Elements to Your Home - Design Swan


A cute fish-shaped pet in a fish tank is another way to add that change of water energy. An aquarium or fish tank in your home or office provides a much-needed presence, especially if you live alone or need a low-maintenance pet.

an accent wall or a color block wall

Color is one of the easiest ways to bring a much-needed feng shui energy shift into either your home or office. The color black, blue, and dark gray are associated with the element of water, so look around your living spaces and see where you can add a fresh look to your interiors while also introducing the energy of water.

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10 Ways to Add Feng Shui Water Elements to Your Home - Design Swan

black style

an instant way to add a quick update or change to your interior decor is to add a few style elements to complement the season. As mentioned above, black is the color associated with the element of water, not teal or blue. If you’re not a fan of coloring a section of your wall black, adding black style elements to your interior décor is one way to add some elegance and style. Try artwork, vases, cushions and throws, sofas, or any other accessory to introduce the energy of water to your work desk or living spaces.


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As flexible as the element, the energy of water can also be introduced through materials. mirrors are the best known symbol of water, as it represents the calm and stillness of a lake. its reflective characteristic mimics that of crystal clear rivers or lakes where you can see your reflection. put a mirror in your hallway to add depth or hang a mirror in a room to make it appear larger.

10 Ways to Add Feng Shui Water Elements to Your Home - Design Swan

images of water

If you have a photo wall, swap out a photo frame and add a complementary photo or water feature artwork. Get creative and find a picture you like online or maybe paint your own or take it outside and take pictures to print and frame. go the extra mile by framing your aquatic images with black frames.

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textures and patterns

When looking to add a water image or black style feature, you can incorporate the addition of different patterns and textures. for example, a black pillow can be in the form of wavy patterns, which are part of the water element. if what you are looking for is to get a table runner, look for wavy textures as the main feature. water features often feature smooth waves rather than sharp points.

10 Ways to Add Feng Shui Water Elements to Your Home - Design Swan

lighting accessories

Lighting has a huge impact on feng shui elements, so it’s important to pay attention to this when it comes to lighting your home. For the water element, look for light fixtures that come with black or dark gray housings. This type of lighting element adds a sense of elegance to your decoration. lighting that comes with black steel that exudes a sleek industrial feel is also a wonderful element that can complement any interior setting.

black front door

another way to add elegance and luxury to your interior spaces while adding to the water factor of feng shui? paint your doors black. Black doors bring positive qi into your home, making it a great decorating idea for your front door makeover.

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