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what is feng shui and what are its benefits with water sources?

When it comes to feng shui tips for your water feature placement, it helps to understand the concept of feng shui. feng shui is an ancient art and science developed over three thousand years ago in china. Simply put, it revolves around the balance of energies in any given space to bring good health and fortune to the people who reside in it. If you’re wondering how it relates to your water source, feng shui literally means wind and water. People who live in stressful cities like Vancouver can benefit greatly from adding a water feature to their home. but did you know that there are places where you should not put a water source? read more to continue.

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The water feature does not need to have an oriental look to be used for feng shui. in fact, it is preferred that it works in harmony with your interior or exterior decoration. As mentioned above, water features are very popular in feng shui as they bring the energy of water into your home and water is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The flowing water from the water fountain helps to reactivate the life force of the space, restores balance and produces beneficial yang energy. however, there are guidelines and rules that must be followed in order to use water sources for good feng shui. You should note here that improper water feature placement is considered to bring bad feng shui to your home.

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If you are planning to install a water feature in your garden or home for good feng shui, there are guidelines that could improve the feng shui energy.

feng shui water feature locations

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desirable locations of water sources for feng shui

The location of any feng shui water source should be determined using the ba-gua, a feng shui energy map. the fountain should be placed in the east direction for health and family, southeast for prosperity and abundance, and north for career and life path. the fountain should not be placed in the southern part of the house, since according to feng shui ideology, the south is associated with fame and reputation and its symbol is fire. when you bring the water feng shui element to the fire feng shui element, they contradict each other. therefore, you end up creating bad feng shui or conflicting energy, like water puts out fire. In addition, when placing a water feature in your garden, it is preferable that the water flows towards your house so that wealth and abundance flow towards your house and not away from it.

types of water sources for feng shui

You should consider how feng shui elements are expressed in shapes and colors so that it complements the water element and the feng shui needed in the given space is not overwhelming. the shape, color, and material of the water feature should express and support the necessary feng shui. you should start by selecting the location of the water feature and then selecting the shape, color and material accordingly.

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Undesirable Locations of Water Features for Feng Shui feng shui bad locations

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Placing a feng shui water feature in your bedroom is considered bad feng shui. the location of your bedroom is irrelevant. The water feng shui element is believed to bring negative energy in the form of worry into your bedroom. therefore, if you are considering a water feature for feng shui purposes, keep it out of your bedroom. Also, never place a water fountain on either side of the front door as it produces negative energy.

You can enhance the positive feng shui energy by placing crystals or stones in your fountain, which strengthens the good energy. Using essential oils with your water source that can diffuse them into the air can also increase positive energy. In short, a feng shui water feature attracts good energy, prosperity, and fortune, while creating a relaxing environment and adding style to your landscape or living room.

reasons to add a water feature to your home or office

Benefits of Indoor Water Fountains

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waterfall decor

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