15 Feng Shui Turtle Placements in Your Home

Feng shui turtles are believed to bring much success and joy into the home. according to lord kubera, he rules over the north center of the house. therefore, the wishing tortoise feng shui should always be kept in a northerly direction.

turtles are also seen as defenders. keeping it close to your office spaces or home will help protect you from all negative side effects. If you place it at the main entrance, the turtle will act as a shield against negative energy entering your home or office. Let’s look at 15 feng shui turtle placement tips in your home.

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types of feng shui turtles

wooden feng shui turtle

According to Vastu Shastra, placing a wooden turtle in the southeast or east corner will remove all the negative forces from your home. It will also fill the lives of your friends and family members with joy, good deeds and accomplishments.wooden-feng-shui-turtleTurtle made of wood

hematite turtle

If you have a family member who suffers from a terminal illness, you may choose a turtle made from hematite for its symbolic value in combating illnesses. The rose quartz turtle is well-known for helping in improving health and relationships. You can bring hematite or quartz turtles to get a healthy body and perfect relationships. hematite-turtleCrafted with care for your prosperity

female turtle

There are many types of turtle figurines, and one of them is the female turtle, which is considered a symbol of kids and family. When you place this turtle in your home, it helps you avoid any disputes that may arise within the family unit.female-turtleTurtle for bringing peace in your home

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stone turtle

Turtle statues attract positivity. It is believed that having a stone turtle in your bedroom can help fight insomnia. It also attracts wealth, peace, prosperity, power and good luck. The turtle’s long life cycle symbolizes immortality.stone-turtleThe black stone turtle

best day to place a turtle

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Thursday, Wednesday, and Friday are considered to be the best days to place a turtle idol in the house. You have to find the right and auspicious time schedule according to the calendar. Make sure to decorate the place for keeping the turtles with yellow coloured flowers for best results. best-day-for-placing-a-turtleThe elegant golden colour turtle

metal turtle

The metal turtle for design and decor purposes should be set in a north or northwest direction. When kept to the north, it will draw good luck into children’s lives and increase their concentration. In addition, placing the turtles in the northwest direction of their room will help sharpen their minds.metal-turtlegolden coloured metal turtle

dragon turtle

Unique specimens are available in the form of a dragon turtle which is a Feng Shui remedy for overcoming negative forces. It is a mystical combination of the powers of a turtle with the powers of a dragon.dragon-turtleTurtle with power of the dragon

glass or crystal turtle

Placing a wooden turtle on the southeast or east part of your house will provide you peace, harmony, and wealth. It will also surpass any negative energy that arises and help attract positive vibes.crystal-or-glass-turtleCommon glass turtle

turtle coin

If you can find turtle figurines depicted by Feng Shui coins, you can bring them to attract more money and improve health and household life.coin-turtleTurtle with a coin

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tortoise placement at home for wish fulfillment

According to Feng Shui turtle wish fulfilling, the turtle can also be used for desire enactment. It will not be too expensive to buy the turtle that is made of metal and can be opened to put a strip of paper inside the box. Write a wish on yellow paper and keep it inside the tortoise. Put down the turtle on red hued cloth and pray to it every day.placement-of-turtle-at-home-for-wish-fulfillmentTurtle to fulfill your wishes

feng shui turtles for safety

The best Feng Shui placement for turtles is at the back of the house. Home buyers can put a turtle in the backyard of their garden. If you have a stone turtle located near the front door on the west side, it will bring security to the main door. If you like this application of Feng Shui, make sure the turtle is heading towards the main door.feng-shui-turtles-for-safetyFeng Shui turtles to keep you safe

turtle for home positivity

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To stabilize the domestic positive energy state, turtle figures can be placed on the back porch. To safeguard your home from negative forces, a turtle can also be placed at the entrance. Placing a statue of a turtle near an artificial waterfall or fish tank is considered very fortunate for the house.turtle-for-home-positivityThe turtle will fill your home with positivity

turtle to promote health

To combat illness and promote health, the turtle should be kept in the best direction. This is calculated by one’s Kua number (Kua is a system of numerology based on your year of birth and gender) and the Feng Shui element of birth.turtle-to-promote-healthTurtle to keep you healthy

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turtle placement for professional growth

Place metal figurines or black turtle paintings in the living room or workplace. The mouth of the turtle figurine should have a Chinese coin in it for Feng Shui turtle wish fulfilling, and it represents an increase in income growth. For career growth, place black turtles near water facilities, such as the fish tank or north fountain.placement-of-turtle-for-career-growthEnhance your career with the power of the turtle

turtle for happiness

Having a turtle in the north, east or northwest is considered good for home and happiness. If you keep the turtle near the bed, it will help you deal with insomnia and anxiety. If your kid is afraid to sleep alone, you can place it next to their bed.turtle-for-happinessLet your life be filled with happiness

The feng shui turtle statue should be kept in the water. It can also be kept in a glass dish or bowl. includes some water and vibrant colored stones. it will make it look beautiful and according to vastu shastra it will bring harmony, peace, money and longevity to your home.

Feng shui tortoise wish fulfillment is considered extremely auspicious. therefore it is said that keeping it in accordance with vastu’s advice can make wonders happen. the turtles present in your home give a cry for you and your family to be delighted.

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