What Is The Tree of Life & How Do You Choose One – Karma and Luck

meaning of the tree of life: feng shui jewel tree of life

Reading: Feng shui tree of life

Reading: Feng shui tree of life

Made from different crystals, each feng shui bonsai brings specific energy to any space. they stand out for healing, bringing good energy or chi and helping the manifestation of dreams.

Feng shui trees are widely believed to be a cure-all in traditional feng shui. they represent the tree of life with crystals as leaves, which have different types of energy and purposes depending on the type of stone used.

a tree with citrine is commonly used to acquire more wealth and abundance. jade, the color of life, promotes good health. rose quartz is widely used to deepen emotional connection, welcome love and romance, and remedy marital problems.

choosing a tree of life feng shui: spiritual meaning of the tree of life

Reading: Feng shui tree of life

Reading: Feng shui tree of life

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you can customize the gem trees to align with your needs and intentions. Instead of Swarovski crystals and other man-made options, stick to natural, untreated stones as they give off a stronger vibration helpful in amplifying your desires. what does the tree of spiritual life mean? the symbol of the tree of life represents our personal development, uniqueness and individual beauty.

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tree of life chakra

It is common to mix and match crystals to create a synergistic effect. For chakra healing purposes, seven chakra feng shui trees are extremely popular. Multi-stone leaves represent each chakra and help align your energy for better physical, mental, and emotional health.

7 chakra tree of life: crystal tree for positive energy

Attractive combinations do more than delight your guests. Some crystals complement and amplify the energy of others, making a feng shui tree’s power more potent.

  • rose quartz can be combined with moonstone, turquoise or amethyst because it is a great companion to strengthen attraction and the connection.
  • Clear quartz is an amplifier and will serve to increase the healing powers of your partner.

tree of life chakra meaning

When choosing a feng shui tree, it’s important that you like the way it looks. subconsciously we are attracted to the energy we need most in our lives.

If the colors please your eyes or the shapes of the crystals make you feel a certain way, it could indicate a deeper need and connection.

Beyond that, your feng shui tree should complement your space. listen to your intuition and choose according to your instincts.

taking care of your crystal tree of life

add chinese coins to tree of life crystals

A popular way to enhance your feng shui tree is to add Chinese coins. these coins with square holes in the center are an ever-present symbol of financial prosperity. adding these coins points to the mastery of spiritual money and amplifies wealth and abundance.

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where to put the tree of life at home: place it according to the bagua map

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It is also important to consult the bagua map when placing the tree. think of yourself planting a real tree. The most important element for the growth of a tree is planting it in fertile soil where it can flourish.

Likewise, your feng shui tree should be placed where its energy is not obstructed. the money area, according to the classic bagua, is in the southeastern part of the room.

keep the gemstone tree of life clean

Finally, make sure your tree is in a clean space. Nothing says bad feng shui like a tree of life gathering dust in the corner of a room. Maintain your tree’s health by checking on it regularly and surrounding it with your positive intentions.

amethyst bonsai Trees of Life

buy amethyst bonsai trees of life for karma and luck

the meaning of the tree of life: final thoughts

As the tree takes root in your home, you will reap the benefits of health, good karma, and happiness. Get closer to living the life of your dreams by getting your very own feng shui tree on karma and luck. the meaning of the tree of life symbolizes one’s individuality, as trees are different. We hope that now you know all about the meaning of the tree of life crystal.

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