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If people have only heard one thing about feng shui, you probably need to keep your toilet lid down. what is the problem now? Why is feng shui making such a fuss about toilet seats?

Without context, it probably seems pretty random and it’s easy to dismiss the suggestion as some “crazy feng shui thing”. well, let’s take a step back and get some perspective.

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oh! Ch’i is the life energy that embodies and fuels us all, so why, oh why, would we want to remove it from our lives?

Toilets are often the largest pipe in the house, but let’s consider what else is in the bathroom.

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In all my years of practicing feng shui, some of the most dramatic imbalances I have encountered have been related to toilets and drains. in one case, the plan showed that there were 12 drains in the feng shui bagua health and family area of ​​the house that was used as the headquarters of a small business. in this area there were two bathrooms, a washing machine and a kitchenette of the apartment (which had a double drain sink plus a dishwasher). when I asked if the staff had any health related issues, several people stopped and looked at me in disbelief. one employee was in the hospital and another was on long-term leave. additionally, the “health” of the business was challenged with a pending leadership change and possible organizational restructuring. various actions to adjust the areas were discussed. after implementation, I heard a follow-up from one of the sick employees. to my great joy, she had regained her health. she later became a personal client.

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Check out the different bagua areas on my free bagua map to see what kind of chi’ energy might be draining into your life. Once you apply the bagua map to your floor plan, note where the toilets, bathtubs, sink or floor drains, dishwasher, and washing machine are located. Does any area have an overabundance of drains? if so, pay special attention to reducing your ch’i loss there. I offer some strategies for adjusting drains and toilets below.

Wealth, health, and relationship ch’i may be the most problematic, but who wants their creativity, career, or fame to run out of energy?

Get your free Bagua Map.

Since we’re talking toilets, tubs and sinks…..

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here is the feng shui lesson on cleanliness. Photographs will not be used to emphasize this point, but the physical condition of the actual toilet seat and the surroundings define the quality of energy you will receive from that area. the same goes for the bathtub, shower and sink. I’ve also seen some pretty nasty washing machines! mold, grime, grime, dirt, stains, clutter, bacteria infestation, or disgusting are not words I want to associate with any kind of ch’i energy in my home. remember, in feng shui, form defines energy*. let’s clean up the whole act and really make our spaces work for us by keeping everything clean and in good repair.

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If you’re feeling “drained” in any way, take a look at the suggestions below to start keeping more beneficial energy in your baths.

have fun!


your feng shui for today

  • Put the toilet seat down! (It bears repeating.)
  • Physically close drains when not in use. pull plugs, plug in, cover open shower drains with a plastic drain mat.
  • sometimes getting the family involved in keeping drains plugged can be a thankless job. you can symbolically “plug” the drains by applying red tape to the pipe below. (red is an auspicious color in china). red duct tape works great for this.
  • keep the bathroom door closed, especially if it’s next to the kitchen or bedroom.
  • once I’ve run the above fixes , make a note of any changes you may feel. Is there more energy, focus or opportunity in your life? Has something “special” or unusual happened? feng shui asks us to expect results. noticing and acknowledging them is part of the process.
  • please share your feng shui “adjustments” and results with all of us.
  • enjoy!

*form defines energy is a fundamental teaching of dr. Shan-tung Hsu, PhD, of the Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute in Seattle.

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