Feng Shui Tips to attract Love in 2022 (Guaranteed to Work)

In feng shui, one looks at a space as a matrix (called a bagua) and performs treatments to bring harmony and order to areas that are out of balance.

we seek to create a positive flow of chi. in relationships, the area of ​​the home that designates relationships is the southwest or kun. if there is disharmony in this area of ​​the home and/or the bedroom, relationships will suffer. if the house, for example, has this part of the structure cut off for some reason, there will be a problem with the flow of this area. in the bedroom, if this area is full of clutter, dirty clothes, and trash, this area of ​​life will suffer.

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To open up the chi in this area and bring luck to the area of ​​relationships, there are some simple placements and treatments you can do.

In this area, you can place beautiful live plants. if they are plants with flowers much better. not three floors. not a single plant. not ten floors. two floors

Also, a wind chime in this area will attract chi. I have a glass hanging in this area that reflects light from outside. if there are no windows in the area, you can consider hanging a beautiful mirror.

a statue of two lovers would be a perfect treatment. remove any sharp objects from the area because they cut the chi. Also, if this area has a window that is directly across from another window or door, you should hang a crystal to capture the positive chi. This would be a very positive place to put an altar to love with a censer using rose or lavender scented incense. the pink color will also work very well in this area.

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here are 10 more feng shui tips to attract love in 2022

1. clean your bedroom

If your bedroom is cluttered, the flow of energy will be slow and weak.

therefore, you must put everything in order, to allow the energy to circulate unhindered so that it can bring all the positive things to your love life.

once you’re done cleaning, ring a bell or clap your hands to remove stuck energy and make room for another flow of energy.

2. free up some space in the bedroom

if you want to find your other half or want your current relationship to become more serious and closer to marriage, make room for another person in your bedroom.

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Take a look inside your closet and drawers, especially in the bedroom, and if they’re too full with your stuff, make a point to empty some of them.

When you’ve done that, admire how empty they look and imagine your loved one’s things placed there.

3. use the feng shui power of mandarin ducks

If you want a lucky love life, a beautiful marriage and attract only positive energies in your romantic life, you should place these ducks in the south-west side of your bedroom.

4. don’t keep objects that remind you of failed relationships

remove from your house, especially from your bedroom, any object that may have belonged to an ex-lover.

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Also, any letter, picture, or other physical reminder of a relationship gone bad has no place in your home, no matter how romantic or nostalgic you are.

5. remove any negative representation

The images and objects around you affect your life more than you can imagine.

eliminate paintings, sculptures or photographs that represent negative situations, loneliness, sadness, war, fights, etc.

They can bring you negative energies and create a tense atmosphere in your love life.

6. open up to love

Make sure the front door, as well as your bedroom door, can be easily and fully opened, without creaking or getting blocked by things placed behind it. in this way, you allow the energy to flow and intensify your love life.

7. clears the way for chi energy

walk slowly from the front door of your house to the bedroom, imagining that you are a river of chi energy.

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Follow the path with your eyes and note any objects or furniture that might hinder the free flow of chi energy and remove them.

Also, make sure all lighting elements on this path are working and there are no dark corners.

8. move your bed

If one side of the bed touches the wall, the person sleeping facing the wall may feel deprived, restricted, or trapped in the relationship.

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if possible, move your bed so both sides are the same distance from the walls.

The ideal position for the bed is on the opposite side of the door, but not in a straight line with it.

If you can’t see the door when you’re sitting up in bed, put a mirror on the wall to help you see the door to the room.

9. don’t exercise in the bedroom

don’t work out and don’t keep your sports equipment in the bedroom. the effort you put into exercising will translate into your love life.

And you certainly don’t want your relationship to feel like one sustained effort.

10. make your intentions clear

make a collage using images that represent your idea of ​​romance and harmony.

Put it somewhere where you can see it every day.

If you’re already in a relationship, ask your lover to help you make the collage; it will show your intention to build a bright and happy future together.

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