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where and what to ink to strengthen personal luck

Ink a powerful one word tattoo on the inside of your wrist to activate the creativity and intellect within you. choose the wrist of the hand you write with, then select the word that best describes what you strongly believe you need most to strengthen your academic prowess.

words like imagine, analyze, start, deepen, think, visualize, activate, energize, improve, strengthen… these word tattoos will be the catalyst for your brain to instantly open new trees of creativity that make you start thinking. they are excellent feng shui because they cause chi to move strongly from the pulse point on the wrist.

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1. creativity in your inner wrist

The wrist is a great place to get tattooed because it’s less painful and should also heal faster than other parts of the body. but let the tattoo heal completely before wearing bracelets and other jewelry.

2. walk tall with a tattoo on your ankle

a really beautiful part of your body to place a tattoo on, although this works better for girls than for guys. the ankle is an erogenous zone and a tattoo here is quite painless to apply. On the ankle, smaller tattoos work best, and this is where symbols of love can be effective. Consider the double happiness sign, a heart tattoo, a love bird, a peony, a star, or a spiral, all of which signify great love feng shui. Ankle tattoos look great in bare feet, and when elevated over a high-heeled shoe, they add elegance and sex appeal. definitely something worth considering!

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This is a great place for tattoos you want to show off only occasionally. Tattoos placed behind the ear and under long hair are great for placing dragons and phoenixes as well as birds and bats in flight. these are auspicious symbols that bring you a lot of good news. placed behind the ear, it would suggest that you always hear good things about yourself.

4. boost your sense of hearing

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Another sexy part of the body where a tattoo can work wonders is the right ear. the musical notes here ensure that you will have music throughout your life. music brings harmony and happiness; and the ear is another almost painless place to work in ink. Those in the know describe a tattooing process here as a tingling and tickling sensation. The ear tattoo is delicate, pretty and very feminine, more suitable for girls than for boys. you can also place a powerful seed syllable here that can boost your sense of hearing. Tibetan syllable dhih is a good choice, which would bring knowledge your way. Placed inside the ear, the syllable dhih is sure to enhance your learning input.

5. declaration of love on the upper arm

This is the best place to write the name of someone you love. someone close to you although not necessarily a love, although this is also auspicious when you move the name to the inner part of the arm. but it can be the name of a sibling, a best friend, a favorite movie star, or a personal hero. putting the name of someone you care about on your upper arm creates the energy of closeness.

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6. lucky objects to dress your fingers

This part of the hand is becoming increasingly popular for tattoos. While it is becoming fashionable to spell a word or name that means something to you, you can also place the eight auspicious objects on eight fingers, four on each hand. These are the Lotus of Purity, the Mystic Knot, the Double Fish, the Parasol of Protection, the Banner of Victory, the Wheel of Knowledge, and the Wish-Granting Jewel. Finger tattoos can be painful to ink, but the pain won’t last long. just be sure to use long-lasting ink, since you’ll likely be washing your hands more often than other parts of your body.

7. favorite mantra on the inside of the arm

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Getting a tattoo here can be a bit more painful, but this is a great place to put a favorite mantra or just the om ah hum syllables. this part of the arm is usually soft because it has less bone, so anything placed here looks deeper and appears more permanent. you might also consider putting om mani padme hum, the mantra of the compassionate buddha, which means “oh jewel in the lotus” here. this is extremely auspicious, it surrounds you with protective energy and will remind you to recite this powerful mantra before falling asleep each night. hopefully, it will also be the first thing you see every morning when you wake up.

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8. lucky word on your index finger

Placing a small tattoo on your index finger can be empowering, as this is the finger that is usually used to emphasize the parts of your speech that are most important to you. this is a great way to remind yourself and others of the need for silence or the great benefits of stillness and stillness. you can also place the word luck here to attract good fortune every time you move this important finger.

9. avoid tattoos on the back, shoulders or spine

It is rarely auspicious to get tattoos on the shoulders, back or spinal area, as these often become burdensome. Just as having moles on your back is considered inauspicious, writing words, symbols, or the names of loved ones here could turn good fortune into grave misfortune.

10. birds at your feet

Inking birds and jewels on your feet is so auspicious! Many women love to enhance this part of their body with images that suggest prosperity and love, and this can also be very flattering for those who love to wear strappy high heels. but… this can be a painful place to get tattooed, so think twice!

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