15 Feng Shui Symbols to Make a Part of Your Home

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese pseudoscience of channeling good energy through your homes. This can be done by placing many feng shui symbols in your home. it can also be done by building the architecture of the building using feng shui practices. feng shui believes in directing the unseen forces of nature towards you for your benefit.

believes that various symbolism and placement practices can cause the flow of positive auspicious median energy through the house. if the energy flow is too fast, you will not be able to retain the benefits. if the flow of energy is slow, it also takes the vitality out of the house. here are 15 feng shui symbols that you can place in your home to improve your life.

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feng shui symbols

flower symbols

In addition to looking beautiful and lively, Feng Shui flowers can add a lot of beauty and grace to your lives as well. Placing Feng Shui flowers also brings good luck to the house and prosperity. Fresh flowers are the best choice for the house since they bring a lot of joy and liveliness to the house. However, images of flowers or even silk flowers have been the choice of Feng Shui Symbols too. flower-symbolsFeng Shui Flowers

the buddha symbol

Buddha has been representative of peace, prosperity and good luck in the science of Feng Shui. When you are undergoing a busy and hectic lifestyle, you must have some escape that is going to bring peace and calm to your lives. So an image of the buddha will increase the positive vibe in your house. the-symbol-of-buddhaFeng Shui Buddha

the horse feng shui symbol

Horses have always been seen as the traditional image of prosperity and booming success. in Feng Shui horses are also believed to be the representative of fame and freedom as well as speed. Thus, images of horses have often been used in offices and business. Horse art including paintings, pictures and sculptures are highly coveted. The horse feng shui symbols can be placed in the south for fame and in the north for a career in one’s house. the-feng-shui-symbol-of-horseFeng Shui Horse

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fruit symbols in feng shui

Fruits in Feng Shui have a very specific purpose dictated by ancient texts. Peaches symbolize love, pomegranates symbolize fertility, grapes bring abundance, apples promise peace and so on. When choosing the image of fruit to keep in your house, always choose according to your instincts. Figure out which energy needs most and make a decision accordingly. fruit-symbols-in-feng-shuiFeng Shui Fruits

fu dog symbols

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Fu Dogs come in pairs and inspire a sense of awe and enigma. Fu Dogs have traditionally been placed in front of imperial palaces, government offices and so on. They symbolize wealth, prosperity and family wellbeing. They have also been placed in front of entryways to houses of the wealthy. These feng shui symbols also happen to symbolize authority. symbols-of-fu-dogsFeng Shui fu dogs

feng shui butterfly

The Feng Shui symbols of butterflies show a freeness and an openness. The colours of the butterfly rejuvenate the minds of everyone who sees them. Butterflies are delicate but they inspire a sense of strong positive energy in people. It has also been used as the feng shui cure for love and romance. So as a newlywed you can keep these in the bedroom. feng-shui-butterflyFeng Shui Butterfly

feng shui of the fish symbol

The Fish has been one of the most ancient Feng Shui Symbols of plenty and prosperity. The most coveted fish of course is the Asian Arowana and is highly sought after. Pure-bred Arowanas can command a very high price. Feng Shui Aquariums happen to be a potent feng shui cure to attract wealth into houses. You can also opt for images of fish, painting or even panelling of stained glass. feng-shui-of-the-fish-symbolFeng Shui Arowana

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bird feng shui

The Feng Shui Symbols of birds have been the cure for beauty, freedom and inspiration. Humans have looked up to birds through generations and have been mesmerized by their immense beauty and spellbound by their amazing songs. So, the image of birds has added this primal beauty and inspiration to homes for generations.feng-shui-of-birds-feng-shui-of-birdsFeng Shui Birds

the tree of gems

As far as Feng Shui Symbols go the gem tree has been the most beautiful addition to homes. They have traditionally been made out of various gems that serve a purpose of their own. A jade gem tree can be used for a cure for health while a rose-quartz one can be used as the cure for love.the-gem-tree-the-ge-treeFeng Shui Gem Tree

the dragon

The Feng Shui Symbols of dragons have long been used as the symbol of power. In addition to that in Feng Shui belief, dragons are the embodiment of yang or male energy. Now, dragons come in a variety of colours and according to their placement in the house can be the cure for various functions. The green dragon placed in the east can perpetuate good health and the golden dragon placed in your house can welcome wealth and abundance. the-dragonFeng Shui Dragon

mystic feng shui knot

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The mystic knot consists of a combination of six infinite knots. that is, the knot symbolizes continuity and a long happy life full of good fortune. it is sometimes symbolized as the endless knot. that is to say, it seems that it swallows its tail and that symbolizes very good fortune. In Buddhism, the mystic knot is one of the 8 auspicious magical element symbols.

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the protective turtle

The turtle is one of the strongest symbols of protection in feng shui. This means that the tortoise as a celestial animal has been considered one of the original guardian animals of good feng shui energy. A black turtle has long been considered one of the most powerful feng shui symbols. The main use of turtles in feng shui is as a symbol of protection.

the-protective-turtleBlack Feng Shui Turtle

feng shui bat

Probably one of the less common feng shui symbols, the bat has traditionally been seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. This is because the word “fook” for bats also means prosperity in Chinese.

the chillin

The Chi Lin is the mythical Chinese creature that has the head of a dragon, the body of a horse and the scales of a carp fish. It has been traditionally viewed as a feng shui with a higher royal status as compared to other feng shui symbols. Also known as the Chinese unicorn, the Chi Lin also happens to be very loyal to its owner and very protective.the-chi-linChi Lin Statue

the feng shui frog

The Feng Shui frog has been viewed in Chinese culture as a symbol of wealth. The frog is often said to have brought wealth and prosperity to the houses of those that the frog remains. the-feng-shui-frogFeng Shui Frog

so, to bring good luck and prosperity, these feng shui symbols can be placed throughout the home. you need to be vigilant in choosing the symbols that meet your needs.

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