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Feng Shui Kua Number

See also: Feng Shui Bedroom Design: The Complete Guide | Shutterfly

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For each person there are certain sectors or directions that are lucky and unlucky for them. To find out what these directions are, you need to calculate your feng shui kua number. knowing your kua number allows you to pay more attention to the indications that benefit you and, if not, make the necessary adjustments to your furniture and adapt it to your daily habits.

how to calculate your kua number?

you need your lunar birth year to calculate your kua number. The lunar year usually starts in late January and early February, so if your birthday falls anywhere in this period, check out a chart for your actual lunar year. You can also find out your kua number by looking at our Chinese calendar.

add the last two digits of the lunar year in which you were born, for example, if you were born in 1974, add 7 and 4 = 11. then add the digits that make up 11 again until it is reduced to a single digit: 1 +1=2.

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once you have that number, in this case 2, do the following calculation based on your gender:

if male, subtract your single digit from 10. 10-2=8. your kua number is 8. if you were born after the year 2000, subtract the kua factor from 9, instead of 10.

if you are female, then add 5 to your number. 5+2 = 7. your kua number is 7. if the result is a two-digit number, add the digits again until it is reduced to a single digit. For example, the calculation for a woman born in the year 1954 would be: 5+4=9; 9+5=14; 1+4=5. 5 is her kua number. If you were born after the year 2000, add 6 to your Kua factor. if the resulting number has 2 digits, add them until they become a single digit. the resulting number is your kua number.

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Note that the feng shui kua number goes from 1 to 9 without 5. so if your kua is 5 according to the calculation, your real kua is 2 for men or 8 for women .

Having discovered your Kua number, you can now use it to determine your favorable or unfavorable directions, using the chart below. It is suggested that you always try to face your auspicious directions, whether you are eating, watching TV, working, having a meeting or studying. sleep with your head pointing in one of these auspicious directions as well. Needless to say, avoid inauspicious directions as best you can. With the constant application of the feng shui kua formula, you will notice a significant improvement in your luck.

kua numbers are classified into east group and west group. kua numbers 1, 3, 4 and 9 are people who belong to the east group. kua numbers 2, 6, 7 and 8 are people who belong to the west group

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everyone in the east group will benefit from looking and tapping in the four directions of the east group: north, south, east, and southeast. meanwhile, those in the west group will benefit from the west group directions: west, northwest, southwest, and northeast.

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here are the four favorable or lucky kua directions:

  • sheng chi or prosperity direction: Also known as life-generating energies, this direction signifies good fortune, prosperity, and great success, the acquisition of great wealth. businessmen and people looking to advance their careers should take advantage of this address. the best direction in eight mansions (ba zhai) feng shui. it has wood chi.
  • tien yi or direction of health: also known as celestial doctor in Chinese, this direction promotes great strength of body and mind, good health and relief of prolonged suffering. . it is best used for the direction of the bed (headboard) (the top of the head should point in this direction when sleeping) if you are recovering from a particular illness.
  • nien yen o romantic direction : good for building strong and lasting relationships. Take advantage of this direction to improve harmony in the home and good sexual, romantic and marital relationships. if you want to end a bad relationship, your nien yen direction can also help you let go of the other person, in a way that is easy and comfortable for all parties. In the office, when your work desk is placed in this direction, it helps to build relationships with colleagues and staff, and fosters better bonds and creates rapport. the couple who wants to form a family will place the bed so that the husband’s bed points to her direction nien yen.
  • fu wei or direction of personal growth: it can mean a calm position or stability. This qi is necessary to ground your energies, helping you to relax and gain mental calm. it helps you in your personal development, cultivation of life, meditation, personal growth and mental well-being.
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The four inauspicious or unlucky kua directions are to be avoided at all costs and are as follows:

  • jueh ming or total loss of direction: has metal chi. avoid at all costs. considered to be the most dangerous, this is a very harmful energy and can cause problems for a career and wealth. it can bring big business failures, illnesses, accidents and serious relationship problems. avoid buying a house with the front door facing this direction from the breadwinner’s. if you can’t avoid this direction at all, wear a 925 silver mystic knot pendant with red swarovski crystals, a red phantom quartz crystal point pendant, a pi yao protection crystal bracelet – red agate, or a tibetan bead eight-eyed/bodhi/13-eyed dzi with a red agate bracelet. place a red feng shui or wu lou fireball with a jolly (red) crane on your headboard or nightstand.
  • wu gui or five ghost direction: has energy of fire, a hopeless direction, can cause disturbing personality traits or lead to a very unpleasant personality. this direction brings negative chi which manifests in gossip, betrayal, slander, and backstabbing. misunderstandings and miscommunication, riots and fuss are the consequences if you are influenced by it. If you absolutely cannot avoid this direction, wear a water crystal and a large auspicious mirror talisman or wear a blue aquamarine crystal bracelet (top grade) or 925 silver mystic knot pendant with blue Swarovski crystals. place a wu lou with a jolly (blue) crane, a blue rhino and an elephant on water or a blue rhino and an elephant with a water urn on your headboard or nightstand.
  • liu shar or six sha direction: belongs to the element of water, also known as the six murders, this direction is said to cause damage to your current relationships, whether at home, work or social. it can also cause bodily harm related to theft, surgery, and accidents. attracts legal entanglements, examples: lawsuits, embezzlement and divorces. If you can’t avoid this direction at all, wear a Tibetan Dzi bead of your choice with a Tiger’s Eye bracelet or Ammonite (L) shell pendant. place an obsidian feng shui wu lou (l) or obsidian crystal ball with heart sutra on your headboard or nightstand.
  • huo hai or mishap direction : is earth chi. this direction leads to difficulties and failures. it brings a lot of bad luck, mischief and obstacles to your efforts. in the home, it can cause you annoying and persistent problems, for example, appliances that do not work, leaking water pipes, clogged toilets, etc. in relationships and dealings, people annoy you for no apparent reason and life becomes restless. If you can’t avoid this direction, wear a green phrenite crystal bracelet, a 925 silver mystic knot pendant with green Swarovski crystals, or a premium green rutilated quartz framed pendant. place an aventurine crystal bonsai with 9 coins or wu lou with jolly crane (green) on your headboard or nightstand.
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See also: Feng Shui Bedroom Design: The Complete Guide | Shutterfly

Reading: Feng shui supply store

See also: Feng Shui Bedroom Design: The Complete Guide | Shutterfly

Reading: Feng shui supply store

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