Chinese New Year Feng Shui 2022

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Are you prepared for 2023 year of the Rabbit

how to make the most of the year of the yin water rabbit (gui mao) with the 2023 feng shui cures & booster kits.

Chinese New Year January 22, 2023 – February 9, 2024 yin water rabbit (gui mao)

Are you ready for 2023?

2023 Year of the Yin Water Rabbit

Chinese New year 2023

Chinese animal sign compatible in 2023: goat, dog, pig

incompatible Chinese animals in 2023: rat, rooster

good directions of travel in 2023 east, south, northwest

lucky colors for 2023: blue, red, purple, pink

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2023 Feng Shui Flying star chart

the beginning of the Chinese new year 2023 (according to the lunar calendar) begins on the new moon which in 2023 will be on January 22, 2023; this will take place after the winter solstice and the event is celebrated by millions of people in every country and area of ​​the world you can think of. Chinese New Year is a time of new beginnings and means a fresh start for everyone. Chinese New Year is very much a family event that engages the social side of things and is a time of gathering and thanksgiving. Below you will find everything you need to know about Chinese New Year 2023, the year of the Yin Water Rabbit…

Those born in the Year of the Rooster could be affected by the conflicting influences of the Year of the Yin Water Rabbit. Although the rooster is the conflict animal of the year of the rabbit, those born in the year of the rabbit must be aware of the possible difficulties they may encounter during the year and take special care in everything they do without taking unnecessary risks in all aspects. of their life. . Regardless, if you follow the advice here you can avoid a lot of trouble and have a great 2023 in our opinion, so don’t panic.

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it should be noted that there are five different types of each Chinese animal (fire, water, wood, earth, metal) depending on the year you were born and each different animal will have different predictions for the following year; You can learn more about this in our 2023 feng shui guide, which should be published in November 2022, so be sure to check back on this page.

for example: metal rabbit: 1951 water rabbit: 1963 wood rabbit: 1919, 1975 fire rabbit: 1927, 1987 earth rabbit: 1939, 1999

The degree of this influence varies from person to person. one of the main considerations is the celestial stem of the year one was born, so if you were born in 1932 or 1992, which would be a water monkey, the year won’t be bad at all.

Areas affected by feng shui in the year of the yin water rabbit (gui mao) 2023

  • the number 2 star of black disease this year is in the east
  • the number 5 star of misfortune and disease this year is in the northwest
  • #3 bickering star in 2023 is in the southeast
  • #7 stealing star this year is in the northeast
  • grand duke in 2023 is in the east – 82.5 – 97.5 degrees.
  • three murders in 2023 is in the west – 232.5 – 307.5
  • sui po in 2023 is in the west – 262.5 – 277.5
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Chinese animal predictions for the year of the rabbit 2023 we will be writing and publishing the Chinese animal predictions for the year of the yin water rabbit for the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake , horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig around November 2022 so keep checking this page and it might be worth bookmarking this page now as there are normally over 130 pages that load during the year.

xuan kong flying stars by 2023

positive areas in 2023:

south – #8 annual star

southwest – annual star #1

center – #4 annual star

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west – #6 annual star

north – #9 annual star

negative areas in 2023

northwest (star of bad luck and disease) – annual star #5

east (sickness star) – #2 annual star

southeast (disputes and legal problems) – #3 annual star

northeast (robbery star) – #7 annual star

annual afflictions for 2023:

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