How to Find Your Feng Shui Wealth Areas: 5 Popular Methods

If you’re looking to use feng shui for wealth, the first thing to do is find your feng shui wealth areas and corners.

I guess you probably already know one or two areas of wealth in your home. In this article, I’ll tell you five different approaches to finding the feng shui wealth areas in your home. each method may give you a different answer, and I’ll tell you what this means at the end of this article.

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Before we begin, let me handle your expectations.

First, finding the wealth area is the first step. what you do with the wealth area and the corners and how you activate it with feng shui wealth formulas is an entirely different topic. sometimes, it can be quite tricky. That’s why I frequently suggest that you consult with a feng shui expert.

Second, wealth doesn’t translate directly into money in your pocket, although sometimes it does. Traditionally, the purpose of feng shui is for agriculture, abundance, and prosperity. therefore, wealth can mean an abundance in the necessities of life (food and clothing) and in your social relationships.

After knowing this, you’ll be in a better position on how to use the information I’m about to give you. Let’s start with the most common method that many of you already know.

method #1: bagua-based wealth sector

I assume you already know this one: The feng shui wealth area is in the southeast based on the bagua.

Notice how the southeast area of ​​the bagua, like the one below, shows “prosperity and prosperity.” abundance” and not money. this just means that this area represents not only money in your pocket, but also prosperity and abundance in life. some other bagua, however, will show “wealth and wealth”. prosperity” and some will only show “money”.

The basics of a Feng Shui Bagua.

To find this area in your home, all you have to do is to divide your home’s floor plan into nine sectors similar to the image shown below:

The Feng Shui 9 Palaces on a floor plan.

If your floor plan is a perfect square, finding your Southeast corner wouldn’t be hard. If that’s the case, that sector is your Feng Shui wealth area based on the Bagua.

However, your floor plan may not be a perfect square. if it’s rectangular in shape (like mine), look for the southeast corner (or area) of the house. that will be your feng shui wealth corner.

sometimes drawing it according to the 9 palaces can be difficult. some other experts divide the floor plan like a cake, as shown in the following image:

Feng Shui Bagua applied onto a floor plan.

If you have questions or are confused, I suggest that you find a Feng Shui expert to assist you.

missing wealth area based on the bagua

It’s entirely possible that your wealth area is missing.

for example, if your floor plan is oddly shaped, or if it is concave or missing a section in the southeast, then you have a missing or weak area of ​​richness.

here are some sample floor plants where this is the case:

Although directions are not drawn, you can see that the floor plan above is missing a whole complete section in the top right corner. That’s what a missing section is.

If the Southeast area is missing completely (like the one above), cures are harder to apply. If that’s what your floor plan is like, you’re missing more than just wealth luck. It’ll be wise to find an expert to remedy your home’s Feng Shui.

The top right corner of the floor plan above is NOT missing, but weak because of missing areas.

If the Southeast area is present but weak (only missing a surface area like the image above), boosting the area’s energy with elemental cures can help. Meaning, Water elements such as blue themed colors or wavy objects can be placed in that area to boost the Wood element energy that the Southeast area belongs to.

note: a missing richness area is also entirely possible for all the other methods you see in this article.

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method #2: wealth areas based on your kua

here is a brief introduction about kua numbers for those of you who don’t know what it is.

Your kua number can be thought of as your unique feng shui requirement. the number is calculated from your year of birth according to the lunar calendar, with the deadline around February. 4 or 5 each year. On a side note, you can use your bazi to calculate an even more unique feng shui requirement.

related: bazi comes before feng shui. see why.

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There are many free kua number calculators on the web. here’s a free one provided by katie weber.

your kua number will tell you your four lucky directions and four unlucky directions. your wealth areas are within those four lucky directions.

here is a sample for someone who has kua #8:

Shown above is a sample Kua for a person with Kua number 8.

Your number one wealth area is your Prosperity area (Shen Chi). Your number two wealth area is your Health area (Tien Yi). Thus, for someone with Kua #8 (refer to image above), his wealth areas are Southwest (Prosperity) and Northwest (Tien Yi).

Finding these areas is very similar to how you found your wealth areas based on the bagua. however, the key to applying kua to your floor plan is to find the center of the house. this can be easily done when you find the intersection point of two diagonal lines drawn at the four corners of your house.

The central point of the house is the intersection of two diagonal lines drawn across the four corners.

Once you’ve found the central point, divide up your floor plan according to the eight cardinal directions. It’s like cutting a pie into eight pieces, just that you have to put the eight cardinal directions into consideration. If you can’t find the center of the house because your floor plan is extraordinary, you can find your answers and details in my ebook.

then why are the prosperity area and the health area considered your wealth sectors? here is a brief explanation:

prosperity (shen chi): Translated as “growth chi”, this direction can be used to advance your career and start your business. It gives you the energy and motivation to achieve your goals. if you’re looking for money, this area will boost your willpower and mental strength.

health (tien yi): Translated as “heavenly physician,” this direction is related to your health and is said to be indirectly related to wealth. my interpretation is that this area gives you the physical strength and well-being necessary to achieve your goals.

One area that is often overlooked is the area of ​​stability (fu wei). some experts claim that this area is an area of ​​wealth in hiding. that is, it has the potential to be an area of ​​wealth. Making sure this area is not affected by negative feng shui can also help you gain stability and potential gains in money matters.

Method #3: Wealth Area Based on House Facing Directions

This wealth area is often referred to as the “hidden” wealth area. in method #5, you will see the opposite: the “visible” area or corner of wealth.

To find this area of ​​”hidden” wealth, you’ll need the direction the house is facing and its floor plan drawn according to the 9 palaces (see method #1).

If you know which direction your house faces, simply use the chart below to locate your home’s “hidden” wealth sector:

Hidden Feng Shui Wealth Area based on Home’s Face Direction

It’s simple, right? Not so fast.

This is where people tend to go wrong. they think that the direction of the front door is the same as the direction the house faces. most of the time this is true. however, there are many houses where the front door address is different from the house address.

Where is the front door of this house?
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Some Feng Shui experts have warned us of the difficulty when finding a house’s true “facing” direction. They say that the surrounding environment, the home’s architecture, and the shape of the roads should all be calculated to find the house’s facing direction.

I’m sure that’s true. however, I don’t think that applies to all houses. some house must have an address that is quite obvious. that’s how you come up with.

Take a look at the Forbidden City, for example. all the structures and paths are built in a way that it makes more sense to enter through the south gate. if you enter through the north gate, you will feel as if you are coming from the rear of the structures. it’s just the way structures are built.

The front gate entrance of the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Now, imagine your house the same way.

When you look at your house from the street, do you feel that it is looking at you? if you compare your house with a human, do you know where his face is? If so, this is usually a good indication of which way the house faces.

Another way is to find where the backyard is. usually the opposite side of the backyard is where the “face” of the house is.

By now, you can probably see how the front door address is different from the home address. for houses that have the front door on the side and are not visible from the street, the front door address is likely to be different from the house address.

method #4: wealth sector based on annual flying stars

many of us neglect time as a factor in feng shui. The truth is that time plays an important role in feng shui, and annual afflictions are all about time.

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annual afflictions are based on the feng shui of the flying star xuan kong. it is a modeling language that uses correlations to represent space and time and the constant cyclical changes in nature. It’s a bit like astrology, and I’ve written an article with input from experts that you can read here.

How to Find Your Feng Shui Wealth Areas: 5 Popular Methods

The Feng Shui Annual Afflictions is a little similar to how our solar system works. Both are based on constant cyclical changes.

In short, there are nine different types of flying stars that flies into the 9 palaces (refer to Method #1). Each year, the stars rotate to a different sector. This means that your wealth sector each year will change.

The star to look for is star #8. it is called the star of prosperity and is considered the luckiest of all stars. it has the earth element and correlates with fortune, nobility and health.

Notice how the star is called “prosperity” instead of money, as is the southeast area of ​​the bagua in method #1. this means that this star represents not only money in your pocket, but prosperity and abundance in life in general.

Each year, the #8 star will land in a sector of your home. for example, in 2017, star #8 is located in the east. that means the east area, based on the 9 palaces, will be your wealth area.

Method #5: “Visible” Wealth Corners Based on the Front Door

This is the so-called “visible” wealth corner. I don’t think this was part of classical feng shui, but this method became very popular in urban settings.

the entrance door is the mouth that takes and receives the exterior energy in your house. it is the entrance for auspicious qi that will benefit the occupants of the house. part of that auspicious qi are the energies that bring you wealth and prosperity.

Given that, the key is to figure out where that auspicious qi gathers in your house. that’s how you find it.

Stand right at the front door and look for the corner adjacent to the front door as shown in the image below:

How to Find Your Feng Shui Wealth Areas: 5 Popular Methods

The visible Feng Shui wealth area based on the front door. The highlighted red area is the wealth corner. Image credit:
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The reason why this wealth area is called “visible” is because you should be able to see it once you enter the house using your front door.

The interpretation of this corner varies according to feng shui experts. some claim it should be the first corner (or corners) you see. others say it is the corner at the end of the house.

As I see it, both have their points. If you follow the main principle, and that is the corner where the qi accumulates, the first corner or the corner at the end of the house is possible, depending on the layout of your home. just imagine that the qi travels in the same way as the air that enters the house through the front door.

How to Find Your Feng Shui Wealth Areas: 5 Popular Methods

Some experts suggest that dividers in the front door will change where your “Visible Wealth Area” is located.

Some experts suggest that several other factors can also change the position of these areas. These include whether the front door opens inward or outward as well as the furniture placements within the home (like a heavy furniture or a room divider placed right in front of the front door). It’s always better to consult with a Feng Shui expert when you’re trying to identify your wealth areas.

what if I have multiple wealth areas?

Using these methods, some of you may have found five different wealth areas, while others may only have two or three. do they mean anything?

If you have five (or even six or seven) different wealth areas using these five methods, you have five different wealth areas. they all play a small role in the wealth and prosperity you are experiencing in life. you have to make conscious observations and correlations about what is happening in these areas and how your life is affected to really know which one plays a more influential role.

if you only have one or two areas of wealth after applying all these methods, don’t worry. that just means those areas have stronger effects on your wealth and prosperity luck.

In fact, having overlapping wealth areas can make feng shui wealth a little simpler. that means you would only have to make feng shui adjustments to a specific sector instead of making adjustments to the whole place.

Also, overlapping wealth areas can make the results much more powerful.

Let’s look at an example. If your house faces northwest with a “hidden” wealth area in the southeast, your Kua number is #. 1 with an area of ​​prosperity in the southeast and the year has the star n. #8 located in the southeast, just taking care of the southeast area can bring a big impact. to your luck but you probably already have because the southeast is the area of ​​wealth and prosperity based on the bagua!


Before using feng shui for wealth, you need to know where to start. Finding your areas and corners of wealth is only the first step. the next step is to find ways to increase the energy of that area or activate that area.

That said, simply buying and placing a lucky charm or three-legged toad in a random spot will not give you any results. feng shui is not magic, and it is not as simple as that. furthermore, finding the corner and richness area becomes difficult and complicated when the plans and designs are extremely unique or extraordinary.

In that case, I suggest you find a feng shui expert to help you or take the courses and training so you can practice feng shui correctly. They can even help you with additional wealth setting formulas, such as the so-called Water Dragon Wealth or the Five Wealth Bringing Ghosts.

are you using feng shui for wealth? how did it work for you? I’m eager to hear your experiences, so let me know by commenting below!

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