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essential and real cures a feng shui practitioner would use.

now forget about our store and money toads, happy buddha etc. For a minute (did I really say that?) the cures below are what a skilled feng shui practitioner will use.

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You will use a combination of the form and compass school feng shui method to use these cures to treat a problem within the home/office or environment. this type of feng shui is often overlooked as most people think that buying some money toads and buddha will fix the problem (im not selling much this month am i?) of course use this together with the items we sell because they have a powerful effect (ugh, that’s better). in the long run, you need to combine the two to discover your ideal feng shui environment.

the element itself

The most powerful and widely used cure is the element itself, water, wood, fire, earth and metal. using the actual element is much more powerful than using colors. if you had to use metal to control a bad earth star, it is better to use a metal bowl or six Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon than to use the color white, using colors is good though not as powerful as using the item itself. beware of a doctor who does a consultation on your property and advises you to buy a lot of nifty cures, the only cures or boosts we sell on our site are (with the exception of maybe one or two) that most doctors would be used in conjunction with traditional and authentic feng shui consultation.

colorone of the most important and effective feng shui cures. you can change an item’s item by changing the color, although not as powerful as the actual item, i.e. a white wooden window frame would be classified as a metal item, now the same wooden frame could be changed to a metal item fire painting red example: you have a room facing south; in that room you have the dreaded 2 & 5 star combination, which needs metal to weaken it, so an ideal color for that room would be white as this represents metal, other colors have to be used to complement other colors. this area of ​​color usage can be tricky, as there will be times when you need to control an element, ie you may need to use a dark blue (water element) to control red (fire). use this tip as a guide just to stimulate your thoughts on how feng shui is actually used.

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plants (wood element) generally promote good ch’i, can be used indoors or outdoors, and are often used to raise ch’i in areas where there is ch’i bad or stagnant. this element represents wood and earth and can be used in conjunction with the five element cycle to correct an element imbalance. the color of the leaves and the shapes must be taken into account. you should avoid sharp or pointed leaves as this creates shar ch’i (poisonous arrows) the chi that travels on the wind will have to pass through them making the ch’i fierce and sharp.

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crystalscrystals are a very powerful cure and the best is the diamond, or not, the most expensive of all. Fortunately, a high-quality, multi-faceted lead crystal is enough to collect good ch’i and spread it throughout the room. they are particularly good for use in dark rooms or areas, which do not have a natural light source. they collect available light and use it to raise ch’i. crystals should always be kept clean and when you buy a new one you should soak it overnight in sea salt to cleanse it of any negative energy. in fact all the items we sell on our site are cleansed of negative energy and boosted with positive energy (had to use some sales tactics there with all the damage i did earlier) you can also use sunlight to clean them. real quartz crystals are the earth element.


a very versatile cure, the light itself raises ch’i, can also be used to fill in a missing area of ​​a building. you can use it with school feng shui to allow for a missing dragon etc, ie if you don’t have a black tortoise behind your house (hills), you can use lighters in this area to compensate for this. Again, this is important knowledge, as not many of us are blessed with a variety of hills to be found in the back of our homes. Of course, you don’t have to use lights for this problem, the hills can be replaced by a building or a row of trees.

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statues and heavy ornaments.

Use on the outside to square up negative or missing corners. you can use birdbaths, statues and heavy planters. as long as it is heavy, as this will give it stability and grounding. You can use themed statues, that is, a loving couple hugging each other to promote a good relationship.


this may be new to you, music is often used and encouraged to lift the energy of an entire house, you can use it to mask annoying traffic sounds in the background. I’m going to give you a real life experience in real time as I write: It’s Friday afternoon around 1:50 p.m. m. Today I am working from home and my two children have just separated for vacation. My taste in music is very varied. I love all kinds of music. Today I am listening to classical fm because I find that this type of music inspires me when writing. now daniel my youngest just ran upstairs took off his school clothes and put his music on heavy metal “limp biscuit” very loud for me this has completely changed the energy in my office and if I were to stay attached to this music any longer the style of writing this newsletter would change completely. needless to say, he now wears his headphones and my classical music has now brought me the right energy levels to keep writing. you really have to balance the energies of the people who live in your house as well so that’s why i can’t expect my kids to like my music however at that particular time i needed the right atmosphere to be creative and although daniel understood that he could argue that he needed his “soggy cake” music to cheer him up, especially since he’s so excited about leaving school for six weeks. music and sound are often used to clean a house or office. and they carry their own ch’i.


Water plays a very important role in feng shui cures, we use the water to attract and capture the ch’i and then the wind to move it, hence the words “feng shui” meaning wind and water.

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we have big water and small water just to confuse you a bit, big water is lakes, streams, rivers etc, small water is indoor water fountains, fish ponds and aquariums.

to be honest i could spend ages talking about the big water and hills of black turtles behind your house and the direction the water should flow as most of us don’t have a meandering river in front of us house or the hill behind. us, so we have to make our perfect scenario by introducing water elements in our house or garden. the perfect school environment is to have a water fountain in front of your house, this constitutes the phoenix.


A very common cure in China and often misused in the West, mirrors can be used to fill negative spaces in a building where it is impossible to work on the outside. they can be used to deflect bad (shar) ch’i away from home or attract good (sheng) ch’i. concave and convex mirrors can be used to reduce the effects of large overwhelming structures by reversing their energy. convex mirrors can be used to deflect ch’i into areas of the house that would have difficulty flowing. mirrors must be of very high quality with no sharp edges and painted ones are considered art. How you see yourself in a mirror is very important.


beauty is in the eye of the beholder; you can’t use any other fixed rule about art other than if you like it, it’s good. however, posting an image just because it’s a van gogh instead of enjoying the content is bad ch’i. Note that when you use images, you must find the element for that area and try to use that element in the image, i.e. if you want an image for your water element in the north, use an image that contains water. be careful, though you shouldn’t use an image with fast flowing water or stormy water if this is an area you want to control.

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