19 Trustworthy FengShui Masters in Singapore [2022]

Looking for the best fengshui master in singapore?

Feng Shui is a Chinese art and science dating back thousands of years. this method shows you how to balance energy anywhere. it is about metaphysics, learning it and putting it into practice in your daily life. this has to do with identifying and promoting good energy directions. fengshui is about being aware of your surroundings and directions. this will help promote the flow of energy that is beneficial to your health.

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You can use fengshui to manage energy sources in your workplace and home. Fengshui is a Chinese philosophy that detects the elements in your environment that cause problems. this is to help you achieve a balance between the energy in your work and home environment.

It has nothing to do with religion or culture. Good luck charms are not required. this is not a quick fix for the problems in your life. using fengshui does not require major remodeling. it is easy to apply in a real environment. fengshui and bazi reading, as well as a change in yourself, can help you be properly prepared.

therefore, the concept of fengshui is not about interior design or the placement of lucky things. it is about placing and arranging your home in such a way that the good energies are activated and trapped. furthermore, the negative energy must be minimized. fengshui is about finding a balance between the two energies. These singapore fengshui masters will conduct an accurate audit using various fengshui procedures.

Adelina Pang Fengshui Consultancy - Fengshui Master Singapore

Adelina Pang Fengshui Consultancy – Fengshui Master Singapore
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Adelina Pang is a well-known personality in Singapore’s Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology circles, and she needs no introduction. Adelina’s natural-born affinity and academic expertise in decoding real Feng Shui code shows through and is recognized by others, as seen by an ever-growing number of clients since she founded her firm in 1995.

works on residential, commercial, and retail structures and large-scale projects, including the nation’s leading shopping malls, hospitals, and more. Adelina is a well-known public figure with a pleasant sense of humor and comfortable and confident speaking skills in the field of feng shui.

adelina continues to assist clients and lecture on the subject of genuine feng shui and Chinese astrology. she incorporates traditional feng shui into today’s modern world, resulting in positive human benefits, and she does not sell any feng shui merchandise. traditional feng shui deals with the creation, balance, avoidance, and connection of electromagnetic fields.

award winning fengshui consultant in singapore and beyond

MZ玄 Fengshui Mastery - Fengshui Master Singapore
MZ玄 Fengshui Mastery – Fengshui Master Singapore
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Master Alvin, is the founder of MZ玄 Fengshui Mastery and Jade Metaphysics Academy. He has more than 15 years of experience in metaphysics. In 2005, he founded Jade Metaphysics Consultancy to serve the public. In 2012, he found Jade Metaphysics Academy to coach metaphysics enthusiasms and build the foundation of the future. He uses classical Fengshui in the current modern world which creates beneficial effects for humans and he doesn’t sell any Fengshui items. Classical Feng Shui is all about creating, balancing, avoiding, and connecting electromagnetic fields.

is active in teaching feng shui, divination, date selection, name analysis, and other metaphysics internationally. He is also known to have successfully taught several famous feng shui masters.


  • residential fengshui analysis
  • commercial fengshui analysis
  • bazi profiling analysis

Master Alvin is wise and very knowledgeable in his field. he is direct, honest and no frills. although we had never met before, after passing by my bazhi, most of the things he said hit the nail on the head. he shares his opinion and guides me on how to overcome obstacles. give him a hit and have a friendly session with him. -justin ong

Alvin is a very approachable teacher as this is my first time accepting such services. it is objective but realistic and does not suggest anything costly in terms of changes. we have had a great experience with him and continue to receive advice from him on important decisions. – hemadharshni elangovan

FengShui Master Lim- Fengshui Master Singapore

FengShui Master Lim- Fengshui Master Singapore
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Master Lim belongs to the XuanKong Wu Chang Sect where thoughts and practices are classical Feng shui from the China imperial Palace. They use the nine stars to derive the house Feng shui environment and how they will develop and change the luck of the people in the house. It is a FengShui sect that has a few thousand years of history based on known history. There are no commercial items needed to buy in the FengShui audit and you only need to adjust your house path and water and plus the five elements recognized in metaphysics.


  • master lim does not sell commercial items to clients
  • all information and client details will be protected and strictly confidential
  • 10 years of experience

no reviews yet as of this writing

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Way Fengshui Group – Fengshui Master Singapore
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With their Master Consultant David Tong, Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting (CMG Consulting) has been a multiple award-winning, and leading Feng Shui consultancy firm in Singapore. This firm offers a wide variety of services, namely: Classical feng shui, Bazi Destiny Analysis, Date Selections, etc.

To date, David has done extensive consulting for all types of properties and businesses. In addition, it has a wide range of clients from different ages, races, nationalities and careers.


  • Classic World Class Feng Shui
  • Bazi Destiny Analysis
  • Date Picks

no reviews yet as of this writing

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Loshi Fengshui - Fengshui Master Singapore

Loshi Fengshui – Fengshui Master Singapore
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Loshi Fengshui Consultancy in Singapore is one of the finest consultancy firms on the island. Together with their Fengshui Master Jeff Lo, they have provided services in residential, office spaces, retail shops, and factories. Since the year 2005, they have done extensive analysis for a considerable number of properties and a wide range of clients. Additionally, they also provide auspicious names for babies.

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With consultation fees at fair market prices, loshi fengshui consulting will be able to meet your needs.


  • residential feng shui services
  • retail shop feng shui services
  • bazi analysis services

no reviews yet as of this writing

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The Classical Fengshui - Fengshui Master Singapore

The Classical Fengshui – Fengshui Master Singapore
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The Classical Feng Shui Consultancy Pte Ltd was founded by Edwaard Liu – a popular FengShui Master in Singapore. He has provided talks and services for some of the most renowned brands in Singapore. Additionally, he has his own ways and gifts that have helped a lot of clients in residential and commercial spaces. Furthermore, Master Liu is one of the rare experts who is trained in the spiritual aspect of Fengshui.

in fact, edwaard liu has the skills and flair to be considered one of the best fengshui consultants in singapore.


  • reputable feng shui master in singapore
  • bazi reading
  • talks and seminars

wonderful feng shui master. After seeing him around my house and palmistry by the teacher Irene. I see a great improvement in my career and an improvement in the health of my family. highly recommended! -andy lam

Master Tay - Fengshui Master Singapore

Master Tay – Fengshui Master Singapore
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Master Tay Consulting was founded by Master Simon Tay, who is renowned for his excellent traditional and contemporary skills in geomancy with more than 30 years of professional experience. In addition, Master Tay Consulting offers an efficient, professional, and no-nonsense Feng Shui consultancy service to his clientele in Singapore. The consultancy strives to be of service to others and empower them to embrace energy and qi in their way of life.

master tay consulting, with its clients at the forefront of consideration, provides only the best and most efficient consulting services using extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge of feng shui.


  • professional & genuine
  • reliable and affordable services
  • 39 years of experience

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meet my friend’s teacher tay. my husband and i have seen master tay twice. he is a nice and friendly person. he answers our questions whenever we have doubts. his analysis for us is detailed and precise. his advice is handwritten, clear and easy to follow. things are going well as we follow his guidance accordingly. thank you master tay! -siew ting

i have seen master tay twice and he gives me good advice. he talks to you like a friend and shares his experiences with you. friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. i just hope there are 36 hours in a day so i can have more time for more people and rest too! recommended for all to see. – jun jie tan

Master Sean Chan - Fengshui Master Singapore

Master Sean Chan – Fengshui Master Singapore
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Sean Chan is the leading metaphysics practitioner in Singapore. His affinity with Chinese metaphysics started when he was 18 years old. He is a self-taught practitioner, and has no teacher because he believes that there is no need to learn from someone’s watered-down content, especially since he is fluent in Chinese himself. Furthermore, he is constantly learning, revising, and reading, whatever he gets his hands on.

sean chan is unlike other feng shui experts today. it focuses on his purpose: to be respected in the field and to provide you with accurate reading and constructive discussion. if that’s what you’re looking for, get in touch with him now.


  • Chinese astrological concept bazi
  • feng shui expert providing accurate birth chart readings

no reviews yet as of this writing

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Master Kevin Foong - Fengshui Master Singapore

Master Kevin Foong – Fengshui Master Singapore
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Master Kevin Foong (馮維宸), based in Singapore, is one of the most sought-after professional Feng Shui and Bazi consultants in the world. He speaks to over one million people each year and gives keynote addresses on the topics of Feng Shui and Entrepreneurship in over 18 countries.

Master Kevin Foong personally conducts feng shui and bazi seminars around the world, with a large following of metaphysical students and feng shui practitioners. Feng Shui teachers and practitioners from around the world come to his classes to learn advanced metaphysics and best practices. as a leading feng shui expert for local and international banks, financial institutions and celebrities,

kevin foong consulting group and its highly trained consultants provide strategic feng shui planning and bazi analysis as it pertains to human resource planning, recruiting the best candidates, and selecting the best feng shui site for headquarters and branches of government officials known brands from around the world. The Kevin Foong Consulting Group has helped clients as a result of strategic feng shui preparation.


  • highly sought after world renowned feng shui expert
  • worked with celebrities

no reviews yet as of this writing

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Master Ken Koh (高宗凌) is a practitioner of feng shui, destiny analysis and professional matchmaking services based in Singapore since 1997.

He is the leading house of feng shui consultant and has conducted audits in singapore, kuala lumpur, bangkok, hong kong, shanghai, christchurch, perth, melbourne, jakarta, london and wales, benefiting individual and corporate clients.

Master Ken’s approach is the combination of feng shui with practical applications of fate analysis, date selection, zi wei dou shu prediction methods, and qi men dun jia. this produces quick results with minimal effort and “you do less for more.”


  • performed feng shui work in various cities around the world
  • feng shui expert performs negative energy audits

master ken is very professional and detailed. the slides are presented nicely and professionally. v deep session with him. highly recommended! -xh

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I have hired master ken to advise me on the selection of wedding dates. he is friendly and took the time to explain the details of our wedding dates as per our ba-zi, we have learned a lot from him. -jun jieong

I hired master ken for my bazi analysis. he is very accessible and helps me a lot during my consultations for my bazi. thank you master ken – vivian loh

master chan 曾 is positively the only feng shui master in singapore who takes an objective and scientific approach to feng shui & birth reading apps

what exactly is feng shui? obviously you’re not spending a ridiculous amount of money on lucky charms and scattering them around the house. this is how they make the most of the planet’s natural resources.

master chan (曾) learned feng shui in 1994 due to his newly purchased house, out of interest and soon turned into a professional career. Unlike learning grapevine feng shui, he started out as a staunch feng shui non-believer.


  • astrological information about the personality of people

I’m thankful that after all these years of mediocre life, my life is getting better after the chan master’s advice. I am glad I met him and I highly recommend anyone to use his services. -eugene sim

chan master is absolutely the best fengshui master you can find! He is a world class fengshui master who can help you no matter where he is in the world! his work is very detail oriented and very neatly done. It was an absolute pleasure working with him! I highly recommend him to anyone in need of fengshui services. – jillian lim

extremely lucky to meet chan master! he’s informative, patient (although he says he’s not), and direct (in a good way). definitely recommended and am truly blessed to have crossed paths and share a shred of wisdom from him. – in ideas

master sherwin is famous for his straightforward and scientific analyzes of feng shui and bazi which are also very effective and easy to implement. without being obnoxious or even remotely suspicious. he specializes in helping individuals and businesses maximize their opportunities without making costly renovations.


  • defends the use of bazi analysis
  • believes in empowering people’s lives
  • synergy classical teachings with modern science

i have had the honor and pleasure of knowing master sherwin since 2017 when he joined bni abundance. through bni we became friends and i have been hiring him for my bazi and office feng shui ever since. Master Sherwin is not stingy when it comes to giving helpful advice. even if he doesn’t hire him on a paid service, he always listens and gives good advice. Thank you. -ky chong

I like advice to be practical and scientific in nature. Most of them make sense and there aren’t many hard sells from Master Sherwin. I also like the fact that he follows up to find out how I have progressed over the years and if the advice or suggestions he gives me are effective. – chong how to bark

edwaard liu is the senior feng shui consultant and owner of classical feng shui consulting firm pte. limited. he is an accredited feng shui master endorsed by the international feng shui association.

His feng shui (geomancy) and ba zi (fortune telling) services are in considerable demand both locally and internationally. It has served clients from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Greece, Australia, Russia, and Switzerland. his feng shui clients include capital and one of the largest diversified real estate groups in asia.

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edwaard’s keen interest in metaphysics coupled with his extensive network has allowed him to meet and learn from several well-known local and foreign teachers in feng shui, Chinese astrology, crystal healing, and other divination techniques.

master liu is one of the rare feng shui masters who is trained in the spiritual aspect of feng shui. In ancient times, feng shui masters are also known as yin yang masters (阴阳先生) or masters of the dual realm, namely the visible/manifested realms and the invisible/unmanifested realms (阴阳两界). master liu is one of the rare masters who used both early heaven (先天) and later heaven (后天) methodologies and techniques. he is also very sensitive to energies. He used this force to give his clients feng shui tips to prevent energy stagnation and maximize the flow of energy in his clients’ homes or offices.


  • the flow of abundance & wealth
  • state of health and emotions
  • status and strength of relationships
  • levels of fame, popularity and leadership
  • study and level academic performance

the second time I consulted master liu and the overall experience has been pleasant so far. share your understanding and knowledge, which I think is insightful to help address the approach and concerns I have. Also, the monthly reading is helpful for me as it gives me an idea of ​​what to expect and look for. – yes

I have hired many feng shui masters in the past and have rarely come across those who are worthy of coming back for further consultation. Master Liu is definitely the first one that comes to my mind if I need any advice. he is knowledgeable and accurate in pointing out my son’s character during the bazi reading. The price from him is reasonable and most importantly, the advice I get is much more valuable than that. Thank you! -terence

feng shui is a very special craft. While Master Hui believes that destiny is in your hands, he recognizes that one can make use of feng shui remedies to improve destiny, fortune, health, and love life, in all moments of life. Master Hui emphasizes a Chinese proverb: “The land where a good person lives is a land of happiness, and in every land of happiness lives a good person.” he goes on to say that man and his environment relate to and affect each other and feng shui alone would not change a person’s life if it does not change forever.


Master Hui thinks that one who acts kindly towards others will naturally be rewarded with good things and will meet the right people who will be able to offer help. This is because being compassionate and doing good deeds are the basic principles for leading a meaningful life, as well as the fundamental requirements of humanity. by being generous and giving, one is connected with the goals of Buddhism and will be able to live in harmony with the will of heaven, and good fortune will follow.


  • professional and approachable

The timing is not correct. I think they are close on Monday. it is best to go after 11am. there is no notice or sign in the store indicating that it is closed on Monday. I was there today from 10am to 11am and it closed. just to share in case someone plans to go there on monday. the information of the glasses is not reliable. – tommy chow

master adrian lo is the founder and principal consultant of ju xuan geomancy consultancy. He is one of the leading feng shui masters and highly sought after Bazi experts in Singapore and throughout Asia.

As a professional Feng Shui consultant for many decades, Master Adrian has served countless commercial organizations and private homes. he is widely recognized for his remarkable accurate bazi analysis that has helped clients of all profiles, including prominent entrepreneurs and executive professionals, make important decisions, achieve their goals in life, and bring prosperity to their clients.

During his 17-year professional career as a feng shui master and bazi specialist, he has garnered many rave reviews and popularity from all of his satisfied customers. To this day, about 80% of his clientele are referred customers from his pool of satisfied customers.

Maestro Adrian’s ingenious use of new age technologies and progressive analytical techniques will help you in your business, home and other needs. he offers simple and practical solutions to rectify problems, guaranteed to make things better with the golden rules according to the ancient art of feng shui.


  • more than your feng shui consultant
  • point analysis in one session
  • never a bad review

no reviews yet as of this writing

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Calvin Yap is an internationally renowned fengshui master with over 17 years of experience and has published over 10 books on various fengshui topics, in particular qi men dun jia.

Over the last 17 years, he has provided advice to a wide range of clients and has gained good reviews and popularity from his satisfied clients.

furthermore, calvin has many students all over the world and was invited to st. petersburg, russia to impart his knowledge of qi men dun jia to russian practitioners.

Calvin applies the principle of science in fengshui remediation and destiny consulting. therefore, he does not expect to buy any “fengshui items” from you.

in destination consulting, calvin will use qi men dun jia, ziping bazi and zi wei dou shu to collect the information and provide the corresponding advice. Of course, the principle of 天时,地利,人和 (heaven, earth, man) will be applied in all your consultancies.


  • distance courses
  • specialized Chinese metaphysics
  • books published in French

no reviews yet as of this writing

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– forerunner of practicing feng shui and Taoism rituals –

From a young age, Master Louis Cheung has had a keen interest in Chinese culture and history. By the time he was in his early twenties, he had already started practicing fengshui and Taoism rituals to help people. In 2010, he established his company in Joo Chiat. Since then, his business has expanded and in 2018 he opened a fengshui retail store at 374 joo chiat road.

master louis cheung is the one stop solution to go to for an individual consultation on all matters. from business relocations, new partnerships, mergers, mentoring, relationships, health, and even court cases; nothing is too small for him to solve. Topics related to careers, relationships, health and wealth are frequently covered. “improve well-being avoid calamities.”


  • appeasement ritual
  • personal rituals related to relationships
  • life analysis

thank you teacher louis cheung for helping me! – chloe goh

my friend recommended master louis cheung to me. I found that he is very knowledgeable and approachable. I like it because he won’t ask me to buy additional fengshui items unless it’s really necessary. he visited my home twice to check my questions about the renovation and answered all my questions even after fengshui report analysis. -chloe chen

gwf feng shui consultancy clientele includes prominent businessmen, professionals, well-known figures, celebrities, artists, business and home owners, ordinary people from all walks of life, etc. Master William Chay (謝奇峰) of GWF Feng Shui Consulting comes highly recommended and is one of the most sought after professional feng shui and bazi consultants and teachers internationally.

He is highly skilled in corporate, residential, commercial, retail, real estate and landscaping feng shui, bazi analysis, life analysis, pet bazi, management and business strategy, etc. In addition to professional feng shui consultation and training, he is also a strategist, professional speaker, and mentor. He has also been hired by many organizations and MNCs for corporate training, corporate planning, launches, events, roadshows, seminars, team building and staff recreation events.


  • internationally recognized
  • expert in corporate, residential, business, etc.
  • professional speaker

no reviews yet as of this writing

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