13 símbolos da sorte do Feng Shui para ter em casa

Symbols are elements that are part of our daily lives, just as many times we pass by unnoticed. Many of them can be found in movies, stores, books and even in home decoration. For isso, it is always good to reconfirm these items and understand the real meaning of each item.

there is no feng shui, various symbols are also used to direct energy and energy, as well as to spread greater harmony and positivity in the interiors of our room. therefore, it is recommended to decorate the residence with objects or images that can help not astral do place.

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For this, you can use the sorte symbols, which will be traced to indicate the necessary energies for the realization of your sincere wishes.

feng shui type symbols


This “map” can be used to harmonize a house, helping to balance the energies, as it can also play the role of a lucky symbol. The baguá has an octagonal format and symbolizes the power of protection, therefore, it slopes above the entrance door of the residence so as not to allow the entrance of ruinous energies.


because of its strength, resistance and durability that increase with time, or bamboo is related to the concept of long life, prosper and health. It draws more energy to wake up knowingly and provides an opening of the way for entry to sorte. The ideal is to apply the baguá in your house to identify what are the areas corresponding to the family and prosper. These locals, as well as a varanda, are perfect for leaving ugly bamboo objects.

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fortune toad

Also known as kaeru, the toad statue is represented with three legs and a coin in the mouth, often used as decoration to attract wealth, congratulations and luck. If you want to have the energies closest to you, buy a pig of the toad of fortune and leave it inside your bag or cart.

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buddha of happiness

also known as laughing buddha, the statue can absorb energies that harm or bem-being at home, such as worries and unhappiness. Ao colheres these negative energies, or buddha gives happiness as it transforms into good vibrations, making all unhappiness turn into happiness. For this reason, the statue is an important symbol of luck and prosperity. The best places to leave this object are: living room, as the back in the direction of the entrance door; at the entrance or near the main gate of the house.

multifaceted glass

Famous for providing a mystical beauty in the environment, it can reproduce rainbow colors when light passes through its interior, or crystal is described as a healing object. not feng shui, it is used to activate, correct and lead to vital energy of the house. To use this power, buy a crystal from 40 mm in circumference and hang or not, but not in the center of the house. It can also be placed next to janelas, outside the house or not on the top of the door.

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water source

we are water is one of the most relaxing nature. apart from that, you don’t need a garden to have a fountain; There are smaller versions, perfect for decorating or interior of houses and apartments. The vital energy of the house is stimulated as movement and as the water, without saying that the water from the source is the symbol of the flow of life.


Another object that stimulates vital energy in two environments is mobile, mainly when the wind hits its light structure. If you feel that the house is without energy, place this element near the main entrance, on empty edges or in a corridor to spread good energy circulation. to attract boa sorte, deixe-o pendurado perto de uma janela.

Chinese currency

this object is a union of two formats: either round or square. The round part represents the energy of the sky, or the square part symbolizes the energy of the earth. The representation of natural elements is united by a long fio vermelho, which motivates força yang. Dessa maneira, a Chinese currency is a symbol both of luck and of wealth and prosperity. You can use the next entry portal.

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To be placed in front of the house or next to the entrance gate, the dragon statue works as a protective shield. This mystical animal has a connection with spiritual power, a force of will and determination. You will have more success if you see a statue of a dragon by perto.

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Greek eye

one of the two most famous symbols in popular culture is the Greek eye, mainly because of its protective power. em geral, ele é pendurado na maçaneta da porta ou em uma parede da casa. Its strong power provides or frees the energies that interfere, not flowing into life, as with age and negativity. To get rid of negative vibrations, to good sort and restored not long.

double fish

You can obtain this symbol in the form of a sculpture or an image – both are effective in developing a spirituality, an intuition, a sort and success. The environment also has renewed energies with this item and it is ideal for wanting more harmony in marriage.


sacred animal that represents freedom and the open horizon. I can chamar pela sorte because it symbolizes how opportunities give life. Have a broader vision with this mystical symbol.

but two winds

Also known as a messenger for two winds, this object is beneficial so that you want to send the negative energies from home from time to time. When it is used outside the house, such as in villas or in the hall, it allows an approximation of the good sort in the residence.

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