SHEEP’s Monthly Feng Shui Forecast in 2017

monthly feng shui horoscope forecast & luck analysis for sheep for the year of the rooster 2017

Monthly Horoscope Feng Shui Forecast 2017 for Sheep

Those with Zodiac sign Sheep are born in Chinese Lunar Year 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 and 2015

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The #7 Star of Loss and the #5 Star of Misfortune join forces on the Sheep Chart this month; It is not a good sign. be careful what you do or say, whether at work or in a love relationship, because things could get out of control. Jealousy is all around you at work, and it’s best to lay low and just mind your own work. You may have a trusted co-worker to confide in, but consider keeping quiet about anything personal now as it could backfire on you. Office politics surround you and it would be wise to carry the evil eye with the om mani padme hum keychain with you to keep jealousy and gossip at bay. Guru Rinpoche’s golden trident is also a feng shui cure to avoid betrayal or deception. Keep an eye on finances: Get-rich-quick schemes or investments are too good to be true and could cause you financial loss. students are also advised to remain calm now, to keep stress levels down.

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love is tense now, even in relationships that seem solid. moderated discussions could become heated. keep your patience, keep your peace, and find some alone time if you need it.

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Relationships of all kinds, business or personal, get a boost from the #4 peach blossom star. the female sheep in particular is blessed by this #4 energy. for everyone, professional and work matters improve largely due to their charm and charisma. Coworkers offer a sense of camaraderie and support, so be sure to encourage their input and friendship. This may not be the best time to launch a massive round of new plans or projects, but it is certainly a good time to make plans and prepare for the near future. seek information and make sure you are well prepared, and don’t be discouraged if things don’t materialize right now. the scholastic energies of the #4 star help student sheep to be successful in their studies and educational endeavors.

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some sheep will live a magical moment in love and romance. those who have met someone or are in a relationship seem poised to make the relationship even better. If someone seems interested in you and you return the sentiment, say so!

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luck is mixed now. two negative stars, the #3 brawler and the #7 steal/loss star, threaten hostility and disgrace. but despite this, they create the auspicious sum of ten, which helps provide a certain level of success. challenges and annoyances still occur, but with luck of completion on your side, if you stay focused and confident, a small measure of happiness follows. At work, co-workers may complain or be in a bad mood, but don’t get involved in discussions. try to appease everyone. #3 can create legal problems, so positive energy is needed. wear the red eagle keychain to raise the hostile 3 star above hostility, and to help people see you in a positive light, place the red fireball feng shui cure in the southwest.

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students will feel confident in their ability to compete now, but be sure to be strong but not arrogant, or you might lose friends or allies. love is not going well, mainly due to an argument with a partner. Let the other person have her point of view instead of trying to convince her to agree with you and you can avoid serious consequences.

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luck will now be a mix of good and bad. the presence of the disease star #2 poses a threat to energy and resistance to disease. the #7 robbery/violence star is also present, adding another layer of negativity. however, when the two stars combine, they form the big money ho tu, promising some financial luck. Hard work will be required and this is where you need to take better care of yourself to avoid the effects of #2. rest, eat and take breaks. Feng Shui masters suggest placing a Brass Eight Immortals Feng Shui Wu Lou(s) in the SW and carrying a Wu Lou for Health with Hanging Feng Shui Bell (Aventurine). His energy may not be at its best, but he manages to stay motivated, which could attract co-workers who will be happy to help. taking a smaller risk can provide a financial gain. As opportunities land around you, take a close look at them and choose only those that you are passionate about. students may feel pressured by the amount of studies they have. if they get too stressed, it’s best to talk to a parent or teacher about it.

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Romance is in the air for singles, even through a blind date. keep your mind and heart open. but if you find someone new, don’t forget about old friends who have been there for you in the past.

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Jealousy and competition will surround the sheep, but they can still achieve victory. The potential for wealth and success is high due to the presence of the number 1 victory star. This has a special effect on financial and business matters. A raise in salary, an increase in sales or business deals, or a promotion is within reach. To maximize potential, carry a Victory Horses Trinity Keychain and display the Elephant of Power with the warrior and magic barrel nearby. those who are happy with their jobs will do well, and those looking for more might be tempted with a job change. however, be sure to think of new opportunities, rather than act hastily. Displaying eight wealth trees with birds on your desktop can improve your chances of making money. It’s also okay to get out of your comfort zone a bit, implementing new ideas or trends. just watch out for a little jealousy due to your success.

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the student now has the energy to work hard and even find new ways to approach their studies. in love, positive energy is everywhere, even leading to a deeper relationship. if that’s the case, display lights and crystals in your southwest sector. singles may find romance, while other sheep may realize it’s time to end a relationship that’s “going nowhere.”

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Danger surrounds the sheep now, with two unlucky stars making their appearance. the draw/loss star #7 is present, as is the rise star #9, which only intensifies the threat of misfortune. avoid taking risks, either personally or in business, and be careful about trusting even friends or co-workers, as betrayal is possible. This is not the time to sign contracts, make new deals, or get involved in new partnerships. things can seem too good to be true. To help keep money loss to a minimum, carry a dangling Feng Shui Nanbu Locking Coin and display a blue elephant and rhino cure in your southwest sector. At work, it can seem like people are hanging out with you, gossiping, or stabbing you in the back. it’s best to lay low, avoid getting into heated discussions, and concentrate on your work.

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Young sheep should heed the same advice, because they can easily be offended by something said or done. believe in yourself and study on your own when possible. In love and romance, small disagreements can turn into big arguments, so walk away and spend some time in another room if your partner seems to want to fight. With this confusion, it might be tempting to stray, but that’s not how you solve relationship problems.

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Happiness and good fortune await the sheep this month. The #8 Current Prosperity Star outdoes itself now, bringing not only prosperity, but also abundance of luck in all areas of your life. take advantage of this time to make exciting plans and take some risks, because luck is on your side. At work, your creativity soars and your work is valued and appreciated. allow yourself to dream and aim high, whether it’s for the immediate future or even the long-term future, because there really is nothing you can’t do if you put your mind, heart and effort into it. All this good luck puts you in a joyful mood and draws others to you. they might point you in directions you never imagined, but give them a try! Activate the Prosperity Star with a Citrine Feng Shui (L) Crystal Ball. also carry a lucky keyring with the power of 8 jewels to improve wealth luck.

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students can keep up with their studies and receive positive input from a teacher or perhaps a mentor. use this time to build towards a bright future. love looks wonderful now for those who are dating. if you want to take a relationship further, go for it! those in a relationship can rekindle their desires and rediscover themselves. this is also a time to socialize and perhaps make new friends as well.

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The #7 star doubles and creates a definite threat of danger or loss of many kinds. this could be a financial or business loss, or even a personal loss for you. beware of robbery, theft or actual loss of money. feng shui experts advise donating money to a charity as a way to offset money loss. at work, office politics, jealousy or betrayal can occur, even from someone you know. stay more private, keep your work life separate from your personal life, and avoid getting into heated arguments or gossip. Obstacles or competition may arise, but if you try to stay calm, you may find a new or different way to work toward a goal. To keep damage away, consider carrying the 2017 anti-theft keychain and displaying an anti-theft badge to counter theft star in the sw.

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The student sheep may be disturbed by a friend’s betrayal, or gossip, and may be better off working alone longer. wear the amulet of the three allies of the horoscope: rabbit, sheep and amp; wild pig. Love is good enough for sheep, but a stranger might try to drive a wedge between you and your partner, leading to misunderstandings or jealousy. ignore them and focus on your relationship.

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Celestial star #6 brings blessings to the sheep, although an excessive level of energy from the metal could try to bring down this good luck. Wearing earth tones of beige, sand, or cream helps balance negative energy. It is also important to take care of yourself. rest when possible because your energy level is not at its best. If you feel overwhelmed by a decision, ask a trusted friend or co-worker; his opinion could help you relieve stress. A helping hand will most likely occur because the mentor’s luck increases, and displaying a gui ren plaque for noble luck on your desk increases the chances of this happening. carry a noble gui ren talisman for success keychain. just keep in mind that if you receive too many blessings, there is a chance that someone around you will become gossiped or jealous, so don’t brag about good fortune and stay a little apart.

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Test luck is boosted by the input of a mentor, be it a teacher, parent, or counselor. in love, admirers will find sheep, but try not to be too demanding and broaden your horizons. someone may not seem like the right fit right away, but giving this person a chance could open up a satisfying relationship.

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A double dose of negativity threatens this month, with the presence of the yellow star of misfortune #5 and the star of betrayal/violence #7. Even projects that you thought were running smoothly could hit roadblocks and your self-confidence could drop because of this. criticism may arise, but try not to let it influence you. And avoid blaming or criticizing someone if things don’t go well at work, because it can cause a lot of friction. Beware of completely trusting someone, even someone who might normally be an ally, because jealousy or rivalry comes out of nowhere. keep a low profile, work alone, and put off anything risky until next month, or you could lose money. One feng shui tip is to keep your southwestern sector quiet to avoid excess negativity, and place a five-element golden pagoda (6 inches) in this sector to pacify negative chi.

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The student sheep may not be satisfied with the progress of the study, but don’t let it discourage you or the studies could suffer even more. In love, a misunderstanding with your partner can end in a big argument if you don’t work to keep the peace in the relationship. singles would be wise to wait before looking for a new love interest.

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The #4 star brings good luck to sheep, and relationships of all kinds benefit. this is an improvement over last month, though it will still take some effort to fully activate #4. your people skills are very good, and taking advantage of networks helps you to generate possibilities of new contacts or friends. Keep in mind long-term goals at work or in your career instead of getting frustrated if you only see small gains. taking a class or learning a new skill could help improve your luck now and in the future. this will boost your confidence and you will be noticed by a boss or co-worker. your great charm will attract co-workers eager to listen to your ideas or help you.

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school luck is good for students, who will learn easily even if they work hard. just allow adequate rest. in love, your charisma brings luck in romance, especially for singles who want to start something new. however, don’t let romance dominate your other interests. if you feel like someone you’ve been dating is right, an engagement or wedding may be in the future.

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Sheep face mixed fortunes this month. two negative stars, #3 quarrelsome and #7 betrayal/loss, each bring bad luck. the good news is that this balances out when they together make a lucky ten sum. so while there are unpleasant nuances, overall the month ends on a good note. To help defuse negativity, try to keep your Southwest sector quiet and calm. One feng shui tip is to eliminate wind chimes, a television, or any other device that makes noise. At work, tensions arise and you may be tempted to offer an opinion in an argument, but walk away instead, because doing so could damage your working relationships. Disgruntled co-workers or employees are a possibility, so offering words of encouragement and trying to help them will go a long way, otherwise a potential legal problem could arise.

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love and romance are not fluid, partly due to your temperament. With a partner, don’t insist on being right, or giving an opinion that could create a gap in the relationship. this may not be the time for single sheep to actively seek love. the student is successful in academics, but tension with a friend could be distracting, so spend some time alone for now.

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