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the ancient art of feng shui and contemporary rugs

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed in China that focuses on balancing energies within environments. its key principles come from the Chinese philosophy of Taoism. there is evidence that these principles were applied in the design of ancient Chinese houses and towns. it has remained an integral part of Chinese culture for millennia and, in recent years, has become a key theory in Western culture.

Although feng shui has numerous characteristics, many of its applications revolve around interior orientation and decoration. In its simplest form, feng shui is the arrangement of objects and space within a room to create harmony, balance, and attract positive energy to those who reside in the home.

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So what key factors should be considered when choosing your contemporary rug to cultivate optimal positive energy? Let’s start with the basics of feng shui…

the five elements of feng shui

The ancient art of feng shui divides the world into five elements: fire, earth, water, wood, and metal. each of them provides energy that is associated with certain qualities. when it is out of balance, where one element is too dominant or another too weak, negative energy is generated in your home. The goal in applying feng shui principles is to balance these elements through placement, shapes, colors, and décor to bring positive energy into your home.

element 1 – fire

The fire element represents passion, fame and visibility. adding more fire to a hearth can help you express yourself. sharp, irregular shapes are associated with fire, complemented by vibrant reds and oranges.

element 2 – earth

the earth element brings well-being – it is stable and grounding. if you feel anxious, you may need more soil in your home. the earth element is associated with the colors yellow and brown, and with decoration, such as plants.

feng shui and contemporary rugs

The Tree Trunk Rug enhances the Earth Element.

Element 3 – Water

Water is associated with wisdom and depth, which helps us build connections and develop our perception. colors such as black and blue promote the element of water, as well as flowing and curved shapes.

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element 4 – wood

Wood is related to flexibility, growth and healing. if you’re hoping for new beginnings, you may need to bring more wooden elements into your home. wood is connected with greens and teal; this element can also be promoted through plants and vegetation.

element 5 – metal

Finally, the metal element has connections to beauty and joy, and promotes confidence and rationality. whites and grays relate to metal, as does neutral décor.

Suggested styling to embrace the Metal Element in your home: 1. Doo Wop Pendant Light, Louis Poulsen. 2. Ceramic Vases, Miyelle. 3. Cardboard Chair, Sergej Gerasimenko. 4. Cashmere Blanket, Elder Statesman. 5. Crash vase, Zieta. 6. Contemporary Travertine Table, 1st Dibs.

With the characteristics of the five elements in mind, choosing the right luxury rug is key when looking to obtain harmony and positive energy within your home. There are multiple elements to consider within the practice of Feng Shui. Applying these principles when choosing a contemporary rug can help to guide your choice and help you find greater zen.

luxury rug colors to enhance feng shui

Choosing the perfect color for your designer rug is essential. Adopting feng shui principles can ensure that the color of your rug radiates positive energy.

Choosing an area rug in cool blue tones can bring peace and promote the flow of tranquility in your home. choose a blue rug like our after albers cornflower and aqua teal sea rugs to enhance the water element and ensure balance and clarity.

feng shui and contemporary rugs

The Aqua Teal Sea Rug.

On the other hand, a fiery red wool rug is thought to bring tones of passion, wealth, and vibrancy to a Feng Shui home. A rug rich in reds and orange such as the Circle-ish Sunset can enhance the Fire Element and bring good fortune and passion.

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A green color palette is a great choice for a contemporary rug. Green tones enhance the wood element and promote feng shui by adding healing qualities and flexibility to a room. To enhance the feng shui in your home, choose one of our green designer rugs like jellybean lime, amoeba fresh or capsule runner fresh.

contemporary rug shapes to promote feng shui

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The importance of form in feng shui principles cannot be underestimated. Designer rugs come in many shapes, so it’s wise to consider which shape is right when planning your feng shui home.

Square and rectangular rugs are the most common rug shape and one you may naturally gravitate towards. this form of luxury rug is intended to bring balance and calm to a room. rectangular rugs like our rosie rug and square rugs like our rainbow rug are great contemporary rug options. they help promote feng shui and bring balance and gravity to a room.

Round rugs are believed to be a positive influence on the feng shui of a home. their lack of corners does not interrupt the “flow” of a room, and the round shapes are believed to be a symbol of peace and spirituality. a round wool rug is perfect for a home looking to promote tranquility. our echoes of light green rug is an excellent choice for a feng shui home. its flowing spirals and blue hues resonate with the element of water.

feng shui and contemporary rugs

The Echoes of Light Green Rug.

Irregular contemporary rugs are thought to have powerful energy, promoting wealth and structure in a home. Placing an irregular rug as a statement piece in the middle of a room elevates this energy. We are well known for our irregular rugs and as a signature style throughout our contemporary rug collection, an irregular rug design such as our Amoeba Sunset or our After Matisse rugs enhance the Fire Element with their bright colours and asymmetric shapes.

feng shui and contemporary rugs

The Amoeba Sunset Rug.

Placing a designer rug in a Feng Shui home

feng shui places great importance on the placement of items in homes. this is true for contemporary rugs: to increase the positive energy in the room, the rug must be chosen and placed correctly.

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In smaller entryways and hallways, a small shag rug can help define the space and fill out a compact area. round rugs are an excellent choice for hallways and larger entry areas thanks to their positive influence on the flow of rooms.

Luxury rugs are great for enhancing the feng shui of a living room if placed correctly. here, make sure your contemporary rug doesn’t touch any walls and keep the five elements in mind when choosing your rug. if you want to create a vibrant and creative space, choose a red rug to invoke the element of fire like our rothko deep rug. Do you want to create a social and welcoming space? opt for a rectangular rug that brings furniture into a conversation area like our antelope canyon series.

feng shui and contemporary rugs

The Antelope Canyon Rug in Twilight.

A wool rug is the perfect addition to a bedroom and can enhance its Feng Shui. Soft colours such as pastels, whites, greys, and neutrals will give a relaxed energy to the room through the promotion of the Metal Element. Bedrooms contain lots of sharp angles in their furniture. Adding a round or curved rug can balance the effect of these edges. Our Jellybean Coconut rug would be a perfect choice to bring in the Metal Element of Feng Shui.

feng shui and contemporary rugs

The Jellybean Coconut Rug.

Our previous guide covers the beginning feng shui basics, but there are many specialized feng shui guides that delve into the sciences behind the practice. we recommend simple feng shui & Simple: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need by Sarah Bartlett and Cliff Tan’s Modern Feng Shui.

Working to balance the five elements by adding a contemporary rug can ensure your home exudes feng shui. why not explore our rug store to help you in your search for the perfect rug to create harmony in your home?

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