Special meaning of a red bracelet in feng shui – Agarwood bracelet

The red bracelet has gradually become a hot trend among young people. It is not just a piece of jewelry, a highlight for women. it also has spiritual and cultural significance. According to folklore, red bracelets bring good luck to the wearer. Above all, it also helps lonely people to find their other half. but is this what it means? where to buy red bracelets of the best quality? Let’s find out in the next article.

1. meaning of red bracelet

The red thread has its origin in Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism. In each culture, the red bracelet has a different meaning. but everyone prays for peace and luck for the wearer. in vietnam, the red bracelet has a close relationship with spiritual issues, meaning that:

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  • as an amulet, bringing good luck, banishing risks in life
  • bringing the benefits of feng shui, healthy
  • as a lucky charm, pray for love, getting rid of the poison
  • providing the owner with a confident attitude and the ability to communicate fluently.
  • for pregnant women, she wore a red string bracelet to have a perfect and healthy delivery .
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  • for babies, brings prosperity, peace. help your baby grow up fast, sleep well, sleep soundly, don’t be scared, smart. protect your baby when there is vital yin.

This bracelet has a different meaning

This bracelet has a different meaning

2. Which hand to wear the bracelet?

In Buddhism, wearing a feng shui item like a red bracelet follows many principles. with the meaning of wishing for peace, so which bracelet to wear is a controversial issue. some popular beliefs say that: married people should wear a bracelet on the right hand, single people should wear it on the left hand.

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According to Vietnamese folklore, our ancestors had the phrase “man on the left, woman on the right”. so we can understand that:

  • boys should wear it on the left hand
  • girls should wear it on the right hand

however, thien moc huong wants to tell her that it doesn’t matter which hand she wears the bracelet on. its benefits don’t affect much, so you can freely choose how to use it to suit you.

Boys should wear it on the left hand - Girls should wear it on the right hand

Boys should wear it on the left hand – Girls should wear it on the right hand

3. Currently available red bracelet designs

3.1. agar gems bracelet

Agarwood beads absorb the spirit of heaven and earth, offering a natural and pleasant fragrance. the agarwood and the red bracelet together are vigorous and sacred combinations: the knots of red thread attached to the agarwood beads formulate the supreme posture of the phoenix dragon. five agarwood beads represent the souls of the dragon and the phoenix facing each other in the ultimate finale. the red agargem bracelet not only brings luck and helps prevent calamities, but also allows its wearer to grow his business and replenish his energy.

3.2. agar-sapphire bracelet

Uniquely designed, agarwood and sapphire stone are used as charms on a red bracelet. the number of treats varies between three and five. the size of the red bracelet can be easily modified according to the size of the wearer’s wrist. the red agar-sapphire bracelet is a good omen that brings luck and kindness to the wearer.

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Agar-sapphire bracelet

Agar-sapphire bracelet

3.3. Agar-fourleaf bracelet

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a red bracelet paired with agarwood beads and a four-leaf charm offers uniqueness and connection. Regarded as a guardian “amulet”, the four agar leaf bracelet conveys feng-shui meaning and is closely associated with the spirit world. each tight, solid knot of red thread represents the wearer’s increase in virtue. Wearing such a bracelet on your wrist also makes you more attractive to others, thus expanding your chances of love.

Agar-fourleaf bracelet

Agar-fourleaf bracelet

With all of the exciting information, the red bracelet is a piece of fashionable jewelry and brings peace to the soul of its bearer. What else is better than having a bracelet that is an amulet and jewelry simultaneously designing your style? Stop hesitating and get a red bracelet for yourself!

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