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86% of Chinese Americans consider feng shui to play a role in their home selection. Considering the competitiveness of today’s real estate market, it is imperative that modern sellers know all the strategies to gain considerable advantages over their competitors. More and more homeowners, including real estate agents, are paying attention to feng shui, an ancient Chinese practice that brings balance and harmony with nature into your home.

Below are several real estate feng shui tips that will help you sell your house faster. remember that just a few changes in the decoration of your home can attract more potential buyers and significantly increase profits.

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1. design an attractive exterior

As for home buyers, the exterior appearance of a house gives them the first impression to decide if that house has good feng shui or not.

A good feng shui house should clearly feel no energy if chi (low) or sha chi (attacking) around it. a house in a cul-de-sac, at an intersection, or near a railway is supposed to lack feng shui energy. instead, tall evergreens planted in the backyard, an outdoor fountain, or even a simple birdbath can attract good feng shui energy, making your home look more lively.

Also, pay close attention to dead plants on door sills because they will diminish the curb appeal of the exterior.

2. guard the front door

The main entrance to a good feng shui home should encourage the flow of feng shui energy throughout the home rather than blocking it with large trees or recycling bins. clear any obstacles in the way and avoid placing a mirror facing the front door.

The visible view of a bathroom from the front door and a staircase in front of it also gives homebuyers the wrong impression that they can easily let energy escape from the house.

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According to a survey conducted by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and the Asian Real Estate Association of America, 75% of Chinese Americans surveyed revealed various factors that prevent them from buying a home. include back stairs leading to the front door (29%), a sloping back patio (29%), and front and back doors that line up with each other (24%).

3. build a strong energy triangle

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The Chinese believe that the energy of feng shui is mainly concentrated in three central areas: bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, which contribute to determine the feng shui quality of your home. therefore, make sure that all these areas are designed with a strong feng shui foundation and that the interior atmosphere is always kept fresh.

Clean frequently and quickly remove any stagnant corners, such as clutter, to ensure a smooth flow of energy. take a look at an energy map or feng shui bagua to spot low energy spots.

Also, remember to let in plenty of natural light by using clear glass windows. With such a carefully designed interior, there is no doubt that you will attract more potential buyers and therefore sell your house faster.

4. create plenty of space inside

Empty space allows buyers to visualize their own future corner more vividly while making the house appear larger. place a focal point object in the corner of the room diagonally from the front door to attract positive energy, thereby intriguing potential buyers.

Get rid of any unnecessary clutter and decorations on shelves, tables, etc. don’t forget to pack pictures of you and your family for fear of releasing energy you’re not ready to let go of yet. this is likely to drive buyers away.

Also, keep in mind that your home should be thoroughly cleaned from the rugs to the inside of the drawers, especially the windows, which are considered the eyes of the home, before presenting it to homebuyers.

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5. place a table at the entrance

It is known that the entrance marks the change from a public space to a private one; therefore, ensuring a positive transition is of great importance. in this sense, you should put a small table there to reveal the compassionate aspect of your character as owners.

The table also provides real estate agents with a good place to leave business cards. however, be careful to put those cards in an acrylic holder to avoid “adverse effects” on the business. On the table, you might consider placing a bowl of chocolates, vases of fresh flowers, or cinnamon candies on a red tablecloth as a way to welcome potential buyers.

6. keep a pleasant smell inside

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In feng shui theory, the smell has more power than the visual. no one feels comfortable walking into a house full of garbage smells or chemical air. people tend to be attracted to the aromas of the origin of the elements of the earth.

therefore, you should use fresh flowers or green plants to provoke a feeling of freshness. Scented candles, such as cinnamon candles, are also useful for dispelling foreign odors and making your home smell more inviting and inviting.

7. prepare treats for homebuyers

In the real estate world, chocolate is cited as good luck. therefore, place a crystal bowl of 80-90% pure chocolate near the entrance and offer guests a few pieces. this is most useful feng shui if a buyer is close to making a final decision. a gift of a similar crystal bowl as a sign of good luck will clearly ease the transition process.

8. pay attention to the placement of the mirrors

One of the most popular real estate feng shui tips is to correctly place mirrors both inside and outside. Mirrors hold a great deal of power in feng shui due to their ability to reflect energy.

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Depending on their position and what they reflect, they can increase or decrease the energy anchored at a specific point. if a mirror reflects trash, it will duplicate it and vice versa. Placing an octagonal mirror over your bed can help you sell a house quickly and earn a growing profit.

9. be ready to move

The last but important feng shui real estate tip for home sellers is to prepare for the move. The more eager you are to sell a house fast, the faster you have to make room for the new owner to come in.

so, keep unnecessary furniture in storage areas. If possible, you can pack up five boxes of your valuable belongings and leave them in the garage to signal your willingness to move. until then, your house will be ready to store new memories.

Summary: 9 feng shui real estate tips to help you sell your house faster

  1. design an attractive exterior
  2. take care of the front door
  3. build a strong energy triangle
  4. create abundant interior space
  5. put a table in the entryway
  6. keep a nice smell inside
  7. prepare treats for homebuyers
  8. pay attention to the placement of mirrors
  9. be ready to move


For homebuyers, the factor of feng shui is highly valued when it comes to searching for a new home. simply apply the feng shui real estate tips above, and the emotional value of your plot will increase dramatically.

Make it more desirable and you’ll increase your chances of selling a home quickly and for a higher price!

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