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This is where feng shui consultants, teachers, students and followers from around the world shop for their feng shui cures and enhancers and research our huge database of traditional and authentic feng shui knowledge, tips and advice. most accurate in the world.

Are you ready for the Year of the Yang Water Tiger? we’ve added all of our 2022 yearly heals and buffs to help you make the most of 2022.

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We are not just another feng shui internet website business; we are one of the oldest feng shui specialist companies in the world with an internet website along with staff, offices, warehouses and an established and well known feng shui school. we are a registered limited company with full liability insurance that is registered to pay vat and payment.

We are not tarot card readers, reiki, physics, healers or any other alternative shaman; we only master and specialize in feng shui and geomancy.

As one of the oldest feng shui companies in the world, we are famous for many aspects of feng shui, but we are famous for our annual cure and enhancer kits and specialized feng shui software.

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We have supplied these kits to all corners of the world for over thirteen years and have received hundreds of testimonials to prove the effectiveness of our products and services.


we have more than 89,000 customers worldwide; we have feng shui websites that receive more than two million visits per month and a monthly newsletter that is widely read by more than 80,000 feng shui teachers, practitioners, and enthusiasts worldwide.

Currently, we ship our traditional and authentic feng shui products to over 121 countries. We regularly appear in newspapers, television, magazines and have won many awards.

We have also received more testimonials than you can imagine and we are very proud of what we have achieved.

michael hanna, our resident feng shui teacher, tutor, author, mentor and researcher, is one of the most sought after teachers in the world and has helped thousands of people.

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A true measure of our success and knowledge is the fact that we are advisors, consultants, mentors and tutors to other feng shui consultants and masters from all corners of the world.

In addition to busy international consultants, we run the world famous International Feng Shui Academy, which attracts feng shui students and consultants from all over the world.

We are proud to enter our twenty-second year on the internet. Over the years we have built a privileged and highly sought after client base. we have consulted on manor houses, mansions, castles, flats, apartments, studios, mobile homes. top-tier companies that employ thousands of employees, small and large restaurants, hospitals, pubs, nurseries, jewelry stores, schools, hairdressers, finance houses. you name the type of business; we’ve probably looked it up.

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We have consulted on buildings in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, United States, Canada, Thailand, Japan, Australia, France, Bosnia, China, Hawaii, Sweden, Netherlands, Serbia, Greece, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Dubai , switzerland, austria, malaysia,

on top of all that, michael hanna and his team are the creators of the world’s most powerful and widely used feng shui software, originally developed for him over seven years ago and later for his students. the software is now used by hundreds of feng shui masters, consultants, students, and thousands of feng shui enthusiasts from every part of the world you can think of.

please take a look at the feng shui website, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s absolutely packed with authentic, traditional feng shui products and the most valuable tips and advice you’ll ever find.

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