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have you heard of feng shui products? Do you know if feng shui is really effective in attracting peace and love?

feng-shui the energy of attraction

Feng shui

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energy is present everywhere. if the energy is not balanced, it leads to chaos and confusion.

the principle of feng shui involves managing and balancing energy to create positivity and peace around us.

As home is the heart of all happiness and peace, it is important to ward off negative energy and pave the way for positive energy to restore peace and happiness.

For any type of problem, be it professional or personal, feng shui is believed to improve life.

all practice of this art is done solely with the help of symbols. feng shui symbols such as dragons, fish, plants, water, etc. symbolize various aspects and can be kept at home to balance different types of energy.

stabilizing the energy in the home using the items (based on these symbols) helps to bring harmony and peace in the home.

here are 7 important elements that help drive away negative energy and bring peace back to the home.

  1. indoor plants

    Indoor plants bring prosperity and peace to the home. As houseplants release oxygen into the air, it promotes good energy. make sure you only have real plants.

    Plants such as cacti that have pointed leaves or thorns should not be kept indoors. Also, be careful to remove diseased or dying plants from the house.

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    Artificial plants should be avoided, but if you want to keep them, make sure you keep them clean, as dust is bad energy.

    It is also good to keep silk flowers, especially flowers that represent lotuses, orchids and chrysanthemums.

    A bamboo would be a good option as it brings good luck and removes bad energies. it is also easy to grow and gives prosperity to the home.

    1. vase

      The vase is a perfect feng shui item for both home and office. In Chinese, vase is homophonic to peace.

      If a vase is placed at home, it brings peace to the home. the vase can also be combined with other feng shui items.

      placing a jade vase means peace and good luck. a vase placed with a bell means peace for all the beings that live there.

      1. crystals, gems and stones

        These are vital feng shui symbols. they purify the environment and give a feeling of relaxation.

        While crystals and stones promote relaxation and create healthy energy throughout the home, gemstones bring mindfulness to life and increase prosperity.

        It is no use keeping artificial elements. use natural materials such as marble. it is also a good idea to keep crystal trees. the most common trees are coral trees and amethyst trees.

        1. wind chime or chimes

          Feng Shui Products

          7 Feng Shui Products to Have at Home to Make Home Peaceful

          Bells can be hung outside or inside the home. The beautiful sound emanating from the bell gets rid of bad energy and provides a peaceful aura at home.

          1. indoor fonts

            The sound of running water is always soothing to the ears. provides a soothing and relaxed atmosphere in the home. the fountain creates a nice flow of energy.

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            remember not to keep the fountain in the south area of ​​the house as the south area requires a fire element (the fountain is a water element). creates an imbalance in energy.

            Also, do not place fountains in the bedroom, as it creates sadness and worry when placed there.

            Buy a good, small fountain with a quiet motor. place some crystals and stones in the fountain and choose a fountain that can diffuse essential oils.

            The combination of essential oils, stones, crystals and fountain doubles the beneficial energy to maintain harmony and peace in the home.

            1. hang pictures

              Hanging pictures that denote spirituality brings peace, tranquility and protection to the home.

              could be the image of gods or saints. you can hang any artwork you like. but it is better to avoid dark images.

              1. essential oils and candles

                The use of essential oils in daily life is highly recommended to cleanse bad energies and relax. relaxation obviously leads to peace in the home.

                Using natural candles with natural colors and flavors will increase the energy in the home and bring harmony. avoid artificial candles such as paraffin candles.

                end note

                There are several other feng shui items for peace and harmony, such as the buddha as it is the symbol of peace and tranquility.

                Mirrors are also good feng shui items when used correctly. they bring a refreshing peace to the home. but using them in bedrooms and keeping triangular or broken mirrors bring bad energy to the home.

                On top of all these things, remember to clean up the clutter and dirt around the house. these two are the main enemies of feng shui.

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