How to Use Feng Shui for Career and Welcome Good Luck in Your Life

have you felt depressed professionally? Does it seem like no matter how hard you work, something is wrong? If your answer is yes, it may be time to give feng shui a try for a career. Whether it’s getting a promotion, solving a business problem, or closing an important deal, small feng shui touches change things very smoothly and quickly.

There are feng shui elements for career growth and then there are tips on the best colors and object placements that you may find helpful. read on to find out more:

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4 feng shui items for career growth

the feng shui dragon

the-feng-shui-dragonA bronze feng shui dragon great for career growth and successOne of the best Feng Shui items for career growth, the metal dragon is a symbol of prosperity and luck in a career. The dragon also represents power and success and can be a great addition to your workstation at home or office. Placing the dragon in your office could help you advance in your career and bring financial abundance to your life. An emblem of powerful protection, wealth, reputation, and authority, the Feng Shui dragon is believed to have mystical powers that bring good luck to your home.


goldfishA glass fish bowl with goldfish placed at the work desk of a professionalAncient Chinese folklore tells us that the goldfish is a symbol of overcoming obstacles – it can swim upstream, sustain tall waterfalls, and transform into a dragon! Place a goldfish in your office or workspace as it attracts success and recognition. If you choose to have a small fishbowl, it works just fine, but if you have elaborate plans for an aquarium, then have eight goldfish with one blackfish in it and attract wealth and fortune in your life.

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If having a pet fish isn’t something you’re looking forward to, you can also choose to have a goldfish painting.

the dragon boat

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the-dragon-shipThe metal dragon ship – one of the best items for feng shui for career.A symbol of wealth and fortune, the golden dragon ship is an important money magnet and good luck bearer in Feng Shui. Made of bronze, the dragon ship finds itself a favourable spot in the Southeast corner of your living room. Your career will also see a positive change if you place the dragon ship on your work desk. This is beneficial for people looking to expand their business.

As you place the dragon ship, keep in mind that the direction of the ship should face inwards, showing that the ship brings wealth and fortune from its journey to your space.

the water element

the-water-elementA waterfall landscape in a photo frame that can be placed at your office tableFlowing water constantly changes the energy and is a great source that brings along wealth. It is always advised to have running or moving water in your working space. You could choose to place a Feng Shui fountain in the North part of your office or even hang up a painting of a flowing river or waterfall.

Just like the boat, please note that the direction of the water flow should be inward and there should be no obstructions in its path. Another thing to keep in mind is that the water in the painting or wall art should not be still and there should be no signs of storm or turbulence. If you choose to have a fountain, be sure to change the water often and keep it clean. In case the fountain breaks, please take it out of the office immediately and bring a replacement.

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feng shui tips for career growth

Read on to learn how else you can improve the feng shui of your workplace.

1. make use of light


make-use-of-lightOffice Workspace with a LampIf your professional situation needs a boost, place a lamp in the Southern part of your home office or study. This will improve your reputation at work. If your lamp is red, it might also help you get a promotion.

2. be careful with the entrance

Keep your home and office entrance clean and free of clutter and add a black floor mat to activate the water element that brings in wealth. be-mindful-of-the-entranceClutter-Free Entrance

3. avoid mirrors in the office

Mirrors reflect everything in front of them, and if you put a mirror in front of your work desk, you could end up adding to your stress. if you sit across from it and work, you may just keep adding to your workload, and if your desk is cluttered, don’t even get us started!

4. a rooster on the desk

a-rooster-on-the-deskA red origami rooster placed on the south of a work desk.Red is the symbol of power, fame, and recognition in Feng Shui. Therefore, having a red rooster on your work desk could be one of the best Feng Shui items for career growth. You could also have an image of a red bird on the wall in the South of your office.

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5. the power of plants

Plants are beings that keep cooling the air and are known to create strong chi. One of the most common feng shui tips is to have plants in your office. Lucky Bamboo, Peace Lily, Chinese Money Plant, and Jade Plant are also great for the workplace.

Any plant with thorns or too many flowers is not suitable for the office as it can bring negativity with it. Similarly, plastic plants should also be avoided.

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