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Feng Shui styled bedroom with white walls and floors and black and white bedroom linen with a variety of plants

Indoor plants are more than just pretty. Study after study has shown that they can increase our productivity, clean the air, and help us sleep better. there is more! Did you know that according to feng shui principles, they can also attract good fortune and positive energy into your home?

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In addition to enhancing the aesthetics of your sleeping space, plants invite the energy of nature into your bedroom. According to feng shui principles, houseplants can be nurturing and healing for your personal energy. Of course, these benefits are only achievable if you incorporate plants into the bedroom feng shui correctly. we’ll help you do just that!

what is feng shui?

I’m sure you’ve already heard of feng shui. But what is it exactly? however, it’s about more than just moving furniture around or creating a zen-like room. feng shui gives you the tools you need to reduce stress, improve your well-being, and invite joy into your daily life. Plus, it allows your mind to rest and get the deep sleep your body needs each night.

Feng shui is a centuries-old practice that is far more complicated than can be adequately explained in a few paragraphs. however, some basic feng shui principles for your bedroom include:

  1. place your bed in a “dominant position”
  2. create equal space on both sides of the bed
  3. choose a solid headboard
  4. incorporate skin tones and muted colors
  5. no heavy items or sharp corners
  6. no too many houseplants
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the feng shui of determining the plants in the bedroom

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Decorating your bedroom with live, fresh, and thriving houseplants strengthens the energy of a particular feng shui element: wood. wood is associated with wealth, family, and new beginnings. For homes filled with metallic elements, bringing plants into your sleeping space can help adjust the balance of the elements. the plant-enhanced wood element in the feng shui bedroom brings vital energy of growth and action to your space. it can also inspire compassion, kindness, and flexibility. Furthermore, green, the color of most plants you would consider putting in your bedroom, is associated with healing.

When it comes to houseplants, more is not always better, at least according to feng shui principles. feng shui tells us that too many wood elements will stop your thought process. To think and feel clearly we need other elements in our lives. don’t create a jungle that dominates your room! feng shui in our rooms should be arranged in a way that invites you in and calms you down at the same time.

When looking for the right plants for your bedroom, feng shui principles tell us to look for three categories:

air purifier

One of the biggest benefits of having plants in the bedroom is that they have the ability to improve indoor air quality. the areca palm and boston fern are well known for their air-cleansing abilities. they remove harmful toxins and one study even found that the areca palm is one of the best plants for removing carbon dioxide from the air.

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Also known as the snake plant, mother-in-law’s tongue is a great plant for beginners in feng shui and for keeping plants alive. Although it may appear sharp, it also has a quality of protective energy.


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Also known as the money plant, the jade succulent features many rounded leaves. this gives the plant a smooth, lush appearance. you can also place bamboo in the room. this plant represents growth and adaptability. In feng shui, the number of bamboo stems has symbolic meaning. for example, two stems are supposed to nurture areas of your life associated with love, and three stems are supposed to nurture your happiness.

placement of plants in bedrooms

Remember, it’s not just about what you put in your bedroom, it’s also about where. your home is a reflection of your life, and the bagua is one of the tools feng shui practitioners use to better understand this connection. Each of the bagua areas corresponds to a particular aspect of your life, such as career, relationships, knowledge, and even your financial prosperity. We could continue with the pages on this intricate subject, but we will put it as clearly as possible by saying that the area of ​​your bedroom in which you place your plants affects the energy of the home. As a quick example, if you want to improve your financial situation, you would place a plant on the far left of your room, which is measured by standing at the doorway.

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However, it’s not all good news. there are certain things to avoid as well. Just as there is good energy in feng shui done right, there is also bad energy! do not buy dying or diseased plants, fake plants or spiky plants as these plants do not help promote positive energy. avoid sharp, spiky plants, like a cactus.

We spend many hours sleeping in our beds, in fact about ⅓ of our lives. By using feng shui in the structure and decoration of your bedroom, you ensure that you begin and end your day in a way that fits this. your sleep is important, and so is your bedroom!

your bedroom should be a sanctuary to sleep. By incorporating plants into the bedroom with feng shui, you can transform your bedroom into a refreshing place dedicated to rest, centered around a new high-quality mattress, of course. Plants are a great way to turn your bedroom into an oasis of healthy sleep! After outfitting your bed with essentials like supportive pillows and comfy sheets, you can get to work making the rest of your room perfect, too. you’re just a few floors away from finding relaxation in your newly renovated space!

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