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We could wax poetic about the healing powers of houseplants for days: They purify the air, relieve stress, and offer plant parents a sense of purpose, contentment, and enjoyment. but according to traditional feng shui principles, greenery can also change and enhance the energy in our homes and promote good luck. Of course, some plants do better than others.

For more information on positive feng shui plants, we contacted Karen Rauch Carter, author of Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life, and Rodika Chi, feng shui expert and consultant. Below, learn about the basics of feng shui, the bagua energy map, and the best feng shui plants to remove negative energy in your home.

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good feng shui principles: how plants bring positive energy into the home

In a nutshell, “plants are living objects that can revive tired, weak, or lifeless spaces,” Carter explains. “They are always changing and growing, which can help people take action and get going in any area of ​​their life.” chi echoed this sentiment, adding that “plants bring the wood element into a space, which is one of the five main feng shui elements. this creates and supports the energy of vibrant health, growth and exploration.”

In addition, plants’ air-purifying abilities promote “good oxygenation levels, which is the foundation of positive feng shui for health and well-being,” Chi adds. “Greenery also brings the vibrant, life-giving energy of Mother Nature into a space, and every person needs that.”

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the bagua: what is it & how does it affect you?

according to chi, the bagua is an energy map that shows the feng shui anatomy of a home. “It helps you see (and change) certain aspects of your life that are connected to certain areas of your home,” he explains. The bagua has nine sections: wealth and prosperity, fame and reputation, relationships, family and physical health, spiritual health and well-being, children and creativity, knowledge and personal growth, career and travel, and connections.

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“Each area of ​​the bagua needs specific feng shui elements to thrive,” chi adds. “for example, the ‘family and physical health’ area, which is on the east side of your home, loves the wood element (plants) and the water element (a fountain), but can’t tolerate too much fire (a fireplace ) or metal (metal shelving).”

The 8 Best Feng Shui Plants For the Home, According to the Pros

As mentioned above, plants are representative of the wood element, which thrives in the east, southeast, and south areas of the home. With that said, each plant brings a different energy to a space.

“while the lush areca palm gives off a fluid, soft and vibrant energy, the spiky cactus and spiky snake plant give off a very different energy; they are best used as a protective feng shui cure and should be placed next to a front door or large window,” chi explains. It’s also important that the plants you bring into your home are vibrant, lush and healthy – dead or dying plants are bad for feng shui.

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the best plants for feng shui

Next, read about the best feng shui plants to bring good energy into the home, according to chi and carter.

money tree

Money Tree: Bloomscape

The Money Tree is among the most famous feng shui plants and is used to attract wealth and prosperity. Place your money plant in the southwest area of your home (the “wealth” section on the bagua) to get the most out of this plant.

snake plants

Snake Plants: The Allergy-Reducing, Air-Purifying Wonder | Bloomscape

As mentioned above, the sword-like snake plant, or Sansevieria, can serve as a protector and is best positioned by the front door or a large window. It’s also good in an office or home office as it brings a vibrant, focused energy to a space. Avoid placing a snake plant in a bedroom or children’s rooms.

hedgehog aloe

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Similar to the snake plant, the Hedgehog Aloe has pointed, succulent leaves and adds a protective or vibrant energy to a space. It’s also a powerful air purifier, which is great for feng shui in general.


Buy Potted Bloomscape Heartleaf Philodendron

The humble Philodendron offers a great relaxing feng shui energy. It’s best placed in the southeast or east areas of the home (the wealth and physical health areas, respectively, on the bagua map).

rubber plant

Buy Potted Bloomscape Burgundy Rubber Tree

The Rubber Tree plant is great at removing indoor toxins and will thrive in the dining area. Similar to the philodendron, it also offers a calm, relaxing energy and will bring positivity to the southeast and east areas of the home.

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Buy Bloomscape Potted Ficus Altissima

The air-purifying ficus is great for the physical health section of the Bagua (the east area of your home). It’s also a taller plant, and can, therefore, make small homes feel more spacious.


Buy Potted Silver Pothos Plant, Bloomscape

The air-purifying Pothos can easily liven up stagnant or “dead” areas of your home, like above the kitchen cupboards or neglected corners. It’s incredibly low-maintenance and will bring a positive energy to a home (even if you forget to water).


The aesthetically pleasing calathea is a popular indoor decorative plant and will be an asset to your home’s “fame and reputation” area (to the south on the bagua map). it’s also a great air purifier.

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