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the best plants to boost productivity, creativity and bring positive vibes to your office desk

Whether you have a home office, a desk in a co-working space, a cubicle desk, or a corner office, decorating and organizing your desk is not only useful in your work, but also to encourage the free and productive flow of positive energy is essential. Use feng shui principles and a houseplant or two to attract the right kind of energy to your daily purpose. Here we’ll take you through 10 of the best feng shui plants to consider for your office desk.

the best plants for an office desk in feng shui

The best plants for office desks in feng shui are those that attract positive energy and good fortune to the wealth and relationship corners of the desk. display a jade plant, lucky bamboo or money tree in the wealth corner. choose cut flowers or flowering plants for the relationship corner of a desk.

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on the office desk in feng shui

In feng shui, a desk symbolizes your reason for being or purpose in life. if you have a profession or a business, then the desk symbolizes your career. if you are retired or not currently working, then it symbolizes other activities in life.

So keeping your desk organized and its layout balanced will encourage the right energies to flow into your life and support your most important goals.

decorate your desktop for different energies

Any of the five elements can be incorporated into the design, construction and decoration of your desk to encourage different energies into your life.

  • earth element: stability and grounding energies (wood materials and neutral colors or earth tones)
  • metal element: clarity and efficiency (metallic materials and metallic, white and gray colors)
  • water element: flow and network (metallic materials and black)
  • wood element: activity and growth (wood materials and greens and blues)
  • fire element: fame and inspiration (painted wood and shades of red, orange, yellows and pinks)
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feng shui desk location

For good feng shui, the desk should be in the dominant position of the room. this means you should be slightly to the right or left and facing the door or room entrance when sitting at the desk. a windowless/doorless wall or other solid support such as a sideboard should support it behind the desk.

if your desk must face a wall, place a mirror at eye level so you can see the entrance when sitting at the desk.

Your desk should also not face a wall of windows, as this can cause positive energy to leak out of your workspace and distract you. instead, keep windows to the right or left of your desktop.

the role of office desk plants in feng shui

Placed on an office desk, a plant can offer many benefits, including purifying the air, neutralizing radiation from electronic devices, creating serenity, and generating a positive flow of feng energy. shui.

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Plants are of the wood element, which means they foster the energies of growth, activity and vitality. on an office desk, plants carry this type of energy to the section of the bagua map where they are located.

In an office desk, feng shui principles recommend placing plants in the wealth corner or the relationship and marriage corner of the desk. respectively, these are located on the left and right corner of your desk chair.

more specifically, green plants that symbolize prosperity, abundance and good fortune attract the right energy to the wealth corner of your desk, while flowering plants or freshly cut flower arrangements attract the right kind of energy to the corner of marriage and relationships.

the best feng shui plants for office desks

here you will find 10 of the best types of plants to consider placing on your office desk according to best feng shui practices. We’ve included essential tips and considerations on where to place and care instructions for each.

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1. lucky bamboo

Although the lucky bamboo is not actually bamboo (it is a type of dracaena), it does not represent mischief or dishonesty. instead, it is considered one of the most auspicious plants in feng shui.

2. jade plant

A jade plant (crassula ovata) is a type of succulent that is a favorite plant in feng shui decor because it has beautiful segments of shiny green leaves that are shaped like coins.

3. freshly cut peonies

Peonies symbolize love, marriage, trust and lasting relationships. in feng shui, they are often used as a cure for romantic problems and relationship problems. They also look beautiful in fresh cut flower arrangements.

4. orchids

Orchids can be appropriately placed in both the Wealth and Relationship corners of a desk. in white, they promote harmony and peace. in violet and pink, they symbolize fertility and love.

5. peace lily

Peace lilies are beautiful to look at with their lush green foliage and flowers that resemble white flags of peace. they are a good choice for a feng shui office desk if yours has enough space to accommodate the size of the plant.

6. money tree

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A money tree is a perfect option to add a little green to your office desk and bank account, according to feng shui principles. its strong stems that grow upwards and its softly ovate leaves will attract positive energy to the corner of wealth.

7. chinese money plant

The Chinese money plant (also known as pilea peperomioides) has pretty coin-shaped leaves that bring the perfect energy to bring prosperity to your desktop.

8. blooming jasmine

Jasmine in bloom offers a sweet fragrance that becomes stronger at night, making this plant perfect for winding down when you’re working late.

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9. golden pothos

golden pothos is one of the strongest plants to neutralize negativity and attract positive energy to a space. They have beautiful hanging vines, heart-shaped leaves, and are perfect for a desktop.

10. boston fern

with gently flicking tendrils, the boston fern has a lovely, tranquil silhouette that will bring tranquility to your workspace.

types of plants to avoid on an office desk

plants too big

Any plant that obstructs your view or is larger than the space allowed in the wealth or relationship corner of your desk should not be placed on an office desk. plants that are too large can draw in too much energy, which disrupts focus and can also hinder the free flow of energy around your desk command position.

plants that shoot poison arrows

Sharp, sharp, spiky, and/or stiff plants, such as cacti and some succulents, are said to shoot poisonous arrows of negativity in feng shui. To promote the flow of positive energy, avoid using these plants altogether.

unhealthy plants

Dead, dying, insect infested or diseased plants drain positive energy and attract negativity. weed out unhealthy plants right away and choose only plants that will thrive in the light and humid conditions around your desk.

improve focus, breathe easy and thrive

Indoor plants have a lot to offer when it comes to improving the feng shui of your office desk. In addition to attracting positive energies, plants will purify the air, reduce stress, and improve your focus to help you thrive

office desk feng shui frequently asked questions

feng shui plants and the home

For more information, check out our essential guides to the best feng shui plants for living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, strong>entrance doors, bedrooms, corridors, balconies and those that attract wealth, prosperity and luck strong>.

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