20 Feng Shui Painting Designs for Urban Homes

Feng shui paintings play a vital role in warding off and controlling negative energy, and help improve the ambiance and overall energy flow of the living space. paintings and wall decorations are subject to the general concepts of feng shui.

The ancient art and science of Feng Shui, created in China over 3,000 years ago, helps boost luck and joy. it is a living skill, a scientific, mathematical and logical art with an element of magic. feng shui balances the energy of each space, suppressing harmful energies. one of his many recommendations, techniques and instruments are feng shui paintings in your home.

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To see the best results from feng shui paintings, you need to remember the golden rule of feng shui. encourages avoiding disorder, aggression and loneliness. avoiding these three things will help keep the energy in the rooms of your home while hanging artwork. Use the bagua to place feng shui paintings in the living room or anywhere else to gain good chi and promote particular energies, such as prosperity. choose art based on the components it represents and the energy frequencies it supports.

These are some of the best types of feng shui paintings to include in your home.

various feng shui paintings

beautiful lotus flower – feng shui paintings for good energy

lotus is the symbol of spiritual discipline, perfection and faith. In feng shui, the lotus flower is also used as a symbol of healing for health. You can decorate your living room with this image of blooming lotus flowers to have good energy.

beautiful-lotus-flower-feng-shui-paintings-for-good-energyBeautiful lotus painting for your home

unique landscape with a bridge

To bring happiness to both your life and home, you can put a photo of a beautiful landscape with a bridge. according to vastu, this is a good choice among feng shui paintings for the bedroom to live a happy and successful life

unique-landscape-with-a-bridgeThe perfect picture to bring happiness in your life

painting of a lake

painting a lake can be an amazing tool to bring good luck to its owner. According to ancient Chinese feng shui, water elements such as painting lakes are also good for attracting success and career advancement, thus creating a sense of satisfaction.

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painting-of-a-lakeThe painting to bring good luck

dragon painting

The dragon is considered the best force or element to induce good luck. a dragon painting can be placed in the north for career growth, in the east to handle health problems, and in the southeast to welcome prosperity and wealth into your home.

the-dragon-paintingPicture that will provide you good luck

traditional chinese fire flower painting

The traditional Chinese fire flower is the best choice to attract recognition and success in life. you can decorate your commercial spaces, offices, shops, etc.. with this image and attract success in life. this is a good feng shui painting for wealth.

traditional-chinese-fire-flower-paintingFire flower for recognition and success

chinese bamboo painting in monotone brown

One of the best known feng shui paintings for wealth is the Chinese bamboo painting. this kind of image in monotone brown color can fill your life with prosperity and wealth. This type of painting is a good idea for the design and decoration of your living room.

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painting-of-chinese-bamboo-in-monotone-brownPicture that will fill your life with prosperity

dragons – with power to bring good luck

dragon painting represents good luck and abundance in life. dragons are good to place in your living room as decoration and also invite good luck. to be successful in your run you must place it in the north direction of the room.

dragons-with-power-to-bring-good-luckTraditional dragon painting

cherry blossom – soothing and beautiful

In the world of feng shui, cherry blossoms are considered good for health and can offer a relaxing feeling. it is also one of the feng shui paintings for good luck. then, you can decorate the house with this and live a happy life.

cherry-blossom-soothing-and-beautifulA perfect picture to display in your living room

traditional goldfish painting

One of the best known feng shui paintings for wealth is the traditional goldfish painting. The southeast corner of your home is the ideal place for this type of fish painting because that area is related to cash flow.

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traditional-goldfish-paintingPainting of goldfish for wealth

the lucky feng shui horse

another painting to bring good luck according to feng shui advice is the painting of the horse. a painting of a galloping horse in the living room near the entrance can bring you wealth and good luck.

the-lucky-feng-shui-horseFeng Shui horse to enhance your good luck

mandarin duck painting

To ensure happiness in life, you can place the painting of mandarin ducks in the southwest area of ​​your home. those are also the symbol of marital fidelity and affection that can offer you marital bliss in life.

painting-of-mandarin-ducksThe painting to ensure happiness in your life

beautiful landscape in water color

You can decorate your hall with a painting of a beautiful landscape in water color. In feng shui rules light blue colors represent healing power and tranquility in life. therefore, this type of painting can easily induce your good fortune.

beautiful-landscape-in-water-colourThe right choice to decorate your hall

sunset at sea

To bring the blessing of brightness into your life, you can decorate your favorite room with a beautiful image of the sunset in the sea. according to feng shui rules, the image of a natural body of water such as a lake, sea or river is always very beneficial.

sunset-in-the-seaThe picture that indicates brightness in your life

nature – perfect happiness

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One of the best feng shui painting images for the bedroom is, of course, the image of nature. this type of image is the symbol of perfect happiness in life, bringing you happiness and peace of mind.

nature-the-perfect-blissPicture of nature to enhance goodness in everything

painting of gold fish for your living room

You can decorate your living room with the image of beautiful gold fish in an ornamental frame. The image of the gold fish not only expresses love but also good income in life, as it is also the symbol of wealth.

painting-of-goldfish-for-your-living-roomAn ornamental frame will be perfect for the picture!

feng shui koi fish painting

Like gold fish, koi fish also symbolize good cash flow. so for good income and confidence in life, you can place a koi fish painting in the southeast corner of your room and become happy.

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painting-of-feng-shui-koi-fishFeng Shui Koi fish for good luck and prosperity

mountain painting for the bedroom

A painting of a large mountain can be a good option to decorate your bedroom. We know that in feng shui, mountains signify the source of great luck, which leads to happiness in life. the mountains are also famous for offering powerful protection and support to the members of the house.

picture-of-mountains-for-the-bedroomThe perfect decor for your bedroom

flowers – uniquely painted

Flowers symbolize life and good energy in feng shui. the image of flowers can add color and happiness to your life. hence the flower box is a good idea to decorate any room in your house.

flowers-painted-uniquelyFlower painting – in three separate canvases

image of a blooming rose

The image of a blooming rose is an excellent option to decorate your bedroom according to the rules of feng shui. rose can induce love and vitality in your life, making you a happy person in life.

picture-of-blooming-pink-roseSoothing and sober picture to decorate your bedroom

lush green chinese bamboo

Green bamboo is a very famous feng shui cure as it can bring good luck and is the symbol of nobility, growth and flexibility. therefore, among feng shui paintings for wealth and good luck, green bamboo painting is a good choice.

lush-green-chinese-bambooChinese bamboo picture to decorate your main entrance area

in short, feng shui paintings

Including paintings inspired by feng shui is a great idea to invite good energies and enhance the decoration of your home. paintings tend to elevate mood, give the setting a lively appeal, and promote luck. however, be sure to get artwork that incorporates deeper forces and feng shui benefits. larger pieces have more energy, and oil or acrylic colors offer more life energies. select the paintings you love because you will be looking at them most of the time. Decide what artwork you want in each space in your home, and then choose the pieces you want to see.

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