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The life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress is the easiest kind of existence.”

In today’s busy world, we are pulled in many directions at once. we have responsibilities at home and at work. our body is working overtime while dealing with daily challenges. we’re just not equipped to deal with all the extra energy. we can begin to feel anxious, scared, worried and tense. If our stress is not kept in check, it can lead to serious health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes, but when you find inner peace, you feel calm and relaxed. you have a sense of clarity and you are connected with your inner being and the world around you. your mind is clear, your body feels balanced, and your emotions are in tune. positive energy is crucial to bring harmony, peace and happiness to the house.

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but what is the way to bring positive energy to our homes??

According to the principles of fengshui, objects, rooms, walls, etc. of the house should be in such a way that positive energy can flow freely. Take a look at 6 vastu and fengshui paintings that can bring positive vibes into your home and bring inner peace and harmony into your life:

bamboo painting:

Bamboo represents 2 basic Feng Shui Elements-

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– earth: the one that nourishes

– wood: the protector

bamboo brings peace and positive wise energy to your home or office as it is green, tall and upright in shape, a perfect example of the wood element influencing our vital energy, vitality and physical activity. Bamboo activates stagnant energy and improves the flow of good vibrations (beneficial chi) throughout the house. the best direction to hang your bamboo painting is the east or southeast wall of your home.

butterfly painting:

Butterflies are symbolic of change and transformation. They represent joy, happiness and a feeling of fulfillment. They are believed to be powerful representations of life. Hanging butterfly painting can overcome all negative emotions and thoughts. The best direction to place yourpainting of colorful butterflies is the East or North East wall of your bedroom or living room.

Buddha painting:

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Buddha painting has an auspicious significance in Fengshui. Buddha painting ensures physical as well as spiritual well being of a person. It brings luck and prosperity as well as happiness, peace and contentment in your life . So, it ultimately creates a harmony and balance in your life. Placing a Buddha Painting in your home can greatly reduce stress and induce a more relaxed mind set, helping you tackle problems without stress. You can place Buddha Painting anywhere in your home but living room is the best. Place the Buddha facing towards the front door to energize the Chi entering the home. You can also place Buddha Painting in your meditation area to help you concentrate and focus.

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deer painting:

In Thai Buddhism, symbolic meanings of deer include harmony, happiness and serenity. If you want to rekindle some peace and focus more towards the greater good, a deer painting is what you need. Hanging deer painting in the East direction of your home detoxifies your mind of negative thoughts and blocked emotions.


Aum/OM is the most common and sacred symbol within different spiritual traditions. Many yogis believe Aum to be the first uttered word. A powerful technique is to meditate while chanting Aum out loud or just mentally by concentrating on the symbol of OM on the wall in front of your eyes. This meditation will bring you tranquility, peace and bliss. The best direction to hang Om painting is North or North-east wall of your living or Meditation Room.


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