Puerta principal: Consejos de Feng Shui para la puerta de entrada

according to feng shui there are rules to favor the entrance of energies to a house and it is important to take them into account. when we talk about feng shui we talk about harmony and balance, in the case of the main door We are talking about a space of great importance because it is where the chi enters the house, therefore we must look for an open flow so that the good energy penetrates without obstacles.

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¿Cómo debe ser la puerta principal según el Feng Shui?

The front door of the house should always open inwards to invite you to enter it. increasing and favoring the entry of positive energies that are vital for well-being, which is the basis of feng shui. While theback door of a house would ideally be that opens outwards.

The front door is where chi energy or good energy enters a house, so it is important to take it into account. not only the location but also the condition of the front door, it must not be broken, unpainted or with incomplete fittings. It should be of good size, solid and firm. open completely until you can touch the walls and paint a different and attractive color from the house. the entrance area should be well lit and surrounded by plants that should be kept healthy.

Para evitar el ingreso de energías negativas cuando hay un portón de ingreso a la casa no debería estar alineado con la puerta principal y su puerta debe estar hacia el exterior.

You can prevent the entry of negative energies into a house according to feng shui by placing the image of atiger near the entrance of the house or > wind chimes.

You should avoid aligning the entrance and exit doors of the house, so that a kind of corridor is created, because negative energies would easily enter. If the house is built like this, something should be placed to divide it, such as a wall or partition. If the house has two floors, the stairs to go up to the upper floor should not face at the entrance door of the house. the best place would be in the back of the house and I would prefer the southeast. A ladder next to the door of a house is really a difficult problem to solve since it symbolizes that opportunities, luck and money escape us. One possible solution is to placemirrors that reflect thechi into the interior of the house.

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The hallway or hall of a house should be well lit, spacious and cheerful. if it is dark, the solution is to paint in light colors and put pictures with figures that convey amplitude so that the opportunities are not narrow.

orientation of the main entrance door of a house:

se– favors dialogue and evolution in harmony or balance. s– the south orientation stimulates too much, being able to carry out discussions. so – influences with its stillness, peace and without predominance. e – especially favorable for young students. o – is associated with pleasure and enjoyment, romance and money as well as tedium and neglect. ne – energies from the northeast can affect your health. n– the tendency to rest, calmness and rest of the north are not good orientations to locate the access door to your home. no – inclines towards a good disposition, order, arrangement and feeling good about their choices.

feng shui and vastu shastra at the main entrance door

The design of the front door is very important in both feng shui and vastu shastra, as it is through the front door that the home absorbs most of its chi or universal energy nourishment.



since ancient times the most favorable direction for the front door – according to traditional feng shui – was thought to be south. is by This is why red is often admired as the best feng shui color for the front door, as red is the color of the southern fire element.

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In vastu shastra, on the other hand, both north and east are considered the best directions. According to vastu shastra consultants, in order to find the best location for the front door, you have to divide the house into nine parts and place the door in the fourth section of the house. the house.


Although the information on the best directions for the gateway is contradictory (some of them are explained by different topographical conditions in China and India), both feng shui and vastu shastra agree on what favors having a good energy entrance door.

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first impressions of the front door

your main entrance creates a first impression for both you and others. it also sets the intention for the rest of the home.

every time you drive home, notice if you exude an aura of success, abundance, or a sense of disorder. When you’re on vacation and you drive up to a hotel driveway, your mind immediately flashes to building maintenance, landscaping, cars in the parking lot, and other indicators. that is why dozens of evaluations are made instantly.

Cuando la entrada del hotel le da la bienvenida con hermosos árboles, flores coloridas, una fuente grande de agua, y un portero sonriente, usted es el contenido, incluso antes de haber entrado en el dormitorio. Eso mismo hay que trasladarlo a una casa. Que la entrada sea prolija, con flores, colorida y ordenada.

in the same way your home should feel the same, guests should be welcomed with open arms and have the feeling that they arrive at a neat place. Before the guest rings the doorbell, they should have the opportunity to admire the house, the goal is to flood it with beauty, happiness and comfort. while they wait for you to answer the door they will have multiple reasons to generate positive thoughts about you. You have to create a home that shines and stands out from the rest.

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the front door entrance

walking past your door. what do you see? Does the exterior of her house exude beauty? note the maintenance of the paint, roof, and landscaping. A house that is clean and well cared for leaves a lasting impression. trees, bushes and flowers should be thriving and well trimmed. the path leading to the house must be easily accessible. clear the site, remove bikes, trash, dumpsters, dead plants, newspapers, water bottles, and broken sprinkler heads.

you have to go around to inspect the street, the neighbors and the community. one must be surrounded by a healthy energy. If freeway traffic is bombarding your ears or large, oppressively shaped buildings loom above you, divert that disruptive energy away from your home.

7 feng shui tips to improve your front and entrance:


  1. Clear clutter from your patio, driveway and front porch to allow energy to flow into your home.
  2. Re-paint your front door a bright, cheery color. red is the feng shui color for prosperity and abundance. green is the color of nature and money.
  3. place a healthy tall plant on both sides of the front door. though be careful not to block the driveway.
  4. Hang white lights around your front porch to draw attention to golden opportunities.
  5. Install a water feature on the right side of the front door.
  6. place a statue to bring stability and protection to your home. this can be a ceramic angel, an animal, or a religious artifact such as a buddha.
  7. Buying a colorful welcome mat, it’s important that visitors bump into something cute upon entering.

We hope that our tips have been of great help.

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