How to Feng Shui Your Office Desk and Work Setup

A good workspace setup is vital to being productive and comfortable at work. Whether you’re working in your home office, a co-working office, or a shared cubicle, you spend a great deal of time behind your office desk. As such, you need to ensure that your desk and work settings are designed in such a way as to enhance focus, creativity, and offer comfort of mind.

One way to make your work environment less stressful and more productive is to use feng shui, an ancient Chinese art of creating a space in harmony with the environment. The practice of feng shui involves arranging elements according to energy flow, which helps increase productivity, attract good luck, and invoke a good feeling on all levels—mind, body, and soul.

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The feng shui of your work setting is an integral part of productivity and success. so add a little more spark to your desktop energy by following these simple steps and be productive in no time.

Understand Feng Shui

understand feng shui

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is an ancient Chinese practice believed to have originated in China more than 3,000 years ago. Feng shui is a combination of two words, “wind” (feng) and “water” (shui). This ancient practice is based on the idea that everything in the environment that surrounds an individual affects the inner life of that individual. it’s about strategically arranging physical objects in your space to attract positive energy.

Feng shui experts believe that the arrangement of objects in space affects the flow of vital energy or life force (chi) within the space. therefore positive energy is only possible if good chi is flowing. feng shui encompasses five elements that determine the flow of chi and ultimately positive energy. these elements include fire, wood, water, earth, and metal. all these elements need to be balanced to attract energy.

Feng Shui is still widely practiced in Asian and Pacific countries, including Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. The practice has also become quite popular globally, especially in Western countries, thanks to its proven benefits.

first steps: how to apply feng shui to the office desk and work organization

This article will focus on the benefits of taking baby steps to feng shui in your standard office setup. From the orientation of the desk to incorporating specific colors and even decorating with plants, there are many ways to spruce up or transform a drab space into something more inspiring! It’s easy, easy, and affordable if you know where to start when it’s time to upgrade your workspace!

Office Desk Orientation

office desk orientation

according to the art of feng shui, your office desk should be placed in the “power position”, the place farthest from the entrance of the room. This is because the location of your desk significantly affects your motivation and inspiration to get things done. therefore, you will want to place your desk in the power position for best results, i.e. facing the front door of your office. If you’re working in a shared office space, orient the desk so it faces the front door.

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The position of power, also known as a position of command, offers great benefits. According to feng shui principles, by looking at your front door, you can literally spot opportunities as they present themselves in your career. however, facing the wall with your back to the door is not an ideal sitting position. this position leaves you vulnerable to developing anxiety and leaves room for constant interruptions whenever someone walks into the office unexpectedly. therefore, the optimal position for your office desk should be directly opposite, but facing the office door.

desk shape

Even before you think about the location of your office desk, you’ll need to think about an ideal desk shape that fits perfectly into your office space. office desks come in different shapes and sizes, which determine the functionality and ergonomics of the desk. you have to think about what you really want in a desk in relation to the optimal reach zone.

The chosen desk should not be too large for the office space or so small that the desk space is not enough to hold office equipment, supplies and paperwork. Interior decorators who practice feng shui would recommend rectangular L-shaped office desks or kidney-shaped desks as the most ideal desk layouts. Standing desks are also a great ergonomic option, but you need to make sure they are well placed according to feng shui principles.

Theodore Standing Desk

desk color and material

Feng shui is all about the flow of energy within a space. The color and material of an office desk significantly affect feng shui. When choosing an ideal office desk, you’ll want to choose colors and materials that incorporate the five feng shui elements. Typically, a heavy, solid brown wood desk is a key feng shui recommendation. glass desks are discouraged; they are fragile, and their breakage can be seen as bad luck, literally translated as causing things to fall in your life.

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Different colors and materials play different roles in feng shui. brown, neutral, orange, or yellow colors on wood or painted composites represent stability, happiness, and good times. black on metal or painted wood symbolize water features or other networks. red on wood or composites symbolizes fire for inspiration, while green and blue on wood or composites characterize wood otherwise seen as career growth. efficiency and clarity are symbolized by the colors white, gray and metallic on metal or wood/composite. With this in mind, you can choose your preferred color and stationery based on the energies you want to bring into your office.

place feng shui objects on your office desk

You can place some feng shui inspired items on your office desk to attract different energies based on the principles of ancient Chinese philosophy. Some objects you could try include:

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water features and plants: Feng shui experts believe that placing water features and plants in your work space generates positive energy. You can place a live plant on your desk, a water feature, or an aquarium in your office to create positive energy. this can even improve the air quality in the office. Placing a shiny ceramic mug on your office desk brings the energies of earth, meaning stability and self-care, into the room. Make sure the mug is well placed to prevent it from falling over and cleaned regularly to maintain its shiny appearance. Place a crystal on your office desks to generate the energies of the metal, meaning light, clarity, sharpness, and precision. A crystal object keeps you motivated, always reminding you to stay focused on your goals and finish what you started. You can also place artwork or award plaques on your office desk to generate the energies of fire, representing positivity and upward mobility.

Esben Standing Desk UD4

desktop layout

To feng shui your office desk, you need to arrange it in a way that promotes the flow of positive energy. According to the feng shui energy map, the office desk surface is divided into nine areas, each representing a vital aspect of your life. these areas are:

right front quadrant- career

The front right quadrant of your desk represents your career and professional life. in this region, you will want to place your diploma, awards, inspirational quotes or your professional photo. always keep this region clear of obstacles.

left middle section-family

the center left section represents the family. you can place a framed photo of your family or loved one in this place. As a recommendation, you’ll want to place the family photo in a wooden frame according to feng shui principles.

right center- creativity

Spark your creative energy by placing a blank sketchbook, book, or journal in the center right of the grid.

lower left corner- wisdom

The lower left corner of the desktop represents wisdom. you can place books, reference books, right center or other study materials in this place to release your spiritual and intellectual growth.

lower right corner: travel and people

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This place represents access to help people in their life and travel experiences. here you can place your contact book, city map, address book, travel guides or a photo of your dream destination.

upper right corner- romance and love

If your guilty pleasure is love and romance, the top right corner is set up for you. Here you can place objects that symbolize love, including a fresh rose flower, a photo of your partner, or a sentimental piece that your partner gave you that you would love to display as a symbol of love.

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upper left corner – wealth.

the upper left corner has to do with wealth and prosperity. this place is suitable for a functional computer, a valuable item such as a glass vase, piggy bank or flower pot.

top center section- success and fame

The center of the top section of your desktop represents fame and success. In this spot, you’ll want to place business cards, name tags, or any other motivating image that highlights your achievements, ie your diploma or a photo of your graduation, academic recognition, sports awards, etc.

central section – health

The middle section of your desk should represent your health, which takes precedence over everything else. keep this place free of clutter to attract good energy and facilitate uninterrupted energy flow for great vigor and balance.

other tips to bring feng shui to your office

  • choose the right office chair.
  • Hang inspirational pictures and objects throughout your office space
  • Keep clutter as low as possible
  • avoid furniture or objects with sharp angles
  • fill your office with natural and stimulating aromas to promote concentration and relaxation
  • keep your office space clean and windows open
  • let natural light into the office.

Esben Standing Desk UD4

esben standing desk ud4: a desk that adapts to your success

If you’re considering an office desk that meets feng shui principles, the esben ud4 tall desk is an excellent choice. This rectangular-shaped standing desk will keep you productive, allowing you to seamlessly switch between sitting and standing and overcome the detrimental effects of prolonged sitting.

This feng shui office desk is clean, minimalist, and with a minimal aesthetic that allows you to focus on more important things. What’s more, its unique design with tasteful wood material and brown finish brightens your mood, allowing the positive flow of energy in line with feng shui principles. the desk is elegant, combining rustic elements with a modern look, achieving a beautifully finished masterpiece. It’s also comfortable and flexible, incorporating modern features like a built-in USB port and integrated storage drawer.

To say the least, the esben standing desk is the best office desk if you are looking to feng shui your office space and invoke a positive energy flow for even greater success.

the food to go

Achieving feng shui in your office desk and workspace doesn’t have to be complex. It’s the little things you do that matter. You can easily feng shui your office space by doing simple activities like placing your office desk in the power position, choosing the right office desk such as the esben standing desk, and arranging your desk according to the bagua map. . feng shui will improve the flow of energy in your workspace, bringing about better balance, organization, and success at work. try it today by following the guidelines discussed above and add positivity to your life.

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