17 Feng Shui House Selling Tips For Bringing Luck In Sale

feng shui originated in china. the real meaning of feng shui is water and wind. some people are staunch believers in feng shui.

When we talk about feng shui house sales, people often choose a specific address, a specific day and time. some need spiritual help to sell a house. there are some positive and negative sources that people are aware of.

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there are some rituals on feng shui to sell a house. let’s see what are the rules of feng shui to buy a house. let’s find out about feng shui to sell a house and how to bring good luck to sell your house along with the points below.

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how to use a feng shui red envelope to sell a house?

In Chinese tradition, the color red is considered to be the most powerful. It helps boost your energy and keep you away from negativity.

Chinese gifts to someone by wrapping it in a red envelope. they think it brings good fortune to both the receiver and the giver. red brings the power of luck to both people.

That’s why they wrap everything in a red envelope. In feng shui, the practice of wrapping gifts in a red envelope is an ancient tradition. Follow the feng shui rules to sell a red house envelope.

  • When you’re buying a home or selling a home, it’s a great deal. if you want all the positive power to prevail in your house.
  • and get rid of all the negativity, then transfer the money by putting it in the red envelope. the money can be placed in a red envelope to sell your house.
  • You will be successful in your life, and it is anticipated that you will get a promotion or improvement in your life.

what are the good luck charms to sell a house?

if you want to sell your house, follow some of the good luck charms to sell a house. will save you time, money and effort.

#1 look at the house from the outside

when you are in feng shui to sell a house, look at the house from a distance, from all corners. it can take a long time, but try to assemble all the points.

  • please take any helper.
  • Take your friends with you.

For example, you have left a golden monkey on the front door, it could bring you good luck, but potential buyers did not like it.

When you’ve decided to sell your home to a buyer, focus on the positive, upbeat energy that your home possesses.

#2 decorate your house

A buyer is investing their money in the house, so they would love to see all the features. try to impress buyers with your fresh green look.

for example, if you don’t have any garden showing freshness, take some plants and place them on your front doorstep.

You can also make some wall paintings of frogs or horses. We know that in feng shui, these animals bring good luck. These are the feng shui tips for selling a house. Buyers may like the idea.

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#3 make your house spacious

You’ve made your home look spacious, so only buyers will find your interest. for example, create a spa effect in your bathroom.

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when your buyer visits your bathroom, they will be mesmerized by the incredible appearance, but before that, hide all the unnecessary elements of your bathroom.

do the same in your kitchen. Close all the cabinets in your kitchen. buyers are not interested in learning about any of your spice brands. it is one of the rules of feng shui to sell a house.

#4 brings good energy

everyone wants positivity in their life. you have to solve their answer, what are they thinking like how to do feng shui in your house?

You have to make them recognize that your house is full of positive energy. To make them believe, all you need to do is place some animal statues in your house.

In feng shui, horses and monkeys are considered to bring lucky charms. if buyers don’t believe in feng shui, then it’s up to them. but you should fill your house with all kinds of positive feelings.

You can try these feng shui rules to sell a house. It is believed that it will bring good luck to both the receiver and the giver.

feng shui remedies to sell a house fast

We know that feng shui deals with all the positive and negative effects in your life. Let’s point out some of the rules and regulations of feng shui to sell a house fast.

  1. Take input from everyone in your family, whether everyone is willing to sell the house or not. if someone is reluctant to sell the house, that’s not a good sign.
  2. make sure the driveway looks good. remember, the first impression is the last. put up some idols or statues to attract buyers.
  3. try to repair the house if something needs repairing.
  4. another way to attract the buyer is to create a pleasant and satisfying environment. fragrance before showing your home to buyers.
  5. you can use the cool room or prepare a nice meal. In feng shui, fragrance is of great importance. the sweet fragrance shows good luck with a house sale.
  6. try to hide all extra decorations on your table, shelves, window display, etc. It will help your house look spacious.
  7. in addition, it brings positive energies to your home by eradicating all the unexpected substances. It is the rule of feng shui to sell a house.

feng shui numbers to sell a house

Well, in feng shui, numerology plays an essential role. there are lucky numbers that help you sell your house quickly.

while some unlucky numbers will create obstacles to selling your home. numbers like 1, 2, 6, 8, & 9 are the lucky number. These are the feng shui numbers to sell a house.

1. number 1

According to feng shui researchers, the number 1 is the number of rulers. it is the beginning and shows the first success.

then if you keep your house number at 1, that’s a good sign. your house is believed to be safe from the damage that is expected to happen.

2. number 2

Coming to the number 2, it represents proportion or coalition. the number 2 is also a lucky number according to Chinese tradition.

3. number 3

The number 3 is also considered a lucky number for feng shui to sell a house. possesses esoteric and supernatural powers. it is believed to bring good luck.

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4. number 6 and 9

The numbers 6 and 9 are multiples of the number 3, so they are also considered lucky numbers. If you desperately want to sell your house, here are the feng shui numbers for selling a house.

5. number 8

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what about the number 8? number 8 believes in carrying lucky energy just like the other numbers. then, change your house number to these numbers.

You will be successful and your buyer will find it suitable to buy. If you don’t have any lucky numbers in your house, then you can do one thing.

take chalk, and write any of your house numbers; it will bring good luck as well as positive energy”.

How does feng shui help to sell a vacant house?

Buyers may not find an empty home attractive. If some parts of your house started to get damaged, that would be visible.

buyers can reject it. So if your mind revolves around a question like how to do feng shui in your home? then we have some solutions for you.

  1. try to paint something on the damaged area; it will hide that area. after that, when you have time, repair them. or you can leave those portions with the drawings.
  2. To attract buyers, you can put some plants in front of your front door. in feng shui, cactus, or any other plant help eliminate negative energies from the house. green plants also give a relaxing look.
  3. don’t show your empty house to buyers. according to feng shui, keep some furniture in your house. the furniture will take up little space and help your home look spacious.
  4. empty windows can look dreary. is not a good way to advertise your home to the buyer. so put away the curtains. curtains will add beauty. it would help if you washed the doors and windows as well.
  5. there is a popular feng shui proverb; energy goes where the eyes go, so never show your house unoccupied to the buyer. if you couldn’t fix anything, then you can put a rug around the floor. will bring good luck with the sale of a house.

other feng shui tips to sell a house fast

feng shui house needs some feng shui tips to sell your house fast. let’s take a look at the extensive tips and rituals to sell your house fast. >

  1. evict your house with all your things. please don’t leave a picture frame as it would lead the buyer to believe you don’t own the house.
  2. We already mentioned that you need to make your front doors attractive.
  3. thus, without delay, repair the cracks and any damaged areas. it will create an optimistic impression in the buyer’s mind.
  4. You can keep some crystals to sell your house. It is said that a houseprovides positive energywith all the materials on earth.
  5. try to have a crystal or glass globe in your room. place it in a position where it can be seen from the outside.
  6. decorate the house with light curtains. it would help if it had sunlight to get into the room. therefore, keep the curtains folded in the room. brings good luck with the sale of a house.
  7. moisture in the bathroom or on the walls creates negativity, according to feng shui. so fix the camps as you won’t be able to attract the buyer.
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how to increase luck when selling a house?

feng shui suggests that selling a housebrings good luck. so why shouldn’t we own that? little things like the color, the location of the furniture or the maintenance of the animal statue help bring luck.

  • the color of the door should be painted in vibrant colors. the most powerful color is red. We have already introduced you to the red envelope to sell your house. then paint your doors or windows red.
  • There is also one of the vital rules in feng shui. states that doors facing southbound must be painted red or orange.
  • doors facing north should be painted black or blue. it increases the luck of the inhabitants of the house.
  • feng shui also suggested that if your staircase has the steps of 1, 2, 5,10,13,14,17, 22, then it will bring you good luck.
  • people whose house has a front door leading to a staircase will improve your luck.
  • decorate your door and windows with bright colors and stay always clean.

How does feng shui help sell a house with the front door facing northwest?

direction is one of the key factors in feng shui. direction brings good luck with a home sale. paint your front door red or orange if it faces north.

If the front door faces the south direction, paint it blue or black. what about the northwest orientation of the front door? well, you should paint it yellow or green.

The front door creates an impression in the mind of the buyer. Furthermore, it is believed in feng shui that all possibilities come and negativities go out the front door. it is one of the rules of feng shui to sell a house.

You must remember one thing always keep your front doors and windows clean to avoid negativity.

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frequently asked questions about feng shui house for sale


We have provided the most relevant information on how to bring good luck when selling your house or feng shui tips for selling land. By following these feng shui selling tips, you can maximize your chances of getting better deals quickly.

How to feng shui to sell a house and manifest to sell a house? is the question that may be going around in your mind. Well, we’ve discussed every detail of selling a home.

feng shui became an inseparable part of our lives. If you follow the rules, you can be successful in your life.

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