27 Feng Shui Jewelry For Wealth, Health, Luck How To Wear

Accessories and jewelry make us feel good and allow us to express our individuality; but who wouldn’t want to have a collection of feng shui jewelry that can really enhance our wealth and money luck?

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what is the role of jewelry in feng shui?

feng shui jewelry has been present at all times in the existence of the human being used by all cultures from prehistory to the present day.

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constitutes the cultural wealth of our civilization, is part of very important events. such as celebrations of various kinds, mainly religious cults, festivities, political events, sports and the celebration of daily life;

has the meaning of power, wealth and technological development.

jewelry, the art of car decoration, has a long history. feng shui necklacesmore than thirty thousand years prove that the history of jewelry is as old as man himself.

when the ornamental object becomes art depends on the elusive definition of the term art. feng shui jewelry has become as polysemic as art itself.

what is the meaning and uses of feng shui authentic


Humans have long recognized the role of jewelry’s special benign aura on people. this subconscious thing originated before religion and was something deep in the human soul. it is the tao shared by nature and mysterious things.

  • tao is unspeakable, and can be said to be the same voice, looking at the same phase. as the traditional method of maintaining jade.
  • It is often said that someone breeds jade and jade breeds people. cultivation law has a kind of cultivation of intention, fully illustrating the process of symbiosis and prosperity of people and jewelry.
  • jewelry, as a feng shui object, has two yin attributes and yang. one of your own texture gas fields, including type and texture. different gas fields have different functions.
  • The second is the large external gas field generated. this can be characterized by the time of production or by the history of the jewelry and previous owners.
  • if the owner who has previously owned a certain piece of jewelry has experienced extreme murders.
  • basically it can be concluded that this thing has a fierce information field, and you need to pay attention to the preservation method.

what are the types of feng shui jewelry?

#1- feng shui bracelets – do feng shui bracelets work? And what does the feng shui bracelet mean? Wearing bracelets can help in decision making and bring advanced ideas. To add accentuation to your brain and abilities, try wearing a bracelet on your left hand. You can also find many great feng shui bracelet reviews online to verify authenticity.

#2- feng shui earrings– represent profession, salary and business. enhancing ears with earrings is a great way to include accentuation, breaking new ground in business and career and impacting your salary.

#3- feng shui necklace meaning: points to the throat, face and head. this is the part of you that receives recognition. a wonderful accessory around your neck adds accentuating beauty and importance. in feng shui necklace, gold and silver are available. but below you will find some rules of use for good luck.

  • feng shui necklace rules: necklaces and bracelets must be worn on the working hand (both left and right).

#4- protective feng shui: using genuine stones and genuine gold and silver can provide an added bonus of enhancing and attracting useful vitality and can protect us from any kind of strong negativity >. but can wearing gold and silver together promote bad luck? the answer is no, you can use it together.

#5- feng shuirings: the ring is the most common piece of jewelry worn by men and women. Wearing feng shui rings can show your personality and thoughts. and this is the best way to express your own feelings with this small but very powerful jewel.

5 feng shui symbols and jewels for wealth

There are countless varieties of feng shui jewelry. In terms of feng shui theory, all humanities and things in the world can become feng shui jewelry.

As long as it can affect you, it can be included in feng shui. in fact, all the humanities are within the five elements, so they will affect you.

people simply choose visualized items or precious cultural relics, hand ornaments, etc., and inject influential information.

Most uses are in keeping with the five elements of huasha, wangyun and urging wealth. such as dragon tortoise, cricket, copper elephant, lucky sheep, unicorn, golden toad, etc.

here is a combination of feng shui jewelry for good health.

#1- dragon turtle

dragon tortoise: a kind of Swiss beast. dragon tortoises can ask for money when they are in a financial position. it is more effective when placed in a treble three position or in a place with heavy water and gas.

feng shui learns: “hurry up, fight against the three evils”. the feng shui level is heavy and the tongue is correct. the dragon turtle can not only settle the tongue but also strengthen its popularity.

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  • taboo: Hanging feng shui items such as tortoise shells or dragon tortoises on the home , as long as you aim at the sharp angle of the shot, you can get the effect.
  • There are officials and wrong, right and wrong, wrongdoers, insolvency and misfortune in the home. it is advisable to place dragon turtles in the living room to dispel evil spirits.
  • we can also use this as a house in the city. turtles absorb the aura of the skies, mountains, and rivers, so they live longer.
  • Therefore, it is appropriate to place a tortoise ornament in the elderly’s bedroom to symbolize health and longevity, but keep in mind that the tortoise’s head should face the window.

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#2- bronze elephant

  • bronze elephant: Elephants are good at absorbing water. water is a treasure. whenever a large window sees the sea or a swimming pool. It is called “mingtang collects water”.
  • opened. the nature of the elephant is domesticated and auspicious in the home. if it is placed in the most prosperous place in the house, the whole family will benefit.
  • contraindications: it is better to face the door or window when extending the decorations of elephant this will better absorb the wealth outside the house, but be careful not to face the evil spirit outside the house.

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#3- lucky sheep

  • lucky sheep: eliminate diseases and reduce disasters, increase partial wealth. because the sheep take “win”.
  • it is good for gambling. if you have a chronic patient at home, you can put this thing next to the bed, one on the left and one on the left to relieve pain.
  • Furthermore, it can dispel unsatisfying work and take the tongue out of little people. the sheep is a peaceful thing, and it is very effective to put it on the work table.


  • avoid back doors.
  • try to avoid the seat to the door, the work will be disturbed, the work efficiency will be low, and the health will be affected.
  • Avoid hallways near windows.
  • avoid the window behind the seat if the desk. In addition, the window is placed in parallel, put the seat between the window and the desk, and use the window as a seat screen. such a desk should be avoided.
  • sitting by the window is not good for business people. first of all, the backlight is an obstacle to vision; second, after the wind often hits people, they will feel restless throughout the day, and this will disturb the spirit of the person; again, if it is a cold wind, it is easy to lose body balance and make people sick.
  • to avoid the sitting corner is to put the desk between the two walls.

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#4- jinchan

  • jin chan: the best tool for prosperous wealth, with three feet, seven ladles on the back, two strings of copper coins in the mouth, and taiji ritual on top of the head.
  • taboo: because it has the ability to spit out money, it has become a means of wealth. you can place jin chan in the financial position or in the window, or on the porch. jin chan with money rushes into the house when placed.
  • (spit money), jin chan who has no money runs outside the house. if it is a large golden toad when the pendulum is widened.
  • should have a round basin below, the edge of the basin is slightly higher than the toad’s foot, and the color of the basin should not be white.
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#5- kirin

  • kirin: is an ancient beast. combines dragon head, antlers, lion eyes, tiger back, bear waist, snake scales, horseshoe and pigtail. it is an auspicious treasure.
  • promote the promotion of wealth. you can place one for the financial part, and three for the third, and look at the outside of the door or window when you put it.
  • taboo: the unicorn is Used to block evil spirits. it is necessary to place the unicorn after opening the light. the light off unicorn does not have the effect of blocking evil spirits.
  • this may cause the unicorn pet to be occupied by unknown objects and bring bad luck to the family.
  • The unicorn is something sacred and must be respected. it is not appropriate to place the unicorn on or outside the window. this is a contempt for the unicorn. according to legend, kirin is the best person to help good people.
  • and takes special care of those who have filial piety, which is why it is known as “the beast“. when kirin sees the bad guy, he will chase after him to bite him.
  • so some horny or involved in industries related to porn, gambling and poisoning, regardless of their home or company, can’t put kirin on.
  • li>

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feng shui jewelry and connection of five elements

Traditional Chinese feng shui jewelry culture classifies the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth.

everything belongs to the five elements, and the balanced five-element energy level of four elements provides the “guardian five-element energy field.”

that is to provide protection to humanity. we need to balance the five elements of energy with the help of foreign objects.

It can not only ward off and ward off evil, but also help physical energy and magnetic fields.

enhance wisdom, create a bright future, and make people’s lives more smooth towards success and a happy family life.

Do not feel that I am not credible, you are not a failure in your love career and your life is at the bottom. this may require you to switch with a small piece of jewelry.

When we choose a gem, we need to see if its five elements are in harmony with each other. for example, those who are strong in the five elements should use fire to spit out the earth and choose ruby ​​jewelry.

sapphire is not suitable, because blue belongs to water, but it is strong. those who live in the five elements should be able to release golden water and choose sapphire jewelry and jade pendants.

The five elements of the prosperous golden person should be cremated with water, and they may choose to use heliotrope or blue field jade feng shui ornaments. the five elements are prosperous, must be civilized, can choose turquoise or sapphire jade.

For those who are prosperous in five elements, it is best to wear gold, water and wood, and you can choose gold, platinum or jade jewelry. try it and change. wonderful things will happen in your life.

feng shui jewelry for good health

For many people, though jewelry is made from certain metals. or that they contain certain gems and crystals, another aspect is much more important since they believe that they also have medicinal properties.

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while the effect that jewelry has on the body and mind may be something to talk about in more depth.

There is no doubt that many people do not believe in the power of feng shui hanging metals and crystals to heal, and those beliefs have been around for centuries.

Science cannot always explain everything, and very often science needs time to catch up with the beliefs of our ancestors.

so it couldn’t be more than the perceived health benefits of wearing jewelry, which we still understand. Here is a list of feng shui jewelry that you can wear that may eventually bring you health benefits.

#1. copper feng shui bracelets

copper feng shui bracelets that can reduce arthritis pain. although no one can explain for sure why copper bracelets help people with arthritis.

copper can be absorbed through the skin and therefore copper can reduce inflammation. In one study, rheumatoid arthritis patients who received copper feng shui bracelets reported a significant reduction in pain.


no products were found.

#2. silver feng shui jewelry

Silver Feng Shui Box is another metal that is said to be able to be absorbed through the skin and provide medicinal benefits.

It helps keep blood vessels dilated, which would lower blood pressure, and feng shui silver helps bone formation. feng shui silver has pain-killing properties.

#3. garnet feng shui jewelry

buy feng shui garnet jewelry. there are several health benefits. what we can get from gemstones and crystals, are a bit more mystical.

and perhaps a little less scientific, but nevertheless it is used by many people. garnet feng shui jewelry, for example, can provide energy and boost confidence, and are the jewels of love.

#4. amethyst feng shui

Amethyst is said to be a peace and tranquility gemstone that can help those with anxiety issues or experiencing mood swings.

It is also believed that the purple gemstone can provide a subtle energy that can help enhance creativity and give a person greater inner strength.

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#5. amber feng shui

Amber feng shui has been used to end pain. it has had properties for centuries and is believed to be especially good for relieving headache, neck and throat pain when worn in a necklace.

Some people use feng shui amber bracelets to manage arthritis pain. and they are also said to have the ability to reduce fatigue and anxiety.

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#6. aquamarine feng shui

the aquamarine feng shui stone is used to bring luck. but it also brings positive strength and happiness to the wearer.

For health reasons, some believe that the aquamarine stone can also help with problems of the teeth, eyes and digestive system.

#7. magnetic feng shui jewelry

The theory behind the health benefits of magnetic feng shui jewelry has some scientific backing.

It is not that magnets attract iron from red blood cells, as some believe, but that they can alter the magnetic fields of the body.

People use magnetic feng shui jewelry to combat pain and it’s also said to be good for everything from insomnia to erectile dysfunction.

#8. feng shui pearls

A feng shui pearl powder is used in cosmetics and skin care products and is said to provide a clear complexion and glowing skin.

Wearing feng shui pearl jewelry is also believed to provide many health benefits in addition to balancing the body and bringing positivity and happiness.

In Chinese medicine, pearls are used to treat the digestive system, the heart, and are believed to increase fertility.

#9. gold feng shui jewelry

It has long been believed that gold feng shui has the power to take on a strong spirit and extend a person’s life.

What is known for certain is that the use of gold has a positive effect on mood and self-confidence. Some people also believe that gold acts as an anti-inflammatory and can slow the signs of aging.

#10. rose quartz feng shui

In feng shui practice, rose quartz provides a benefit that we all need at some point in our lives. and heal the anguish.

It is also said to have a gentle, healing property that can calm a troubled mind; feng shui has also been closely related to love for centuries.

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feng shui jewelry for love and romance

What jewel to offer to declare love to a woman?

how to choose a feng shui jewel for someone when you don’t know anything about jewels and you don’t know their tastes, and besides, there are a lot of things to know like allergies, pierced ears, etc.

  • a piece of feng shui jewelry should be neither too expensive nor too cheap
  • choose between necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings?
  • be careful with the allergies!
  • choose a jewel instead of gold, stones or silver
  • with jewels on the theme of the heart or the love: at least the message is clear.

declare your love to a woman, which is so easy to do when you think about it and so difficult to achieve in reality.

so what do you do when your heart is burning, your breath is short, the words won’t come out and you end up talking about something else indefinitely?

Giving a piece of jewelery can be a good solution, but not just any piece of jewellery, it must be discreet enough not to shock but not entirely innocent either.

Feng Shui Jewellry for Love

If it is a declaration of love, it must be a feng shui jewel of good quality, that she can wear for a long time.

And wear solid silver feng shui jewelry at a minimum, in fact they may be affordable, but they will never trigger allergies and will tarnish slowly, while “silver metal” will tarnish very quickly.

with feng shui jewelry on the theme of the heart or love: at least the message is clear.

You don’t need to talk about love when offering a heart-shaped feng shui piece of jewelry to a woman. the message is more than obvious and often better said that one could not do it.

unambiguously, whether or not you accept the jewel. the beautiful will often tend to make you quickly understand whether or not hope is allowed.

feng shui jewelry storage

how to store your feng shui jewelry is a relevant topic for those of us who love feng shui jewelry.

  • so here we are going to give you good advice about it. It doesn’t seem so obvious, but jewelry is fragile.
  • and tend to wear and scratch, especially when in contact with each other. To begin with, our first tip is to store each piece of jewelery individually in a case.
  • . for example cosmetics, perfumes before putting on the jewel.

  • Ideally, you should dress, do your hair, make-up and perfume before choosing the feng shui jewelry you are going to wear. remember, jewelry, leave it for the latter.
  • and consequently, also once you take it off, we recommend rubbing it with a soft cloth to remove grease, sweat, etc.

you can use the ideal jewelry box for storage.

The ideal box, or perfect jewelry box, should have a fabric lining. to prevent damage and prevent chafing. without a doubt, it is best to wrap them in cloth or fabric individually and then store them separately in the jewelry box.

As for chains, it’s best to keep them closed and stretched flat so they don’t roll up or form knots. if it is jewelry with precious stones, gems or pearls, special care must be taken.

feng shui jewelry storage bag

because although some gemstones like diamonds are very hard, they can damage each other if they accumulate. you can find feng shui jewelry below.

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  • That’s why it’s best to separate them and keep each piece of jewelry in its original box or soft tissue bag.
  • As you can see, the reason feng shui jewelry is sold and delivered with these packages in jewelry stores is purely technical.
  • They are very necessary and useful bags. it is not an aesthetic or brand choice.
  • These packages are the best way to maintain the good health, cleanliness and quality of your jewelry.
  • Because maintaining your feng shui jewelry also requires attention and good advice

feng shui jewelry cleaning and maintenance tips

Feng shui jewelry requires careful maintenance to keep it in its original state at all times. Performing certain simple tasks will help us always look like the first day.

Every piece of feng shui jewelry is different from another and needs to be cleaned differently. Cleaning a gold ring is not the same as cleaning a jewel with diamonds or other types of precious stones.

It should be said that the use of feng shui jewelry with diamonds is not recommended when you have certain jobs that expose the jewel to friction or blows.

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Although diamond is the hardest mineral in nature, a strong blow could break it. it is also convenient that chlorine or other chemicals remain out of the reach of this type of feng shui jewelry

how to clean feng shui diamonds

Clean your feng shui diamonds regularly with a mixture of ammonia and water or a mild detergent. submerge the jewelry in the solution and use a soft brush to remove any dust or dirt.

pay special attention to the back of the jewel, this is where it gets dirty the most. rinse well and dry your jewelry after cleaning before storing.

Avoid touching clean diamonds with your fingers. manipulate the clean jewel by the edges.

how to clean gemstone feng shui

Many natural feng shui gemstones are treated or enhanced and traditionally accepted in the jewelry industry (except diamonds).

These treatments can affect how you should clean and care for your feng shui jewelry from the best feng shui jewelry colored gemstones.

In these cases, it is best to consult your feng shui jeweler, either to clean it or to advise us how to do it.

  • In general, emeralds, rubies and sapphires should be cleaned after use with a clean, slightly damp cloth.
  • this will ensure they are always clean and maintenance free. thereafter, and once every two years, it is recommended to take them to your jeweler for professional maintenance.
  • do not expose these types of gems or feng shui pearls to salt water or strong chemicals such as chlorine or detergents.
  • These chemicals can damage these gems. Likewise, try to keep them away from hairspray, perfumes, and other abrasive products.
  • Hairspray, perfumes, and sweat can damage feng shui gemstone jewelry. the recommendation would be to wear the jewelry once we have applied products such as those mentioned above.
  • be sure to clean the stones after use to remove chemicals, oils or perspiration. Almost all colored feng shui jewelry should be cleaned with mild soap, water, and a light brush.
  • Rinse well and dry your jewelry after cleaning before storing. And don’t forget that when in doubt you should go to your trusted feng shui jeweler who will advise you on how to clean the jewel.

uses and location of feng shui jewelry

  • there’s one sacred feng shui jewelry in particular called the pi xiu, actually. These jewels cannot be worn anyway, there are typical shapes and typical directions you should place them.
  • As an auspicious creature, sacred feng shui jewels are able to attract money and are more in line with people who want to improve the fortune of wealth.
  • therefore, it is especially suitable for businessmen who can maintain wealth and earn extra money by taking advantage of the sacred feng shui jewelry’s money-attracting ability.
  • also , the sacred feng shui jewelry suits college students as it can bless them to age healthily. it is also good for people who clash with tai sui during a defined year.

sacred feng shui jewelry bracelets

Sacred feng shui jewelry bracelets are often placed on the left, except those made of obsidian, because life energy enters the body from the left and exits from the right.

  • the obsidian bracelet can be a special material that can be placed both on the left and on the right. do not reveal it to others if it is on the neck.
  • facing direction feng shui sacred jewelry bracelet: While wearing a feng shui sacred jewelry bracelet, please confirm that your head is facing out, so draw money from all directions.
  • then, how to say the exterior and therefore the interior? the direction of the thumb is inwards while the little finger is outwards.
  • if the bracelet is placed on the left, make the head of the sacred feng shui jewelry face to the left, which is then facing out.

Which hand should a feng shui bracelet be worn on?

It is recommended to wear the feng shui bracelet (pixiu bracelet and feng shui tiger eye bracelet)on the left hand, instead of the right strong>. strong hand. the left hand is believed to attract wealth luck.

which finger to wear a ring for good luck & wealth?

wearing a ring on the middle finger can acquire abundance. the ring on the middle finger represents marriage and obligation, and wearing the ring on the middle finger speaks of the accumulation of wealth.

feng shui jewelry: pendants and necklace for wealth

sacred feng shui jewelry pendants for necklace. As for the sacred feng shui jewelry pendants, confirm that your head is up for the meaning of becoming more and more prosperous and absorbing the essences of heaven and earth.

benefits of wearing a fish pendant

  • Using a panda fish as the luckiest koi fish can be helpful in managing stress and keeping you energized and motivated.
  • feng shui sacred jewels, the son of the dragon king, walked among the clouds and will not lower his head. otherwise it will be unfavourable.
  • touch it often before and when you wear sacred feng shui jewelry, remember to touch it often and let it know you are the master.
  • Use it for a longer time for the first time, do not use it for a short time. Generally speaking, it is better to use it longer during the primary period.
  • sacred feng shui jewelry understands how you feel and if you wear it occasionally, it will distance you and less effective in raising money.
  • touch it one day from head to tail the sacred jewelry is said to be lazy and wants to sleep. therefore, you’d better touch him one day from head to tail, plus eyes and mouth, so wake him up and pass on your continued earnings to him.
  • sacred feng shui jewelry is all-inclusive and can be worn with any jewelry. however, it is not suggested to use too many gems, or they might be damaged by mutual collision.

best feng shui jewelry colors for wealth

the color of feng shui jewelry is vibration: each color of feng shui jewelry releases a different energy.

#1. red

In feng shui, red represents the fire element as well as wealth, luxury and romance. therefore, this is a feng shui jewelry color that can be worn in the areas of fame, reputation.

and success, as well as in relationships, love and marriage. Being related to fire, red is also a feng shui jewelry transformation color.

#2. orange

It is also related to the fire element and feng shui experts recommend wearing it liberally in the area of ​​fame/prosperity as an alternative to the color red in feng shui jewelry.

#3. yellow

This is another feng shui jewelry color that relates to the earth element. so, like red and orange, yellow is a good feng shui jewelry color for the area of ​​fame and prosperity.

#4. green

In feng shui, green represents the wood element: this element enhances growth and creativity. With this in mind, green is a good feng shui jewelry color for health.

family areas, as well as in the area of ​​knowledge, studies and recreation.

#5. blue

It is related to the element water, which in feng shui is a resource for cleaning and purification, helping clarity and relaxation.

Blue is the feng shui jewelry color indicated for the area of ​​health and family and the area of ​​knowledge, health and relaxation.

#6. purple

represents luxury and wealth, so it is recommended for the zone of prosperity and wealth.

#7. black

represents the water element. Being a very powerful feng shui jewelry color, it is best used as an accent or through accessories.

according to the bagua map, black should be used especially in the area of ​​the profession. but it can also be used in the area of ​​benefactors/travel and knowledge and studies.

white/grey: they represent the element metal: this element is related to intellectual power. its use is recommended in spaces for creativity and children and benefactors/travel.

best feng shui stones and crystals for jewelry to heal

It is common to see natural feng shui stones for jewelry in the process of being made. and, the great variety that exists, allows you to create a multitude of designs for all tastes and all styles.

With them you can create bracelets, earrings, rings, feng shui pendants and everything you can imagine. here are some feng shui stones:

#1- jade blue

In addition to green, which is the rarest and is known as imperial jade, it can also be found in other shades. the jade comes from guatemala.

This natural feng shui stone has been used for many years, considering those objects made with this feng shui stone as a symbol of luck.

#2- rose quartz

the most common deposits are found in brazil, south africa and madagascar. It can also be found in Spain.

  • This pink color is due to the substitution of silica for phosphorus. This mineral is well known and symbolizes love and peace.
  • The etymology of the word “amethyst” comes from the Greek, where it meant sober. It was used for drunkenness. It has been known and used for thousands of years.
  • although like the previous one, it can be found in Spain. the most common deposits are found in brazil, uruguay, mexico, bolivia, south africa, among others.
  • it is a feng shui natural stone that, in addition to being used in jewelry and other products, , is very important in meditation. Another one of the natural feng shui stones for jewelry is the morning shui stone.
  • they stand out for their great use in jewelry. white is a very common color, but it can also be found in cream, yellow or bluish tones. its name is due to its resemblance to the brightness of the moon, an effect known as adularescence.

#3- apatite (cat’s eye)

The color of this mineral can vary, being mostly colorless or greenish brown. The main sites where apatite can be found are in Western Sahara and Peru.

its etymology comes from the Greek and means “to make a mistake” since it is not complicated to confuse it with other minerals.

#4- cat eye

This natural feng shui stone is considered a semi-precious feng shui stone. It has a volcanic origin and its main site is in Mexico. its use is oriented to jewelry and decoration.

#5- lapis lazuli

This natural feng shui stone has a characteristic ultramarine blue color that makes it very striking and has been used in jewelry for thousands of years.

The main deposits are in Afghanistan, Germany, Canada and Chile, among others.

#6- mother-of-pearl

mother-of-pearl is an organic-inorganic feng shui stone and forms part of the inner shell layer of many molluscs. It is also known as mother of pearl. without a doubt, it is one of the most used in jewelry.

#7- pink agate / blue agate

It is made up of quartz microcrystals. It is found in volcanic rocks and its main deposits are in the United States, Brazil or Uruguay, among others.

#8- labradorite miz

It is a spectacular-looking mineral whose name comes from the first place where it was found: the Labrador Peninsula, in Canada.

It has also been found in finland, russia, the united states, madagascar or china. when it gives off light, you can see how it radiates colors, which makes it so peculiar.

how to differentiate authentic jewelry from fake?

Below are some quick tricks that can identify real and fake jewelry.

  1. checks the punches of bracelets, necklaces and rings to verify their purity.
  2. see jewelry stats.
  3. dip jewelry in nitric acid.
  4. apply cosmetics to find the stain.
  5. use a magnet to trap iron particles.

what is berthierite feng shui stone?

berthierite in feng shui is a kind of colorful stone that absorbs negativity, dirt, moisture and strong>dust from the environment. It is also used to improve health, wealth and luck in life.

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a jewel is a small object that can have great meaning for a person. people and jewelry are inseparable; jewels that have a human scale, people who give meaning to the jewels.

Hierarchy, Power, Love, Protection – Jewelry has always been used to communicate with others, that’s why we need to understand the key importance of feng shui jewelry, how we can use them effectively and make them work. for us properly.

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