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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that strives to harmonize people with their surroundings through the use of energy. Feng shui principles have been used in architecture to help determine the location and orientation of a structure and are used to determine the placement of building elements such as furniture, plants, and sculpture. If you’re moving house and interested in getting your new place off to a good start, you might consider incorporating feng shui practices into your move. When feng shui principles are used, moving house can be a positive and harmonious experience. here are some feng shui tips when moving to a new house.

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choose an auspicious feng shui date for the move

The feng shui date of your move should be chosen from the Chinese almanac. It will be determined by taking into account the birthdays of all members of the household that will be moving. The head of the household will have the biggest impact on your feng shui move-in date. the Chinese almanac has a section dedicated to this type of calculation. can advise you on some of the best dates to move in and dates when you absolutely shouldn’t move. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact a professional.

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clean out the old to make room for the new

part of feng shui is letting go of old or bad energy so you can start over fresh for a better, more harmonious start. harmony is strongly emphasized throughout the process. Clearing your space of clutter and bringing only what is necessary is one of the best ways to start. Before you even move, you need to get rid of things while you pack. Some of the things to get rid of include old brooms and mops. even if they are still useful, they carry your “old problems” and you don’t want to “sweep” those with you to your new place. Also, make sure you have changed your mailing address to your new home.

Once you enter your new home, be sure to make room for everything. this will help stop the mess before it starts. the absence of clutter does a lot for the energy of the home.

preparing your home for moving feng shui

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You should prepare your new home before moving day to ensure that when you arrive on your official move-in date, everything will be ready.

  • Put flowers around the house, put on some music, and have a bowl of fresh fruit.
  • Choose a vibrant color for your moving-day clothing as well as your décor. a vibrant color will bring warmth and positive energy to the home. check the meaning of each color before choosing one.
  • you should also buy a gift for the house. this should be something new that you love. this item can be a candle, a piece of art or a piece of furniture. its purpose is to bring joy to your home.
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feng shui moving into a new home ritual

When working with feng shui, there are certain rituals involved that will help make your new home more harmonious, prosperous and full of good energy. There are plenty of tips to help you with your feng shui when moving into a new house ritual. here are some.

  • Family members should not fight on moving day. parents should not scold children. Losing one’s temper must be strictly avoided. These are all signs of disharmony and can bring negative energy into the home.
  • No member of the household should enter the new home empty-handed. each person should wear something auspicious that has meaning. for example, different pieces of fruit have unique symbolism. someone should carry a container with rice and two red pockets. this symbolizes wealth and prosperity. the container should only be filled halfway to allow more richness to enter. pregnant women should not be part of moving day activities.
  • As soon as you enter your new home, turn on all lights and appliances. this will prepare you for your future role. bake a dessert to bring more positive energy and sweetness into your home.

When you move from an old house to a new one, you can feel like you’re starting a new life: moving is good for the spirit and the mind. It allows you to leave behind old habits and bad memories with the garbage and clutter you throw from your old home. Using feng shui tips when moving into a new home can help you start fresh and invite harmony and positive energies into your new home and life.

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