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essential tips, theory and types of plants to maximize positive energy at your front door

A well decorated front door can make or break the first impression guests have of your humble abode. In feng shui, the front door is just as important, and the guiding principles of the ancient practice provide many methods for improving the energy extraction performance of the front door with plants. Here we’ll walk you through the fundamental theory and best practices surrounding the role of the front door in feng shui and 11 of the best types of plants to consider near the entrance to your home.

the best feng shui front door plants

The best feng shui front door plants are those with smooth, rounded, heart-shaped or wide leaves that will attract positive and auspicious energy. Some of the most popular feng shui plants for the front door include money trees, areca palms, jade plants, fruit trees, ferns, geraniums, and chrysanthemums.

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above the front door in feng shui

The Best Feng Shui Plants for the Front Door

Feng shui equates the front door to the mouth of the home. Outward, it’s the face of your house and represents the way you look to the outside world. Inward, it’s the entry point from which all good and/or bad energy (qi) flows into the house.

The front door also sets the tone for the way opportunities come into your life. In addition, it provides a transition space between the outer world of alertness and the inner world of calm.

In feng shui, how you set up and decorate your front door and entryway can affect the kind of energy you invite into your home and life.

feng shui guidelines for the front door

  • in feng shui, the front door always refers to the architectural front door of the house. it does not refer to a side or back door, even if you use these points more often.
  • The front door should always be opened inwards and never outwards to receive energy by pulling it towards the house, instead of pushing it, with the movement of the door.
  • The entryway should not be cluttered or cluttered. To allow energy to flow properly into the home, make sure the front door and entryway are clean and free of clutter that can accumulate throughout daily life (shoes, mail, bags, and outerwear).
  • The front door and entryway should also be well lit. in the feng shui, light represents the fire element. the fire element is responsible for fame, reputation and the way you are recognized. this is extremely important in the part of your home where you welcome visitors.
  • everything needs to be great, neat and in good working order. for the front door to work correctly in life and feng shui, it must be great and everything must work properly. check that your hardware (inside and outside) works properly without sticking, make sure your doorbell is easy to find and sounds as it should, keep the path to the door tidy, and ensure a pleasant experience for any visitors who come to your home. .
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the best color for your front door according to feng shui

The Best Color for Your Front Door (and Flowers) According to Feng Shui

According to feng shui principles, the best color for a front door depends on the direction the door faces. In feng shui, the cardinal directions are associated with elements that are also associated with colors. Selecting the right color for your front door’s facing direction will help balance the energy flowing into your home.

door facing north

  • aqua
  • colors: blue, grey, black or white
  • avoid yellow, brown, green, orange, purple, hot pink and red

east facing door

  • wood
  • colors: brown, green or other earth tones
  • avoid yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, white and gray

door facing south

  • fiery
  • colors: red, orange, yellow, pink and purple
  • avoid earth tones, blue and black

west facing door

  • metal
  • colors: gray, white, tan, beige, and light yellow
  • avoid black, blue, purple, hot pink, red, orange, and bright yellow

the role of plants and the front door in feng shui

The Role of Plants and the Front Door in Feng Shui

Feng shui plants not only help direct energy toward your home, but they also can encourage specific types of energy. Depending on the type of plant you place near your front door, it might represent happiness, luck or good fortune, wealth, protection, longevity, purity, abundance, or endurance.

placement of plants inside and outside the front door

Many people automatically decorate their front doors by placing potted plants on either side of the door, and this natural decorating instinct is perfect for feng shui practices. Placing plants near the front door can invite different types of energies into the home, depending on the type of plants you select or the colors of your flowers. In addition, placing plants on both sides of the front door can help reduce the flow of energy into the home, creating a softer and more welcoming atmosphere.

You can also place plants inside near the entrance. just be careful not to block the flow of energy coming into the house by blocking the entrance and creating clutter. houseplants are perfect for directing energy throughout your home. If your front door opens directly onto a stairway or another door, use a plant to direct the energy to the left or right of the stairs and into your home.

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front door feng shui plant sizes

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The larger the plant, the more powerful its presence will be to draw energy.

In general, plants should be kept in proportion to the front door and entrance of the house. If you have a large entryway, choose large plants to draw an adequate amount of energy into your home. if your front door is more demure, keep your plant profiles in sync with the calm energy of your home.

the 11 best plants for the entrance door in feng shui:

here you will find 11 of the best types of plants to consider placing on your front door according to best feng shui practices. We’ve included essential tips and considerations on where to place and care instructions for each.

1. areca palm

Areca Palm Best Plants for the Front Door in Feng Shui


The areca palm is an attractive and easy-to-grow indoor or outdoor plant that offers many uses and benefits. It features broad bands of soft, green palm fronds and is considered a lucky plant in the feng shui tradition.

2. umbrella plant (schefflera)

Umbrella Plant Schefflera Best Plants for the Front Door in Feng Shui


The schefflera (commonly called the umbrella plant) has umbrella-shaped leaves that look a bit like hands with too many fingers. it is the protective form of this plant that gives it its protective powers in feng shui.

3. citrus

Citrus Trees Best Plants for the Front Door in Feng Shui


Whether you plant a lime, lemon, orange, or a citrus tree that bears another type of sweet fruit, you will attract positive energy that will bring wealth to your home.

4. money tree

Money Tree Best Plants for the Front Door in Feng Shui


The money tree symbolizes the balance between the five feng shui elements, making it a particularly positive choice for bringing balanced energy into your home.

5. lucky bamboo

Lucky Bamboo Best Plants for the Front Door in Feng Shui


With its straight, slender, upward growth pattern, lucky bamboo is one of the most auspicious plants in feng shui.

6. jade plants

Jade Plants Best Plants for the Front Door in Feng Shui


Jade plants are easy to care for, long-lived, and have coin-shaped leaves that, according to feng shui principles, will attract positive energy that will help build wealth.

7. pothos plants

Pothos Plants Best Plants for the Front Door in Feng Shui

Credit: Pothos Plants


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Pothos plants are incredibly low maintenance and easy to grow, making them a perfect choice for a feng shui enthusiast who is a beginner to plant care. Plus, they can survive in a variety of light conditions, making them perfect for lighting up darker spaces.

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8. fig trees

Fig Trees Best Plants for the Front Door in Feng Shui


since the front of the house consumes energy, choose plants wisely, especially when they are as large as a tree, as they will absorb even more energy. fig trees are an auspicious choice for the front of the house.

9. ferns

Ferns Best Plants for the Front Door in Feng Shui


Ferns have lush, green fronds that add softness and calming energy to any space. In addition to being a positive addition to a feng shui space, they are also experts at purifying the air.

10. geraniums

Geraniums Best Plants for the Front Door in Feng Shui


Geraniums are a popular summertime staple and can be found in garden centers everywhere. They have beautiful flower clusters that look striking against their auspiciously shaped leaves.

11. chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums Best Plants for the Front Door in Feng Shui


Chrysanthemums have round flowers that are considered lucky in feng shui. They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Although mums are most popular during the fall months, you can grow them year-round.

types of plants to avoid locating near the entrance door in feng shui

To avoid drawing negative or harmful energy to your home’s point of entry, avoid placing spiky, sharp, thorny, or spiky plants near your door (or anywhere in or around your home). yes, that includes your precious rose bushes too!

Although they have their own beauty, these types of plants that can cause physical harm or look like they could cause physical harm should be avoided when decorating your home because they can attract negative energy. Additionally, dead, diseased, or dying plants can also attract negative energy.

To generate positive feng shui energy, avoid thorns and brambles and instead focus on incorporating healthy plants with smooth, broad, rounded, or heart-shaped leaves.

invite positive energy into your home with plants at the front door

When selecting plants to attract positive energy into your home, remember the principles of feng shui, considering which types of plants will attract positive energy and which will attract negative energy. Also, consider space, light, and climate to ensure your plants stay healthy and continue to attract positive energy.

feng shui plants for the front door faq:

feng shui plants and the home

For more information, check out our essential guides to the best feng shui plants for living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, strong>bedrooms, corridors, balconies, offices, desks, and those that attract wealth, prosperity and luck.

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