Turn your feng shui wealth corner into a money magnet! (4 easy tips!)

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turn your feng shui wealth corner into a money magnet! (4 easy tips!)

Did you know that your home has a wealth corner? Your feng shui money corner isn’t as perplexing as it seems, and there are plenty of things you can do right away to help bring more money and abundance into your life.

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where is your feng shui money corner?

In western feng shui, the wealth area is located on the far left of your house, when you are standing at the front door of the house, looking in. stand at the entrance of your house, as if you were entering your house. from this position, the feng shui wealth corner is the far left rear corner.

You find your money corner by using the feng shui bagua and overlaying it in your home.

here is a picture of the bagua:

When you use the bagua, you overlay it on your house with the bottom edge aligned with the front of your house. this means that your entry will generally be in your knowledge/spirituality area, your career area, or your travel/helpful people area.

Once you have an idea of ​​how to lay out the bagua, your home will be divided into 9 areas. Even if your house is a rectangle or other shape that is not square, it still divides it into 9 equal areas. the wealth corner is the left back third of your house.

Your home bagua design doesn’t have to be “perfect” to work. it’s best to know the general bagua areas and not stress about dividing your house into perfect squares. just work with what you have!

click here for more details on how to use the bagua.

how does feng shui wealth area work?

according to feng shui, your home should represent a balance of all areas of your life. what your life is like outside your home is usually reflected inside your home and vice versa.

A healthy and happy home is unique to each person who lives there, and no two homes feng shui the same way. The result, however, is a home where energy flows freely and attracts love, luck, and abundance into every area of ​​your life.

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In feng shui, the area of ​​abundance (and every other area on the bagua) has its own set of “rules” that govern it. These are the feng shui tips and cures you can apply to the area to attract more good chi (energy) to that area of ​​your life.

how do you work with your money corner?

The first time you look at your money area, it’s important to look at it objectively. you may find that things in this area accurately reflect what is happening with your finances.

  • Is it messy?
  • Is it dirty/dusty?
  • Is it a room that is not used frequently?
  • Is it is it drafty?
  • is it a room you often walk through?
  • is it dark?
  • do you keep your financial documents (or bills) ) there?
  • is there a toilet or sink there?
  • is that area missing?
  • are there broken items?
  • Are there unfinished projects?

many times, these types of problems will appear as chaos in your finances. if the area is cluttered, it can show up as confusion or lack of money (clutter blocks money!)

If it’s a room that isn’t used often, money may be inconsistent in your life.

If it’s a room people just walk by, money could slip through your account as fast as it’s coming in.

If you keep your invoices there, more and more invoices may appear.

if there is a toilet there, money may be drained or flushed.

If the area is “missing”, the money may not appear when you think it will.

If you find one (or more) of these things in your wealth area, don’t worry! it’s actually an easy fix.

but it shows you right away how accurate the bagua can be in showing you the areas of your life where the energy isn’t flowing properly!

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what is the first thing you should do with your money area?

definitely clear it and clean it! take out all the items in that area that don’t belong and clean it until it shines.

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also fix anything broken, unfinished or leaking. you want to start with a fresh, clean space that is ready to receive more abundance!

When I started learning feng shui, the area of ​​money was the first thing I worked on because I felt it would make the biggest difference in my life.

My wealth corner is in my dining room, but there’s also a built-in desk in that area. When I first looked at this area, I realized I was keeping old financial documents, bills, and old tax returns in there. those things reflected money stories that were no longer true for me, so I removed them immediately.

I also went through the rest of the cabinets, sorted and organized them. I gave the whole area a good scrub, even the window!

Windows represent clarity in your life, so it’s important to clean them if you’re actively feng shuiing an area. mirrors too! If your finances seem murky and you have a mirror in this area, be sure to clean it up!

Well, you’ve tidied up and cleaned up your wealth corner. . . now what?!

here are four things you can do to activate your feng shui wealth corner:

one: Light a candle every day for the next nine days. Nine is a lucky feng shui number, and lighting a candle in your wealth area will activate the element of fire, which the energy of wealth and abundance will begin to stir! it’s even better if it’s a red or green candle, but any candle will do. you can turn it on as long as you want, but if you need a minimum time, try 9 minutes a day.

two: increase the wattage. the light bulbs represent the energy of fire, which, once again, will breathe new life into your finances. change the bulbs in your wealth corner for higher wattage bulbs, or add a chandelier to this area. turn the lights on for a few minutes every day, but for maximum power, turn them on for three hours. you are lighting up your finances and telling the energy where to go.

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three: add something purple. The color associated with the feng shui wealth area is purple. purple is the color of wealth and opulence, and adding some purple to your money corner will activate the chi. anything purple works: decorations, pillows, art, curtains, blankets, anything! but you can even add construction paper or purple fabric to drawers, under beds, or under tables in this area. it doesn’t have to be visible for it to work!

four: add a wealth anchor. add something to your money area that represents wealth to you, so that every time you see it, you feel abundant or remember your intention. it can be a picture of something you want to buy, a picture of something that represents money and what it means to you, a crystal, coins, or even a plant, fresh flowers, or a plate of fruit.

choose something that makes you feel abundant and happy when you look at it! If you choose to add a plant, flowers or fruit, be sure to replace them as they wilt and the plant is alive and healthy.

once you’ve activated your wealth corner, you’ll have done a great feng shui job of attracting abundance.

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turn your feng shui wealth corner into a money magnet! (4 easy tips!)

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