Top 21 Rules: Avoid Mirror Above Bed For Good Feng Shui Vibe

Called feng shui aspirin, mirrors are one of the most popular (and powerful!) feng shui cures. mirror feng shui is used as an expression of the feng shui element of water.

for quick reference and understanding, please refer to the video below is a mirror over the bed good feng shui | Complete Guide to Feng Shui Mirrors in the Bedroom | feng shui bedroom.

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what does the mirror over the bed mean?

The correct feng shui mirror locations can really bring beneficial energy (especially the mirror over the bed) to specific areas of your home or office.

because mirrors provide the energy of the feng shui element of water. They are used as effective cures in the areas of the bagua that benefit most from this feng shui element.

feng shui mirror above the bed (good or bad)

  • Placing a mirror above the bed is not a good feng shui practice for the bedroom.
  • as mirrors produce constant energy and any heavy object on our head is not very promising either.
  • If you place a mirror over the bed, it can hinder our good night’s sleep as it captures light and sound from sources such as feng shui windows and doors.
  • Mirrors also don’t create a cozy atmosphere that we need to enjoy our time in the bedroom.

so it is advisable not to place any heavy object on our head and especially a mirror above the bed

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location of the bed in front of the mirror?

according to feng shui, mirror in front of bed is a big no-no. it can make you feel restless and tired. as we understood until now that mirrors produce constant energies.

but in the case of your bedroom setup, the mirror is a part of your room that reflects your bed. there is a cure while the dream covers the mirrors with some cloth or hides it with a curtain. so that their energy can be hampered.

how to cover the mirror in the bedroom, as a cure?

So far we have discussed all the negative effects that the mirror causes when placed in the bedroom. In case you cannot remove the mirrors from your bedroom, as a feng shui cure, it is recommended to cover them. this can minimize side effects.

Now let’s find some quick tricks like mirror replacement, about how to cover the mirror in the bedroom, how about a cure? .

  1. wallpaper
  2. curtains
  3. frosting
  4. add any artwork

where to put the feng shui mirror in the bedroom?

if, in accordance with the above, you want to have a mirror above the bed in your feng shui bedroom. there is a whole theory and a reason why the mirror over the bed is a totally forbidden in feng shui.

  • opt for a full-length one where you see yourself reflected in its entirety, you can also place it on the floor since the image gives you many enhancements.
  • the mirror should not reflect the door of feng shui bedroom entrance unless there is sufficient distance.
  • if you place a mirror and there is a bathroom in the room or near the entrance, it should not reflect the bathroom door . always pay attention to what the mirror reflects, for example, if it reflects an ugly chipped interior patio.
  • don’t put it on unless you have nice curtains that don’t let you see that area. a reflection from the mirror above the bed is also very bad, so placing a mirror above the bed should be avoided at all costs.
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types of feng shui mirrors

When it comes to fengshui mirrors, it’s always good to know what you’re doing and decorate smartly. 5 types of fengshui mirrors are used:

1. typical feng shui merror

defined by the shape (oval, circular, round, square) and frame materials (wood, metal, etc.), for example, a round mirror in a gold leaf frame can be a beautiful feng wealth shui.

and abundance heals and works great in the money feng shui area of ​​your home or office.

2. flat feng shui mirror

This type of mirror is used by most people, it has a normal mirror with round, oval, rectangular or square shape.

can be framed or unframed with a polished edge. To cure missing areas of the feng shui bagua map, octagon-shaped mirrors are particularly useful.

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3. concave feng shui merror

in feng shui, concave bagua fung shui mirrors are mainly used outdoors; mirrors produce a condensed reflection backwards.

4. the feng shui more convex

They have protective qualities, serving as a watchful eye. it is mainly used outdoors in feng shui. although it can also be used indoors, especially if it is well framed.

The bagua mirror is a special type of feng shui cure that should never be used inside a house.

5. feng shui bagua mirrors

These are special feng shui bagua mirrors that have an octagon-shaped rim and frame a round mirror. this is a cure used for feng shui protection adjustments.

we should use this mirror under the guidance of a feng shui consultant. to invite good energies to your home.

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mirror on the west wall feng shui

No matter where you place your mirror (northwest – southwest…), the mirror can be placed in all sectors of the house: southsouthwest. strong>- west. it is really the configuration of your space and its use that determines your ideal place.

You could get thousands of over bed mirror ideas online. but placing a mirror on the wall of the bed is not good, since anything heavy on our head will disturb our sleep.

feng shui mirrors in front of windows

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mirrors have the ability to invite energy into space. a properly placed mirror can bring a good view of an item seen through a window.

Other factors with mirrors are that they can simply bring more light into the space and make the space larger and more spacious.

where + how to place feng shui mmistakes?

feng shui mmirrors: the location of feng shui mirrors can be anywhere in the house as long as they meet certain guidelines.

Although we are going to talk about the most strategic places and how you should use them.

a mirror is used to recover absent or missing areas, double the energy of a sector, hide shapes, expand spaces, divert energy, etc.

The use of a mirror can be very beneficial if it is correctly placed, the energy of a poorly placed mirror can be very harmful and unbalance the energy.

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harness the energy of a mirror to double your pot of wealth, the rising strength of the east, the southwest if you want to win friends.

and relationships, travel zone if you want to travel more, southeast for great prosperity and abundance, careful south for fame.

at the bottom of a ladder, at the top as the energy that goes up bounces back and then goes back down, it generates bad chi and doesn’t allow the good chi to go up to the next area.

  • do not place feng shui mirrors opposite each other. Does it make sense to bounce energy from one to another?
  • don’t place feng shui mirrors at an angle unless their reflection is really something you want to multiply and do not use it excessively as it will give you a headache and may affect your health.
  • it should not reflect sharp edges, bumps or beams.
  • be careful not to reflect rubbish, shabby or damaged things, messy papers, or dark, empty spaces.

mirrors in the living room

that does not reflect invoices and documents related to the payments to be made since you will make more than double your expenses. use it instead to activate the arrival of money and abundance.

Like the mirror over the head of the bed, it is bad feng shui, the living room also uses mirrors as a source of light, brightness.

The living room is one of the most important areas when it comes to working with the bagua and feng shui mirror aspirations in the living room.

so a living room mirror in this well-placed area can improve any of the areas and fill in the missing one that benefits us. if due to the location of the furniture, the mirrors on the sofa do not let us see the entrance to the living room.

a mirror can help us see who comes through the door and this would improve the location of this element.

the placement of the feng shui mirrors in the southeast in such a way that if you have placed, for example, a small water source to activate it, you will double its power.

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mirrors in the kitchen

A kitchen is a place related to the elements of fire and the mirrors provide the energy of water. these two elements create conflicting opposite energies in the kitchen where you don’t want such a bad vibe.

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mirrors for main entrance

In most houses you will find a mirror in the main entrance, it is usually due to the good effects of feng shui.

First, it brings more light to the small house. Second, it works great for checking your overall appearance before you leave the house. and finally, it provides a small decorative element to our house entrance

with all the good benefits, there is a really bad feng shui use of mirrors in the front entrance. that we must avoid at all costs and it is the door mirror.

mirror in front of a staircase

according to feng shui, expert placement of mirrors in front of a staircase is a big no-no. Because, why? stairs are typically considered challenging in feng shui, regardless of whether the bagua area of ​​the home is considered.

placing a mirror that reflects the staircase only increases the difficulties due to its irregular steps that produce bad vibrations in the house.

feng shui mirrors facing each other

Placing large mirrors in any space looks absolutely appealing because it adds beauty with a large frame, light and a feeling of spaciousness.

but we should avoid placing mirrors so that they reflect each other, as it is considered challenging to feng shui. this creates a constant rebound energy. which affects our well-being and thoughts.

feng shui bathroom mirror

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if you have a bathroom without a mirror, they should be an exception, personally everyone I know has at least one mirror for feng shui bathroom.

It is clear that we need a mirror in the bathroom, it is where we get pretty, we look at ourselves and we really feel better.

so let’s see the details to take into account when placing a mirror in the bathroom:

    how to fix it.
  • keep the door closed whenever you don’t use the bathroom, on the other hand make sure the door is fixed and that things don’t hang you can even put a picture attached or decorate it so that the reflection generates prosperity and happiness.
  • It is important that there is no mirror that reflects the toilet, the bathroom in feng shui clearly indicates that you are doubling losses.
  • make sure that the reflection of that mirror is always something pleasant and pleasant.

feng shui mirror in dining room

mirrors for dining room rules– always remember not to place more feng shui mirrorsthan necessary.

remember that the dining room table is one of the places where the abundance and prosperity of the family is generated.

A mirror that reflects the dining room table where you usually eat is one of the most natural recommendations, placed so that it is slightly tilted forward so that it reflects on the food and the guests.

Note that many restaurants have feng shui mirrors in the dining room to reflect the tables of the diners, normally the most prosperous chains use these benefits of feng shui.

feng shui with mirrors in front of the door

People ask most of the time if mirrors are good or bad for feng shui in front of the front door or at the entrance. It is curious because in many books or articles mirrors have been described as the “aspirin” of feng-shui.

since they have numerous healing uses, but the truth is that it all depends on where and how they are located in a living space.

The most important thing to know is that mirrors should always reflect something nice, such as an attractive view, a vase with natural flowers, a healthy plant.

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a pretty painting or a landscape, which will let the vibrant energy of a garden enter the house. or some positive elements.

feng shui decoration with mirrors

  • Within the philosophy of feng shui, the goal is to use the decorative elements and space to create positive energy. so the use of mirrors as representatives of the water element is usually very common.
  • Mirrors create a strong energy and therefore buzz with activity, which of course can have both negative and positive effects. in the bedroom of feng shui mirrors.
  • for example, an area used for resting, calming down, and sleeping is the exact opposite of the type of chi created from mirrors. it is not advisable to have feng shui mmirrors in the bedroom.
  • and in case you cannot do without them, it is recommended that they are covered by the night. Thus, there are many details that we should not overlook when decorating.

so it doesn’t hurt to review these feng shui tips for decorating with feng shui mmistakes. and thus place them in the best possible place, to attract prosperity and good energies to your home.

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feng shui with placement of mirrors for good luck

Surely you have some other mirror at home, one of the most common doubts is how do mirrors and fengshui work? good, fantastic or bad.

if you look around the internet you will find comments of all kinds, we tell you in detail how mirrors work in relation to feng shui.

and how to use them to give us prosperity and abundance.

and of course, where is the placement of feng shui mirrors and how to use them to be beneficial.

I always say that it is better not to have a mirror than to put a wrong one, although there is a lot of truth and lies.

  • feng shui mmirrors work as an excellent fengshui solution. there are always two or three places where it is advisable to have a mirror. you must be clear about the location of feng shui mirrors.
  • the reflection of the mirror is its power. Some important things to keep in mind when using feng shui mirrors.
  • you should not use fragmented feng shui mirrors as they break the reflection and scatter it losing all its power.
  • there is one exception and that is that they allow the majority of the person to reflect in each of the fragments and these are regular.
  • When people look in a mirror, they must be able to see their heads in their entirety. mirrors should not be cut off as this will cause discomfort and bad feng shui for that person.
  • Damaged, worn, dull or rusty mirrors should be replaced and should always look clean. yes to round, wavy, and sinuous feng shui mirrors.

The trick with mirrors is to see “what it reflects“.

should we use a mirror above the bed on the ceiling?

yes, you should also avoid the mirror over the bed on the ceiling. For most people, this is the mirror and trend interior design decoration for the bedroom. but in feng shui it’s still a big no. due to the nature of mirrors, which reflect constant energies such as light, reflection, noise.

Mirrors on the ceiling can be very detrimental to sleep, homeowners’ health, and general well-being. so it’s best to avoid mirrors, even your little corner mirror.

common questions about the mirror over the bed in feng shui

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I’m sure you have more than one mirror in your house and you wonder about the good relationship between feng shui mirrors and feng shui. perhaps you have read somewhere that they are not good, or that they are fantastic. so many things are said.

but the important thing is not to have feng shui mirrors above the bed, where they are needed, and should be placed where they will bring good and positive chi, like entrance mirrors , living room etc.

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