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Chan Master 曾师傅’s consulting experience in feng shui was fabulous, a combination of traditional and modern knowledge with the forces of nature that is logical for the client/foreigner to understand.

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a highly experienced professional who is ethical and cares about the client. the teacher gave an example of changing rooms for my family and how to orient the furniture. In current times perhaps a feng shui consideration is a good fit with master, I know I will be looking to feng shui master pte ltd in the near future for my immediate needs in the world of energy flow. u-channel & b

chan master bazi reading I first read Master Chan’s feng shui website a few years ago. From his publications, I find him highly scientific and evidence-based. I reached out to him for help recently. he is very prompt, responsive, generous and helpful. he is also very knowledgeable and able to weave together different aspects of the 5 arts to advise me on my character and how I should behave. I was impressed by the precise analysis of it. Through the consultation, I learned a lot about myself and found it authentic. qian xin zhao

master chan home feng shui 曾师傅

chan master is very kind and patient to explain to us, since we don’t know feng shui well. response to email and whatsapp fast whenever we faced problem. we can see improvements in my son’s results. there is also greater harmony in the family. thanks again for the patience, the explanation and the use of time. 👍👍👍👏👏👏 jane

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chan master didn’t ask to buy expensive things. patient in answering the question. Thank you for giving me the details of the report. chuan kong soon

chan master’s office & home feng shui review 2x

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I engaged with chan master 曾师傅 twice for the feng shui of my home and office. highly recommended. Very detailed and experienced feng shui master and his report is very easy to follow and understand. the most important thing is that it does not promote any product and the remedies from it are cost-effective methods and readily available. sales have improved, thank you master chan!!! kenmund chong

曾师傅 home feng shui

chan master has a natural way of making you feel really comfortable with his fengshui theory in this modern society…i am so glad i hired his services for my new house…he is very thorough and spent a lot of time hours touring my house and explaining to me during the consultation… in both the bazi and feng shui sessions, there was no condescending attitude that seems to prevail in feng shui and fortune tellers, and no scare tactics of course… the chan master also has down to earth responsiveness, and always gave the best advice possible…makes positive changes with the least cost and changes…very grateful for the advice he gave…the “after session service” is excellent … I texted him on several occasions when I had questions, and he always responded very promptly and warmly… I would definitely recommend the chan master’s services… kk yong

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2 x domestic feng shui

highly recommended if you are looking for experience as a fengshui teacher. We have hired Master Chan 曾师傅 twice and we are fully satisfied with his service. His price is reasonable, his analysis is accurate, logical, easy to understand, and does not involve buying expensive fengshui items. very grateful for his experience and knowledge. freezing

feng shui house

I got to know the chan master through references. he went to see the house and his advice is very practical in his approach, which is what he needed. he goes the extra mile to help and is not a calculating person. highly recommended! yvonne lim

master chan resale hdb feng shui

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i engaged with master chan 2 years ago to audit my resale hdb. he provided a very detailed report and was very responsive via email and whatsapp even after the consultation was over. 2 days ago. I texted him again to ask for another consultation as I have a new occupant. very generously asked for his details and called to give a brief report on his fate (this year). and a simple remedy. I am very thankful for the chan master. he never pushed for any products and the remedies he provided 2 for my house were simple and didn’t affect the decor much (no red lights or expensive water fountains, which my sister had to get as she consulted another teacher). I would highly recommend chan master.

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hui ling ng

This is the second time I have engaged Chan Master 曾师傅 for home fengshui. my first time i engaged him to name my twin daughters.

the chan master is very kind, attentive, experienced and knows fengshui very well. his explanation on the site is very clear and detailed, giving a practical solution. there are no expensive fengshui items that he recommended. chan master’s report is also easy to understand.

I sent him a couple of text messages after the consultation, he always responded very quickly and even called me to answer my questions.

I am very satisfied with both the home fengshui and Bazi with Master Chan. Highly recommended if you are looking for good and experienced Fengshui Master with reasonable price.master chan best bazi master

(from daisy and ing. ann)

these are just some of the many. more on google places, scmp, expat life, media & another social media platform

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