Horseshoe in Feng Shui: Where Should be Placed at Home?

feng shui refers to the organized layout in your home and office that ensures the flow of energy without disturbance. this concept is practiced in order to give the inhabitants of the home a pleasant environment. it’s present in an infinite number of homes and workspaces to date and is believed to bring wish lists to life. people incorporate feng shui symbols that are known to be auspicious and happiness charmers. In this blog, you read us discussing the importance of the horseshoe in feng shui. While we all have our favorites in the feng shui items department, let’s know what this one means.

You must be thinking about what all the fuss is about the horseshoe being a good luck charm. well, it has a lot to do with the different backgrounds and their beliefs. Since horseshoes are made of iron, they are believed in Europe to have the ability to dispel negative atmosphere. Placing an object made of iron over the door is believed to allow you to combat evil activities and prevent them from entering your home.

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In other cultures, it is considered lucky because of the number seven. a horseshoe has seven holes, which makes it auspicious. Aside from that, the popularity of horseshoes also has a lot to do with the story of Saint Dunstan, a blacksmith who attacked the devil’s hooves with a hot horseshoe that inflicted extreme torment on the devil. as a result, the devil would not enter any house with a horseshoe hanging over the door.

reasons why the horseshoe is important

1. luck and happiness

Hanging a horseshoe on your front door is believed to bring all the positive energies into your home. This good luck charm, if you hang it on your front door with the end facing up, it will bring good vibes into your home. One of the biggest reasons why the horseshoe is important is that it keeps the devil at bay and brings luck and wealth closer.

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2. the end of your financial crisis

If you have financial problems, you can say goodbye to them with the help of a horseshoe. Another reason why the horseshoe is important lies in its financial sector. it is suggested to wrap it in a black cloth and store it in a grain container. you can, with the help of this trick, claim luck in your financial health.

3. protect your family and relationships

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Feng shui helps put worries off your head and helps protect the well-being of your loved ones. By wearing a horseshoe, you can strive to avoid bad intentions that can affect your family and relationships. The horseshoe is also believed to bring spiritual energy into your home. installing a horseshoe over your front door can increase your spirituality.

4. fulfill dreams

In addition to bringing luck and wealth into your home, wearing a horseshoe also makes your wish lists a living reality. this item is considered lucky for your dreams and wishes. many people make a wish on this item before leaving for an important day. practicing this act is believed to help fulfill dreams and send success.

relationship between the entrance door and feng shui

The front door or the front door is considered to be the place where the flow of energy works. the entrance is usually carefully designed and constructed. According to feng shui principles, all care must be maintained and one must ensure that it does not harbor any negative emblems. one can do certain simple things to ensure the best of the front door of your house that ends up inviting good energy.

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It is essential to confirm that the gateway is working properly. you need to check if there is anything preventing it from fully opening. Also, make sure your front door is free of clutter and clean. take the time and fix all the problems that prevent your door from working properly.

In addition to detecting, fixing and getting rid of the problems related to the functionality of your door, you should not skip the part where you have to plan your decoration and adorn your appearance with elements of the feng-shui type. We know that you are aware of the talismans that you see pass by the houses in your town and your door also deserves something like that.

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using plants, fresh flowers or beautiful paintings on both sides of the front door counts as feng shui care. You can show the same care and affection by using a horseshoe for your door. While it entirely depends on your beliefs and preferences, placing a horseshoe over your front door can bring good luck, wealth, and a bucketful of happiness.

getting a horseshoe: things to consider

Do you want to get a horseshoe for your home? How is it done and what are the rules that should be kept in mind while you go looking for one?

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It is considered auspicious to get a horseshoe from a horse that is alive. The reason behind this condition says that the horseshoes are powered by the energy of the horse. therefore, it is better to have a horse show that has thrived on the horse’s hoof. You can easily find a metal shoe, but nothing wins more than getting a genuine one directly from a working horse.

Keep in mind that you are not going to decorate your door with a stolen house. keeping a stolen horseshoe can bring you dire results. On top of that, you should also avoid investing in a horseshoe for a sick horse, as it drains your energy and is simply a vibration drain.

Know that getting a horseshoe illegally is not conducive to your home. It’s also important to make sure you get the one that is clean and pure. when you bring a horseshoe, remember to dust it. you should keep it in early sunlight for best results.

other things to consider:

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  • do not put a horseshoe on any of the doors inside your house.
  • do not use it for your bathroom.
  • place the horseshoe with both points down to attract luck.
  • install it on the front door in the morning.
  • avoid placing it on the door at night.

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