How To Get Lucky By Feng Shui Bamboo (17 Placement Tips)

In feng shui, the common names for the bamboo plant are lucky bamboo (dracaena braunii) and lotus bamboo. It is because of the symbolism of the bamboo and the lotus. this has been part of Chinese culture for decades.

This guide is made solely on the location of the lucky bamboo feng shui in the home, the office to be lucky.

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and you will find this indoor plant in every house, office, store, restaurant mainly because feng the Shui bamboo is synonymous with long life and vitality. on the other hand, the lotus represents purity and good fortune.

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  • The most common use of this feng shui cure is the use of lucky bamboo in a multi-stemmed container arrangement. Today it is not only limited to China, but the use of this plant is widespread.

    and very popular houseplant in thousands of homes. now you can find lucky bamboo plants online here very easily or at any garden, gift shop.

    what is the origin of lucky feng shui bamboo?

    bamboo feng shui is a plant that grows all over the world except in those places with extremely cold climates.

    lucky bamboo the other names are dracaena sanderiana, ribbon dracaena, belgian evergreen or ribbon plant. it belongs to tropical western africa where they grow.

    on the other hand, feng shui lotus bamboo, also called compact dracaena plant, is native to southeastern Africa. they grow long and are very popularly known as hard-to-kill plants.

    why is lucky bamboo considered so auspicious?

    In Chinese tradition, people consider the lucky bamboo to be the most auspicious element in feng shui. the reason behind this is because the plant brings positive energy and good vibes.

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    promotes harmony and protects against bad energies, also good for health, peace, happiness, prosperity, longevity.

    how many bamboo stems are lucky

    There are many ways we can use lucky bamboo in our home. but if you are thinking of gifting lucky bamboo, 2 and 3 stems are best. where two stems represent love and bring good luck.

    three stems of the lucky bamboo represent happiness, long life and wealth. avoid four stems

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    how to place lucky bamboo in the living room?

    Where to place the bamboo plant at home? There are many ways to incorporate this lucky bamboo plant in the living room. suggested directions are to place a lucky bamboo plant in the southeast or east corner of a living room.

    other tips you can use for feng shui bamboo plant in living room

    • Putting the lucky bamboo plant on a coffee table is a good idea to prevent chi energy from building up. try placing a round table to bring the chi energy to life on top of the coffee table.
    • a side table or a sofa table are other options for placing lucky bamboo feng shui.

    Find below the best vase for lucky bamboo, if you want to buy it.

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    lucky bamboo feng shui placement in the bedroom

    The lucky bamboo feng shui plant is one of the feng shui plants, used to bring prosperity and good luck >. while lucky bamboo in the bedroom we must check the directions.

    what is the southeast corner of the bedroom? we can use six, seven, eight, nine and ten stems for prosperity, good luck and wealth.

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    how many bamboo stalks are considered lucky?

    In terms of feng shui plants, the numbers six, seven, eight and nine represent good luck and wealth. plus, they add great decor no matter where you place them, indoors or out.

    Is it bad luck for your lucky bamboo to die?

    There are a couple of reasons why your lucky bamboo feng shui is dying. if your water is hard, salty, it has chlorine.

    And if you overwater, if the bamboo gets lucky in the soil, the edges of the leaves turn brown.

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    if you take care of the plant properly and it is still dying, then you can change the place to change the energy of the plant.

    • Read the full guide on how to revive lucky bamboo that turns yellow.

    can we put lucky bamboo in the kitchen of the house?

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    yes, of course, placing lucky bamboo in the kitchen means happiness. you can place it, but remember to place it in the east or southeast corner to maximize its potential.

    For best results, you can use lucky bamboo feng shui plants with 3, 5 or 7 stems as they represent health, happiness and long life.

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    Can the bamboo plant be kept in the bathroom?

    The feng shui bamboo plant should be avoided in bathrooms. As lucky bamboo in bathroom feng shui has negative effects, bamboo should be respected as a plant for money and prosperity. bbroom is a place where it is a water drain, and it will reverse the effects of the bamboo.

    but you can reverse the negative effect by placing it where it can be reflected in the mirror.

    what is the meaning of lucky bamboo in feng shui?

    The meaning of bamboo and the purpose of this miraculous plant is that it teaches the ultimate wisdom, how to be flexible and open from within.

    If it is growing very well, this also means that our growth is proceeding smoothly. but on the other hand, if it’s not growing, it means there’s some kind of negative energy flowing and you need to keep it under control.

    lucky bamboo feng shui plants care & arrangements

    if you want to have all the benefits, then the right feng shui lucky bamboo arrangements should combine and represent the five elements of feng shui for the right impact which include water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

    • Wood: Lucky bamboo feng shui plants (like all plants) are of the wood feng shui element.
    • earth – There are a couple of ways to maintain feng shui lucky bamboo. one way is to fill rocks into a container which also creates a great base for growth, which represents the earth element.
    • water: we can keep lucky bamboo feng shui in on the ground and in water for its vibrant growth that represents the element of water.
    • fire: for all the lucky bamboo feng shui plants you might have noticed that is tied with red ribbon, used as a feng shui cure. this red color is representative of the fire element.
    • metal: The glass pots used to hold these lucky bamboo feng shui plants represent the metal element.
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    In feng shui practice, you may have noticed that this lucky bamboo relates to the number of stems in a container. each represents different uses and impacts of bamboo. below its explained, different meanings and importance of lucky bamboo stalks

    • if the feng shui bamboo has two stems they represent love
    • 3 ( three) the stems represent fu, lu, soh in the Chinese language, which means happiness, wealth and long life.
    • 5 (five) the stems represent five attributes of life that represent spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and intuitive wealth
    • if it contains 6 (six) stems then represent good luck and wealth
    • 7 (seven) stems mean good health.
    • 8 (eight) the stems are related to growth.
    • 9 (nine) stems are associated with great luck.
    • if it has 10(ten)stems it means perfection.
    • twenty-one (21) is a large number that represents a powerful blessing.
    • meaning of 17 lucky bamboo stems – 17 is another lucky number that symbolizes growth and luck.

    Until now you were thinking what if the lucky bamboo feng shui has four stems? then you should know that this plant never comes in four stems.

    the reason why in Chinese, this number (4) is associated with death. so the next time you give someone this plant as a gift, avoid four stalks of bamboo. otherwise, it would be considered very rude.

    what are the uses of lucky bamboo?

    Lucky bamboo in Chinese culture has long been used to attract health, prosperity, and good fortune for business and home owners. Today it is the best option to give to whoever you want good fortune, health and abundance.

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    Its maintenance is really cheap and it can be grown both in water and lucky bamboo on land. it grows towards the light and can be easily transformed into interesting and decorative shapes.

    how to use lucky bamboo for good feng shui?

    Bamboo is a very popular feng shui cure and lucky charm representing the symbol of good fortune and prosperity in Chinese culture for centuries.

    In order to reap its full benefits, it is important to know the correct placement of feng shui bamboo in the home and to take good care of it.

    lucky bamboo feng shui placement can be done in your home or office lucky bamboo to attract good feng shui energy and enhance décor.

    how to take care of lucky bamboo?

    Caring for auspicious lucky bamboo plants is really quite simple. It only needs light sunlight and can be grown in both water and soil. but still, he needs your love and attention, as he likes to look good, just like you.

    type of lucky bamboo feng shui plants

    If we talk about the types of feng shui bamboo plants, then there are two types of variety.

    • lucky bamboo, also called dracaena sanderiana
    • lotus bamboo also called dracaena deremensis or dracaena compacta

    Feng shui lucky bamboo is usually a small, bushy plant with flexible leaves. they have several, stems and joint clusters with green and white.

    lotus bamboo feng shui’s name comes from its closely clustered leaves that look like lotus flowers. has many thick green stems

    what are the feng shui benefits of lucky bamboo?

    The lucky bamboo is the best feng shui gift for a variety of reasons and occasions, such as housewarmings, birthdays, anniversaries, openings, awards, recognition events and other auspicious events. the other benefits of lucky bamboo are described below.

    #1- good luck charm

    Feng shui luck has the power to create harmony in the home and promote the general well-being and prosperity of residences and business establishments. It is also said to bring good fortune and luck. in Chinese culture, it is also believed to give long life and convey purity.

    Lucky bamboo is usually tied with a red ribbon and bundled together. these stems are arranged as two represent love, three as happiness, wealth and long life. the five associated with life represents wealth, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical > and intuitive.

    #2- artistic creative design

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    This feng shui plant is available in different patterns and shapes. The lucky bamboo steamers are very flexible and can be easily twisted and twisted.

    we can also place it according to our decoration. In simple, this can go along with any design and pattern with bamboo home decor.

    #3- plant with less maintenance

    This plant requires less maintenance, as it can grow in water and soil. With just a little care, you can bring out the beauty wherever you keep this plant. Since they are houseplants, they also require less sunlight.

    #4- aquarium plant

    lucky bamboo feng shui placement can be done both in water and on the ground. it can give a great appearance when we put it in the water. it is one of the auspicious plants of feng shui. we can further enhance the beauty by adding rocks and stones of different colors.

    You only need to replace the water frequently if you are growing in water. You can also refer to this page to understand tips for growing in water.

    what is the best feng shui bamboo placement in your home and office?

    placing feng shui lucky bamboo plants is too crucial to show their energy. because, if placed correctly, the lucky bamboo feng shui plant arrangement can really help to attract positive energy in the home and office

    For the best feng shui, your lucky bamboo should be kept in your wealth & money or healthy bagua areas.

    so there are 2 vital areas where to place lucky bamboo in the office and in the home.

    1. East: When worn in an east direction, the lucky bamboo plant helps bring incredible health to family members.
    2. southeast (se): se is the area of ​​money & wealth. so a bamboo plant here will help the financial status & bring more money to the family.
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    how to count the stems of lucky bamboo

    It’s very simple. lucky bamboo is usually available in multiple stacks, with multiple layers. like 3, 5,7 and so on. each represents different uses and impacts. to count check different layers.

    how to give a lucky bamboo gift

    since we now know lucky bamboo is so auspicious. This can be the best gift for various occasions like below.

    business gifts #1

    lucky bamboo has been a reference organization in china for quite some time. lucky bamboo represents big business; it is often presented as a good deal between two organizations.

    makes an awesome gift for open houses, grand openings, grant or achievement services, and other up-and-coming events. (think bosses day!)

    Gifts #2 to get you well soon

    lucky bamboo is also given to people who are unwell or depressed to help them get out of the situation.

    #3 wedding and housewarming gifts

    A wedding is also a decent and ideal opportunity to give a lucky bamboo tree. It is an extraordinary way to wish someone a long, prosperous and karma-filled life.

    #4 where to find lucky bamboo

    Should you want to bring lucky bamboo into your home, or send it to someone who needs a little luck, contact your neighborhood flower specialist.

    Numerous flower specialists across the country also sell houseplants, including lucky bamboo, in their flower shops. Apart from this, you can find various lucky bamboo plants online shopping sites, never miss lucky bamboo plants for sale near you.

    what are lucky bamboo feng shui plants? not

    what to follow while lucky bamboo places feng shui in 2022

    1. choose a vase that is at least 2 inches wider than the plant, so it can grow freely.
    2. we can put polished stones & pebbles in the vase. will make the vase attractive, also helps keep the bamboo plant upright.
    3. keep the plant indoors.
    4. lucky bamboo can grow in water filtered or distilled. then try using clean water.
    5. If you notice the leaves turning yellow, you can let the water sit overnight before using.
    6. Cut off yellow leaves immediately, as they it can add negativity to the environment.
    7. replace clean water at least once every 2 weeks.
    8. keep loving them and loving them. they will fill you with love.

    what to avoid during lucky bamboo feng shui placement in 2022

    1. Because lucky bamboo loves clean water, it doesn’t mean you overwater the plant.
    2. Replace the water twice a week for proper growth.
    3. bamboo does not require direct sunlight; so it should be avoided.
    4. make a clean environment for them to avoid negativity near the plant.

    which way to keep the lucky bamboo tree

    The bamboo tree should be placed in the east if you want to take advantage of its comfort angles. when placed in the southeast, bamboo will help you regain prosperity, as that is the path of money and abundance. a bamboo plant with 10 stemss will bring great health, satisfaction, happiness and success.

    can we put a bamboo plant outside the house?

    the lucky bamboo is designed for interiors, since it cannot withstand extreme cold or strong sun strong>. indoors it can be kept in a sunlight area where you don’t have to think about its temperature. you can decorate the bamboo with crystals and colored stones


    as you have read all its miraculous healing power, the lucky bamboo plant is a feng shui enhancer. next time you find someone selling it, go ahead and buy it.

    Also, the lucky bamboo feng shui location may be inside your home. It is also the best gift choice for any occasion, whether it is marriage, birthday, housewarming, party.

    lucky bamboo is great for bringing positivity and security into your homes. In addition, it invites prosperity and luck. apart from this, they are the best decoration underpants that can match the whole interior.

    and lastly, don’t forget to love them unconditionally to get it back.

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