9 Feng Shui Animals That Bring Good Luck

According to feng shui, animals are the greatest source of good luck and if placed in particular directions in the house, they are sure to bring you happiness and lots of positive energy. however, great care must be taken with its location to activate the areas of the house that will perpetuate the good. So let’s see this list of 9 feng shui animals that you can bring into your home.

1. bat

An ancient symbol of wealth, in Chinese, the word ‘bat’ means prosperity. It should be placed in the Southeast section of your home as it is known to be a symbol of wealth and wellness. bat (2)A Feng Shui animal, bat brings financial prosperity to one’s life

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2. dragon

Pretty much playing on its characteristics, dragons as Feng Shui animals bring in a lot of power to your life. If kept in the house’s Southeast direction, it can ward off negative energy and keep burglars and robbers away from your personal space. dragonA Feng Shui dragon used as a symbol of power

As shown in the image, a dragon represents power and royalty and keeps negativity away from your home.

3. cricket

The presence of cricket in a house in the kitchen brings in wealth. A decorative item for good fortune, a cricket statue should ideally be in either your kitchen or the Southeast direction of your house. It can be kept in your home or your office. cricketA cricket made of crystal used as Feng Shui animals for good luck

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4. boar

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A Chinese astrology sign as well as a Feng Shui animal, a boar, also known as the pig, activates the wealth area of the house, which is usually in the southeast corner. This animal is often used to collect money and that is why money is usually saved in piggy banks. boarA Feng Shui boar is usually used as a piggy bank to store money

5. deer

Elegant, graceful, and known for longevity, deer is a sign of abundance when viewed as one of the Chinese Feng Shui animals. It can be in the Southeast corner of the dining room or even in the East direction of the house to bring abundant health in the lives of everyone living in the house. deerA beautiful deer statue for your home, one of the must-have feng shui animals as part of your decor

6. dog

Much like its qualities, a dog as a Feng Shui animal is a symbol of faith and loyalty. For the protection and keeping your sense of just in life, placing a dog in your house will allow you to stand strong in the face of adversity in your life. A relatively liberal item in terms of placement can be in the North corner of the house to protect your career, the Southeast corner to protect your wealth, and the Southwest corner to save your marriage or relationship. dogA colourful red Feng Shui dog

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a stunningly beautiful item to keep on display, you can have a dog for your home like the one in the picture. adds a vibrant touch to the environment and keeps you protected against any kind of negative energy.

7. monkey

Also, a Chinese astrology sign, a monkey statue in the house promotes creativity, intelligence and innovation. It should be placed in the North, Southeast or South directions of your house to elevate your career, wealth and fame or recognition respectively.monkeyA golden statue of the Chinese monkey, one of the most loved feng shui animals

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One of the most popular feng shui animals, the monkey is known for its mischief and also brings that playful energy to your surroundings. As it raises the energy of the area where it is placed, bring a Golden Chinese Monkey Statue and add it to your home.

8. rat

A symbol of leadership, this Feng Shui animal can be placed in the southwest corner of the house to improve your love life and attract romantic fulfilment. This animal is used in the Chinese Peach Blossom Theory, which teaches people to attract and keep love in your life alongside other Feng Shui animals.ratA Chinese metallic rat, one of the most popular feng shui animals

9. snake

Another of the astrological signs in astrology, the snake is a symbol of passion, intelligence and determination. Best activated in the southwest corner of your house, it is used to attract abundance in love and relationships. It can also be kept in any area where you intend to bring abundance, like your office or workspace. snakeA Feng Shui animal, a snake brings abundance to the house

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feng shui heavenly animals

feng-shui-celestial-animalsAn image of the four Feng Shui celestial animalsA lot of Feng Shui practitioners have also been skilled astronomers and the four Feng Shui celestial animals have been derived from the shapes and placements of constellations. These four animals are:

black tortoise: sits to the north and brings support and stability to your home.- green dragon: sits on the east side of the house, the green dragon saves your house from negative and violent energy and brings wealth and prosperity.- white tiger: in the west where the sun sets, this animal ensures that the positive energy of your house is not exhaust. – red phoenix: in the southern direction of the house, the red phoenix brings fame and recognition to the people of the house. it also brings new opportunities and stores the positivity of the house in its facilities.

Note: A feng shui expert should be consulted before placing feng shui celestial animals in your home for best results.

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