The 9 Best Feng Shui Tips for Love and Romance

attract or harmonize a romantic relationship with these nine simple feng shui cures.

These easy-to-implement feng shui practices are foolproof ways to create an environment that supports and enhances your love life.

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romantic feng shui tip #1: reduce bedroom clutter

Clearing clutter is always a good idea, but feng shui teaches that if you want to create a romantic atmosphere, it’s especially important to clear clutter in the bedroom. If you can, choose another room for your books, knick-knacks, vitamins, appliances, workout gear, and any other items that contribute to a chaotic, unromantic atmosphere. (if not, save them so they’re out of sight.) Also, under-bed storage isn’t ideal if you can avoid it, as it doesn’t contribute to ideal energy flow.

romantic feng shui tip #2: make room for two

feng shui teaches us to create the space for what we desire.

so whether or not you live with a partner, incorporate as many romantic and couple-friendly design options as possible. if you are in a relationship, this creates the space for harmony and therefore promotes harmony. if you’re not in a relationship, this will help magnetize one.

For example, it’s ideal if your bed comfortably accommodates two: this means a big enough bed, two nightstands, and space on both sides of the bed so that no one has to climb on the other. if you have a patio, two comfortable chaise lounges or a cozy two-seater swing on the porch would be fantastic. other ideas: a breakfast nook for two, a dining table for two, a two-seater sofa.

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romantic feng shui tip #3: take family photos in the bedroom

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You know what doesn’t create the space for romance? a picture of your mom or your brother or your children. don’t worry: you can go ahead and have these photos in any old place you like… except the bedroom. If you have empty spaces on your nightstands where your photos used to be, consider candles, floral decor, or Himalayan salt lamps.

romantic feng shui tip #4: go for ambient lighting

Obviously, you’re more likely to plan a romantic date in a dimly lit restaurant than one with fluorescent lighting. so to attract and promote harmonious romance, light your home ambiently as well.

If you don’t want to invest in recessed and dimmer lights, consider twinkling lights, also known as white Christmas lights. you can place them under cabinets and along shelves, place them in vases, and place them artistically throughout your home for an instant, inexpensive, and feng shui-friendly glow.

romantic feng shui tip #5: choose warm or neutral colored sheets

Pink sheets aren’t for everyone, but feng shui wisdom tells us they promote romance and relaxation. if pink isn’t your thing, warm white, beige, peach or chocolate brown will also support passion, intimacy and romance. Cooler bedding colors like greens and blues, while wonderful for many other purposes, can cool passions.

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romantic feng shui tip #6: Clear the space after a breakup

If you still live in the same house you previously shared with someone else, or even if you didn’t share it, but lived there when you were in a previous relationship, according to feng shui, it’s important to clear the space. otherwise, some of the old relationship and energy patterns will still be in place. this can cause problems attracting and keeping a new relationship.

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Be sure to get rid of items that were gifts or belonged to the former member. and if you shared a bed with this person, it is ideal to replace it.

romantic feng shui tip #7: bring fresh flowers

Flowers are powerful heart openers, romantic magnetizers and emotional healers. and they instantly lift the mood in your home, which of course means good feng shui. Roses are the go-to for drawing and maintaining romantic love, but you can get more specific with this comprehensive list of flowers’ metaphysical properties.

romantic feng shui tip #8: sprinkle with rose water

Speaking of roses, fill your home with sweet feng shui vibes by sprinkling your space with rose water. this will help clear challenging vibrations while aligning your space with the energy of pure romance and harmonious love.

romantic feng shui tip #9: decorate with images of a happy couple

images are powerful. so make sure your images support your goal of harmonious romance. If you choose artwork depicting happy and passionate human couples, sweet and whimsical animal couples, or even two trees that could be said to be in a harmonious relationship, you are surrounding yourself with visual affirmations of what you want. and that’s a powerful thing to do.

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Have you tried any of these feng shui tips for romance? that you thought? please share in the comments below.

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