27 Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love and Improve Romance

love is complicated and confusing. feng shui love tips found on the web are no different.

I’ve seen some that suggest you do rituals, like writing something on a piece of paper and keeping it somewhere for 49 days. I’ve also seen some that require you to turn on your bedroom lights a certain way every night for several nights in a row.

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Although I have witnessed and studied the power of intentions, these tips and suggestions do not belong in the realm of feng shui. (If you’re interested in the power of intention, I suggest you read “The Intention Experiment.” The book reveals how our thoughts generate their own energy, backed by research at Princeton, MIT, and Stanford.)

Some of the advice you are about to read is similar to the concept of clutter, which belongs to modern psychology and not classical feng shui. however, I have listed them not only because feng shui experts included them as feng shui tips, but mainly because they really worked for most people I talked to.

Keep in mind that these feng shui tips can only help you so far. the important thing is that you make the effort to find love or improve your relationship. never expect feng shui to do all the work for you.

So here are feng shui love tips from around the web, along with some of my thoughts and comments.

feng shui bed for love

1. get a good solid header

A good solid headboard is important for quality sleep because it gives you a subtle sense of security. Scientific studies have concluded that poor quality sleep can be detrimental to your mental and physical health, including depleted sex drive. So it’s not just the headboard, the feng shui of any bedroom that helps improve sleep is a necessary foundation for enhancing bedroom romance.

The above image shows a bed with a good solid headboard.

The above image shows a bed with a good solid headboard.

2. Freshen Up Your Bedsheets and Linens

Some feng shui experts say that new sheets and bedding can help refresh your romantic relationship. others tell you to wear colors like white, bright green, or pink to warm up your relationship and avoid red because it could burn your relationship. Although I have never tried them, I personally believe that the effects of colors in feng shui are limited, and these tips can only provide short-term results.

3. place your bed correctly

In addition to not sleeping with your head under a window and other feng shui taboos, you should avoid placing your bed in a corner because you or your partner may feel trapped. In other words, this means that both sides of the bed should be within easy reach where you or your partner do not have to climb over another body to get in and out of bed. position your bed correctly to prevent a person from getting the least desirable position. This way, getting out of bed will be less disruptive and sleep-related conflicts will be completely avoided.

The above image is an example where both sides of the bed are easily accessible.

The above image is an example where both sides of the bed are easily accessible.

4. Remove Extra Pillows or Stuffed Animals

Although this is not exactly feng shui advice, some consultants have included it as part of their feng shui advice. If your bed is full of pillows or stuffed animals, it sends the message that you don’t have room for anyone else to join you.

feng shui bedroom for love

5. color your walls and curtains

Bedroom wall colors and window treatments should complement each other to create a balanced flow of love and sexual energy. if possible use a touch of pink because it represents love, joy, happiness and romance. Just like what I said above, I personally think the results of just using colors are short-lived.

6. carefully select the art for your bedroom

Works of art have a profound impact on our emotions. Don’t hang pictures depicting violence, sadness, or religion (such as angels) in your bedroom because they can invoke strong emotions that will distract you from your sleep and romance in the bedroom. instead, try to use artwork that symbolizes love, such as two lovers kissing, because it can influence your behavior through social proof. In other words, you’ll feel more comfortable connecting intimately when you see another couple doing the same thing.


Above is an image of an oil painting that depicts love and is suitable for the bedroom.

This is an oil painting that depicts love and is suitable for the bedroom.

7. Get Rid of the Television

TV is a distraction to romance and sleep in the bedroom. if the television is on, your attention is focused on the television rather than on your loved one right next to you. it prevents you from making intimate connections or having meaningful conversations with your partner. In addition, the TV is an electronic device that belongs to the fire element and provides yang energy, which is not the energy you want in your bedroom.

8. get rid of work in your bedroom

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Some feng shui experts suggest you remove work-related furniture in your bedroom because it reminds you or your co-worker. some experts go further for the same reason, telling you not to take your laptop or even your smartphone to bed because of our constant need to check email. when your mind is obsessed with work, you are less likely to pay attention to your partner. Also, constantly reminding yourself about work is likely to create stress that will negatively affect the romance in the bedroom.

In today’s world, work is not the only factor that’s affecting people’s intimacy in bed.

In today’s world, work is not the only factor that’s affecting people’s intimacy in bed.

9. Bedside Furniture should be Symmetrical

Like many other tips listed here, this is more of a modern approach to feng shui. the furniture on both sides of the bed should be the same because it promotes feelings of equality and the notion of association. no one has extra nightstand space, and there really is no better side of the bed. this seems to me to be really one less thing for a couple to fight over.

10. clear for love

You need to tidy up not only your bedroom, but also your entire house. Although decluttering is not part of classical feng shui, many feng shui experts still include it as part of a tip that will improve relationships and romance. Clutter is a stressor that can affect us mentally, and when stress boils over, your partner’s patience and tolerance can decrease significantly, which can lead to constant fights. Plus, having less clutter in the house prevents couples from clashing with statements like “clean your stuff!” It’s one less thing couples fight over.

11. delete pictures of friends and family in the bedroom

Although this has more to do with modern psychology than classical feng shui, I think this is good advice to follow. having pictures of people’s faces, not just your friends and family, can negatively affect the romance in the bedroom. This is because most of us are uncomfortable showing affection in public, and having photos in your bedroom sometimes feels like people are staring at you.

12. get rid of the mirrors in front of the bed

many experts have mentioned that the mirror in front of the bed tends to bring the energy of the third party into your intimate relationship. I’m not sure how this is, but I can imagine that this feng shui saying originated from the accumulation of experiences. in any case, the mirror facing the bed is simply bad feng shui that can affect your sleep in a number of ways.

Stare at yourself and you may actually see a distorted version of your own face when you’re about three feet away from the mirror in the dark room, according to the strange face-in-the-mirror illusion experiment.

Stare at yourself and you may actually see a distorted version of your own face when you’re about three feet away from the mirror in the dark room, according to the strange face-in-the-mirror illusion experiment.

13. No Additional Rooms in Your Bedroom

By extra rooms, I mean an actual living room with a sofa or even a bed (and not a dresser) that is divided by a sliding door or some kind of divider. although this is rarely seen, some experts have claimed that an extra bedroom invites infidelity into your relationship.

14. increase bedroom privacy

This tip doesn’t have much to do with classical feng shui, but it may help some people. some people are just uncomfortable showing affection in public. But sometimes it’s not just the sight, it’s also the sound. If your partner is more introverted, you can enhance the romance in the bedroom by closing the window or installing heavier doors to increase privacy that will shield not only sight but sound as well.

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15. remember the yin of the bedroom

yin energy helps people relax. that’s why the bedroom should have dimmer lights, soft music or colors that induce relaxation. As mentioned above, stress decreases romance in the bedroom. a bedroom with more yin energies can help you and your partner relax, which will naturally open the doors for both of you to connect intimately.

bathroom feng shui

16. beautify the bathroom

Some suggest that the bathroom should be transformed with healing energy that gives off a spa-like sense of beauty and relaxing energy. others suggest including beautiful decorations, flowers, and heart-shaped artwork. I think these tips can definitely help your relationship because they communicate love and care. however, this advice is not related to classical feng shui.

Adding some flowers can always create a more sensual energy in your bathroom.

Putting fresh flowers inside a water-filled acrylic bathtub is commonly seen as a symbol of romance. Adding flowers can always create a more sensual energy in your bathroom.

17. Bathroom in the Love Area

The southwest corner of your home is considered the love area, and bathrooms in the southwest area are said to negatively affect your love relationships because bathrooms are known for their bad feng shui. To minimize its effects, experts have suggested using fire and earth elements to strengthen that area because the southwest belongs to the earth feng shui element. Also, don’t forget that good habits like closing the toilet lid and keeping the bathroom clean can help minimize bad bathroom feng shui.

feng shui items for love

18. use flowers to promote love

Many have suggested that flowers can be used to promote love. singles wishing to marry should display a vase of peonies in the living room. just don’t put it in the bedroom because plants are generally not suitable for the bedroom. If placed correctly, flowers have the ability to bring “peach blossom luck” (more below), which is suitable for singles but not married couples because it will invite other parties into your relationship.

19. use artwork that represents love

These artworks can range from paintings to other types of home décor. as mentioned above, they are more suitable for the bedroom, and sometimes for the bathroom. artwork featuring a pair of mandarin ducks is the most popular, well known and widely used traditional feng shui cure for love. Personally, I suggest you choose the artwork that you like the most.

Swarovski Mandarin Ducks Figurine.

Swarovski Mandarin Ducks Figurine.

20. Removing Objects from Previous Love

Some say that feng shui suggests that you remove objects from your previous relationships because it will help you move forward. although I don’t disagree with the advice, I don’t think it is related to classical feng shui. other more credible advice asks you to get rid of the bed and mattress from a previous relationship because you will be sleeping with the negative energy of your ex lover.

21. hang mirrors and crystals

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If your bed is at the end of a long hallway or corridor, or if it’s in line with the front door, your romance could be negatively affected. If that’s the case for you, one expert suggested hanging mirrors diagonally across from each other in the hallway, or suspending a small glass sphere from a silver thread directly inside the door as a cure.

22. use candles to inspire love

candles have the ability to add sensuality to a setting, and red, pink and multicolored candles are said to be feng shui love cures. candles have the ability to strengthen the fire element and conflict with the water element, so be sure to use candles wisely according to the feng shui element of that area.

23. post happy photos of you and your partner

If you’re married or in a relationship, you can put happy photos of you and your partner around the house. that includes the kitchen, hallways, or any high-traffic area. While I don’t think this is related to feng shui, I do agree that remembering happy times together creates a positive internal energy that will boost intimacy between you and your partner.

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Happy photos bring back pleasant memories and creates inner positive energy.

Happy photos bring back pleasant memories and creates inner positive energy.

24. Put Furniture Legs on Rugs

The idea behind this is that the furniture should be arranged to support communication. so if you can put the front legs of the entire sofa in the living room on a rug, people will tend to sit there to talk, thus increasing the chances of an intimate connection.

Feng Shui concepts related to love

25. use roosters to cure bad romance

relationships can be loving, toxic or both. If you are (or were) in a bad relationship that is difficult to end, one way is to use a little rooster figurine to help break that relationship. To do this, place the rooster on a shelf that is taller than the average human height with its beak pointing toward the front door.

A typical Feng Shui rooster figurine.

A typical Feng Shui rooster figurine.

26. Place Flowers in the Peach Blossom Luck Position

Peach Blossom luck is only suitable for those who are looking for love (not for those who are in a relationship), and its zone in your house differs according to the person’s animal sign. To activate your peach blossom luck, it’s easiest to place fresh flowers in that area of ​​your home. Below is a chart to help you find the direction of your lucky peach blossom.

Use your animal sign and this chart to find your Peach Blossom area.

Use your animal sign and this chart to find your Peach Blossom area.

27. Take Good Care of Your Love Area

The southwest area of ​​your home is your love area. it is the earth element, and earthy colors can promote tenderness in that area while strengthening the earth element (especially necessary if that area is lacking or has limited space). you can also use objects related to earth or fire elements to activate the earth element in that area.

27.5 know your personal luck areas

here is an additional tip. There are many other feng shui factors that influence love and romance in your life, such as the location of your bedroom and how your personal kua fits in with your home. These are great concepts that can’t be communicated with just a few tips, but I just wanted to let you know that they exist.

feng shui is just one solution

Even if you follow all these tips and get help from the feng shui masters, you still have to work to find love or improve your current relationship. that is, he still has to be attentive to his partner’s needs while making sure the two of them spend time together. you are the one who can make a difference, despite all the obstacles that come your way.

Love stories goes against the odds

In other words, don’t expect that after all the feng shui improvements, your true love will knock on your door or that your current partner will love you even if you never make the effort to spend time together. I hate to break it to you, but feng shui is not magic, nor is it a love spell. but I can tell you this: it will definitely help a lot if you put in the effort. you will notice that your relationship will face fewer obstacles and your love life will grow stronger every day like a tree that is adequately nourished with clean air and water.


Using feng shui and some psychological principles can definitely help you find love or improve your relationship. If you really want feng shui to help you, I suggest you seek professional help because following these tips can only help you so far.

Have any of these tips worked for you? What other feng shui love tips have worked for you? please share your thoughts by commenting below!

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