4 simple steps to learn all about the crystal lotus flower. – Artisan du Cristal

everyone knows lotus flowers. You have already heard about the benefits of this plant.

but do you know where it comes from?

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ok there is the plant but if you are an expert in feng shui you also know the virtues that the crystal lotus flower can bring harmony to your life and your interior.

So, either you know feng shui or you say to yourself, “This is a little crazy.”

but no, I’m not crazy, there really is a whole story around this object and beliefs.

but what are the qualities of this mysterious object?

It sounds to you like it’s probably been around for a long time, but you don’t really know where it started.

what is the history of the lotus flower?

In this article I will explain its origins and if you don’t know feng shui, read the article and you will understand.

but this is not the end.

You’ve probably already noticed that glass lotus flowers come in many colors. These have a meaning that I explain in this article.

Beyond the Victorian and contemporary meanings of the lotus, we also find a wealth of symbols associated with these flowers in Hinduism, Buddhism, and ancient Egyptian religious practices.

In ancient Egypt, the flower was widely used as a symbol in the paintings and engravings left on the walls of temples and tombs.

Scholars believe that the Egyptians considered the lotus to be a symbol of rebirth because it seemed to sink at night and rise again in the morning.

This blue water lily, whose origin in Egypt is attributed to the Persians who would have brought it there around 500 BC, is illustrated with Egyptian hieroglyphics on the capitals of Egyptian temples, in frescoes. in the tombs it symbolizes rebirth, reincarnation, for its flowers that can be renewed at dawn after having withered during the night.

4 simple steps to learn all about the crystal lotus flower. - Artisan du Cristal

This plant is now known to simply shed its faded flowers and add new ones on a daily cycle, but it remains a powerful reminder of reincarnation and the mysteries of the afterlife.

priests and other religious leaders also used to crush the flowers to make a tea with mild sedative and psychotropic effects, which developed their sense of ritual work.

The meaning of the lotus in the Hindu religion is somewhat different.

After exchanging ideas with Buddhists for thousands of years, Hindu religious leaders began to use the flower as a symbol of peace and eternity.

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white lotus flowers are usually depicted under the feet of deities such as lakshmi, ganesha and saraswati.

brahma, the supreme creator, arises from a lotus. this feeling of purity comes from the fact that the flower usually grows in mud and rises in water to bloom.

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The lotus is also present in the symbology related to the chakras or energy centers located along the spine. Eastern and yogic healing traditions refer to it.

in asia the lotus flower is a sacred flower, it is often used as a seat for buddha, ganesh and other deities, it has the power to grow in brackish water and come out of it becoming a symbol of great purity.

if you place it behind a window, it will become a powerful energizer for your feng shui by spreading its green reflections throughout the room and activating the flow of chi (vital energy). it is also a protection against the waves that invade us.

but maybe you don’t know feng shui

I’ll explain it to you.

feng shui is an ancient art of Chinese origin that aims to harmonize the environmental energy of a place in order to promote the health, well-being and prosperity of its occupants.

This art aims to arrange the houses according to the visible (waterways) and invisible (wind) flows to obtain a balance of forces and a circulation of energy.

It is one of the Taoist arts, like traditional Chinese medicine or acupuncture, with which it shares a common core of knowledge.

In feng shui, the principle of yin and yang is used to assess and determine the nature of an environment. it will be, for example, predominantly yin, yang, or in perfect balance.

yin and yang are in perpetual motion. nothing is immutable, nothing is fixed, everything is in perpetual motion. this is one of the fundamentals of the principle of yin and yang.

It is in a notion of relationship that this principle is understood.

for example, water can be yin in the form of ice, compared to liquid water which will then be yang in nature. just as this liquid water will be of a yin nature if we compare it to steam, which will be the more yang form of this water.

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here is your yin and yang symbol:

4 simple steps to learn all about the crystal lotus flower. - Artisan du Cristal

yin, represented in black, evokes, among other things, the feminine principle, the moon, darkness, freshness, receptivity, etc.

yang, on the other hand, represents, among other things, the masculine principle, the sun, luminosity, heat, momentum, etc.

This duality can also be associated with many other complementary oppositions (such as: suffering/enjoyment; aversion/desire; agitation/calmness; roundness/angularity; etc.).

Now that you know all about feng shui and its practices, let’s get back to the point.

the famous lotus flower.

good to make a small summary; this flower is sacred and if you place it in different places in your interior it could have an impact on your daily life.

but that’s not all the lotus flower has several symbols. And why combine it with glass?

We’ll find out.

sublimate your interior with this magnificent crystal lotus flower“feng shui”.

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It is the symbol of absolute purity, spiritual awakening and fidelity, the lotus flower has the peculiarity of taking root in the mud, while its flower blooms majestically on the water.

Untouched by impurity, the lotus represents purity of heart and mind.

crystal is a symbol of purity and limpidity, it is both the visible and the invisible. lets in light and fades its contours to create a rich illusion of light.

in feng shui, the crystal lotus flower will create a better circulation and balance of the qi energies of your home to bring success, harmony and balance in the relationship, happiness and communication in family, wealth and success in business, health and protection.

place your crystal lotus flower in a sunny spot (home or office) so it can emit beautiful color reflections and harmonize the energies of your room.

You have already seen on the internet or in a store that lotus flowers come in different colors.

or maybe you already have one at home.

You should know that each color has a meaning.

each color has its own meaning that I will explain to you.

choose the color or colors that most appeal to you.

  • Blue It represents peace, calm, serenity, freshness but also sensitivity.4 simple steps to learn all about the crystal lotus flower. - Artisan du Cristal
  • Green Flower : symbolizes the naturalness, the balance, the freshness but also the happiness, the harmony, the success, the energy, the optimism, the youth, the calm, the serenity.
  • Yellow The color is a cheerful and lively color that represents joy, energy, tonicity and dynamism. It symbolizes softness and intelligence.
  • Red It transmits energy and initiative, gives desire. Color of love, it represents passion, temptation, emotion, strength, power, luxury, energy, perseverance, struggle and determination.
  • 4 simple steps to learn all about the crystal lotus flower. - Artisan du Cristal

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