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Did you know that the Chinese art of feng shui has been around for thousands of years? Or that this ancient Chinese philosophy can help you harness the energy of your natural environment using basic design principles?

Feng shui can even help you choose the most auspicious shapes for logos and other design features. If you’re working on your company logo and aren’t sure which design is right for your business, we’ve got you covered.

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feng shui tips for creating a logo

1. learn the basics of feng shui

In feng shui, there are four basic elements that guide design symbols. these are based on Taoist beliefs and involve five concepts central to yin and yang theory. so what the heck are yin and yang?

yin and yang describe opposite but complementary forces according to Chinese philosophy. these forces, as dualities, are interconnected and interdependent. although duality is common to many belief systems, in feng shui they are equal parts of a unity known as the tao.

According to the yin and yang theory, everything on the planet has certain aspects of yin and yang. feng shui considers how these elements combine to manifest certain energies.

These elements include color, shape, images, direction and even font. Let’s take a closer look at these categories.

2. elements for logos

Like people, different types of businesses are associated with different feng shui elements. In feng shui, there are five elements:

  • earth
  • water
  • metal
  • fire
  • wood

Each of these elements encompasses certain characteristics unique to various types of businesses. How do you find out which of these elements best represents your business and the services you offer? Let’s divide the elements by their different characteristics.

wood is associated with education, paper and clothing. So if you have a nursery, for example, then wood would be the element for your business.

fire is ideal for a creative, forward-thinking or fast-paced business. this symbol implies action and athletics or has something to do with food.

metal is the element for industries associated with money and technology. so if you’re creating a logo for a bank or a new technology company, you’ll want to incorporate a logo that harmonizes with metal.

Water is often associated with cleanliness, relaxation, and purity, making it a perfect fit for the beauty industry.

land is the element of business in the construction and agriculture industries. find out which of these elements is related to your business and then get ready to create an amazing logo.

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3. colors for logos

In feng shui, color has great power. Even more than words or shapes, color expresses powerful non-verbal messages.

Colors also relate to certain elements, so choose your logo colors carefully. you want the feng shui element of your company to match the color choice of your logo.

what does this mean in a real world situation? for example, red stimulates and arouses activity while blue calms and calms. green, like blue, also has a strong calming effect.

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on the one hand, then, when it comes to a company that promotes action, red proves to be the more appropriate color choice than blue. on the other hand, if you own a large spa and massage business, focus on the restorative and relaxing elements of your business by opting for blue and green in your logo.

4. shapes for logos

shapes are related to specific elements found in feng shui. what is the easiest way to discern the relationship between elements and shapes? think about what these shapes represent in nature.

For example, the triangle symbol in feng shui symbolizes fire, and the rectangle indicates wood. Here’s a breakdown of all five elements by shape:Diagram of the 5 Elements Earth, Wind, Water, Wood, Metal around a 5 point Star

  • fire: triangle
  • wood: rectangle
  • water: wavy
  • metal: round
  • earth: square

When choosing shapes for logos, keep these basic feng shui principles in mind. They will guide you to choose the most harmonious forms for the image and success of your company.

5. images for logos

Images, like shapes, should also be chosen to relate to your business intent. These tend to be among the easiest items to select, as images visually encapsulate what your business does.

For example, it makes sense to symbolize your veterinary practice with the image of a dog. the same goes for your dog’s daycare. no need to do much guesswork here.

6. symbols for logos

the symbols are a bit less clear than the images. but they can still help a business by connecting with their appropriate feng shui energy. sometimes this happens even with a seemingly unrelated symbol.

For example, we’ve all seen the apple logo a million times. but does it say much about what macintosh does? nope.

That said, it still works. why? The apple symbol contains powerful and uplifting feng shui energy. plus, it’s a memorable image.

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The same can be said for other logos that seem to have little to do with your company’s services and products. The Nike Swoosh stands as another excellent example of what an unrelated, but auspicious image can do for a company. it’s memorable and attracts the right kind of feng shui energy as evidenced by the company’s stellar success.

7. instructions for logos

Just as the energy of each element is represented by colors, shapes and images, they are also associated with specific directions. feng shui bagua or pakua is one of the main tools practitioners use to analyze the energy in a space and choose the optimal direction for design.

So how do you use prompts to optimize your company logo? First, use feng shui bagua to learn how to correctly design your logo design. then work with a graphic artist to create a logo that harmonizes all feng shui bagua areas of your business.

8. fonts for logos

How important could the source really be? consider this…

When White Mountain Shoe changed their logo font, their profits increased by 20 percent! As you can see, underestimating the typography associated with your brand could cost you a lot of money.

If you choose to include words in your logo, you’ll want to consider the font carefully. As with the features above, make sure the source flows naturally from your feng shui element. must work with the objectives, mission and values ​​of your company.

The choice of a font should differentiate your logo and your company. in addition, it must encompass the energy that flows through the rest of your design. ultimately, it must resonate with your brand.

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As a business owner in the digital age, you’ve never had more choices when it comes to fonts. so go online and do some research. there are thousands of fonts to choose from, just make sure the one you choose is a perfect fit for your brand.

9. start small for logos

When designing your logo, be sure to start small and then work your way up. that means starting at the favicon level. what is a favicon?

A favicon is that little thumbnail image used at the beginning of a website’s url. measures 16 pixels x 16 pixels. but what does it have to do with logo design?

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When you start at the favicon level and find a design that makes sense, you’ll develop a workable image that will be successful at a variety of scales. this method gives you a great logo and favicon that you can put at the beginning of your business url.

Having a cohesive and memorable brand name (and a favicon) will give your business an added marketing edge. it will also make your business easier to find online.

10. avoid negative associations

When creating a logo, always stay away from negative associations and images. they attract the wrong kind of energy, energy that your business doesn’t need. Also, avoid the temptation to be smart or cheeky.

Instead, look on the positive to choose a logo that aligns with the success you want your company to enjoy. be progressive. Finally, create a visual representation of your business that exudes success and abundance.

11. hire an expert

If you’ve finished reading the feng shui principles above and still don’t know where to start, don’t give up. consider hiring a professional feng shui practitioner to help you create the best logo for your business.

A certified feng shui professional will incorporate the above principles to create the optimal logo for your business. That said, many people claim to be feng shui experts without the proper education and background. therefore, be careful who you hire.

hire a designer

feng shui for logos

There are many factors that go into choosing a business logo. why not use concepts from the ancient practice of feng shui to help you design the best feng shui for your business?

start by understanding the basics of this ancient philosophical system. then determine which of the five elements best aligns with your business.

once you’ve found the element that represents your company, choose design features in harmony with its energy.

Knowing your business element can help you choose the best colors for your logo, image or symbol, shapes for logos, and even the optimal font. will take the guesswork out of designing an attractive and memorable logo that is indicative of your brand and your company’s vision and mission.

Interested in learning more about business logo design? Ready to make some decisions and get your brand out there? apply your new knowledge and try our online logo maker.

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