How To Design Feng Shui Living Room In Affordable Ways?

Before reading what are the feng shui rules for the living room, have a little introduction to feng shui . The definition of the Chinese feng shui words is “wind” and “water“.

and the room is a hub of exterior communication, keep it clean and tidy at all times, avoiding the accumulation of garbage and debris.

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decoration professionals believe this can be condensed. the centripetal force of the family and enhance personal wealth. Let’s explore all about the living room aspects of feng shui.

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what are the feng shui rules for the living room?

When either of these two elements does not flow harmoniously, life is out of balance. Feng Shui is the study of the movement of energy and how it influences and affects all aspects of our lives. so now we will discuss the feng shui living room 2022 guide in detail.

understand the forces of nature and interact with them harmoniously. through the five elements of nature, the colors, the shapes and the decoration elements of feng shui > can make our lives significantly better.

The ancients, observing nature, discovered the games, their laws, their rhythms and how to participate in them without undermining their own freedom.

using common sense and arise from the observation of nature itself. the environment affects the way we survive.

That is why it is important to carefully select the location of the house, its orientation and that of the objects that surround us in our house or workplace.

  • a clean and tidy living room will make people naturally in a good mood and will really achieve the effect of relaxing the mind and body, and the living room as external communication center, please keep clean and tidy at any time to prevent the accumulation of garbage and debris.
  • the living room is not only a place to receive people but also an important place for family activities. its status throughout the house is like a person’s heart.
  • The quality of feng shui in the living room affects the wealth, work and health of the family, so much attention should be paid. here we take a look at little feng shui knowledge about living room decoration for your reference.
  • feng shui living room 2022 location is best where we can see the entrance door.
  • according to feng shui knowledge, if you need to go to the living room through the bedroom or kitchen after entering the door, it will make the interior and the exterior of the residence unclear.
  • what will lead to a lack of privacy in life and easily lead to derailment or flight from work or business? therefore, remind the owner that the living room feng shui 22022 20 must be visible as soon as you enter the door.
  • also, you must pay attention to the light bulb, a fluorescent lamp to check if they are It is not broken. you should update quickly to avoid inconvenience to life.

combo dining room in feng shui?

In feng shui, the dining room/living room has a high degree of importance and that is “the room“. where families are supposed to “dine” and spend some real quality time together.

I said “it was supposed to” because in most houses the dining room/living room.

and the living rooms are rarely used (for eating). and they tend to become “warehouses” for all sorts of things that can’t be found anywhere else in the house.

here is a list of some items, really few, that are usually placed in dining/living rooms and living rooms.

  • television set
  • children’s toys
  • antique cabinets
  • feng shui sofa
  • slightly used travel bags
  • laundry clothes

and the list goes on and on, so you need to learn how to combine feng shui in the living room and dining room.

However, you must understand that accumulating all these elements, which do not really belong in the living room and the dining room/living room, has a very negative effect on the feng shui of the dining room/living room.

In fact, I can go ahead and boldly state that accumulating clutter in any feng shui area of ​​a home or living room is bound to deteriorate. the feng shui for that area because they restrict the free flow of qi energy in the house.

Having said that, I don’t mean to say that you can’t have children’s toys or laundry clothes at home, what I’m trying to say is that you just keep them in appropriate places and don’t let them clutter your house.

Now, I know you want to really learn and understand the tips for feng shui living room 2022 and living room and dining room combination, so without delay, let’s jump into them right away.

  • fengShui Livingroom 1
  • Feng Shui Livingroom 1
  • FengShui Livingroom 1

top 20 combined feng shui rules for living room and dining room

the feng shui dining/living room and we build the living room combination to make your home’s dining/living room feng shui compatible

  1. make sure the dining room/living room is cozy, comfortable, arouses hunger and calm.
  2. maintain the balance of colors in the living room feng shui 2022 for feng shui dining room. don’t make it too bright or too dull.
  3. the dining room/living room should be well ventilated and get plenty of sunlight.
  4. hang a mirror in the dining room feng shui/living room to mirror the dining/living room table. this will bring more prosperity. Follow the feng shui mirror placement guidelines mentioned in feng shui mirror placement when placing a feng shui living room mirror anywhere in your home.
  5. You can provide a sink to the north or east of the dining room.
  6. keep the dining room/living room as close to the kitchen as possible.
  7. have a kitchen and a dining room/living room on the same floor.
  8. if your kitchen is really big, use a kitchen area as a dining room.
  9. if your dining/living room is part of the living room (a common case nowadays ), place curtains or potted plants as a demarcation line.
  10. choose a square/rectangular or oval/circular dining table.
  11. make sure the dining table feng shui is made of high-quality wood.
  12. the dining table should be large enough to provide space for everyone.
  13. keep the number of chairs even.
  14. maintain layout p To sit so that no one has their back to a door or window, as it creates a feeling of insecurity.
  15. Orientation is good for the head of the household. other members may face north, east, or west while eating.
  16. be courteous and polite to family members while eating (this does not in any way mean yelling at them somewhere else). always be kind and courteous.
  17. stay relaxed, calm, happy and stress-free while eating. in fact, always be that way.
  18. always have something on the dining room/living room table. you can store fruits in it. apples help develop friendship, pears are good for attracting positive energy, peaches help good health, and oranges symbolize wealth and prosperity.
  19. if fruits are not your choice, then You can keep flowers on the dining/living room table. just make sure you don’t use dried flowers, they mean spoilage.
  20. make sure you eat with your family every day. however, if that’s not possible, at least eat together once a week.

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best feng shui living room color options

everyone has always paid more attention to the feng shui of the living room. living room feng shui directly affects career, marriage, wealth and health, etc. of people, and is the most important part of Chinese home decoration feng shui.

The application of color in feng shui is mainly reflected in interior design, for example, the relationship between the main color of the living room and feng shui, and different colors in the room will have different fortunes.

The following introduces the feng shui 2022 living room colors setup in living room decor, hoping to bring you more luck.

feng shui living room colors idea

here is a compilation idea for choosing your feng shui colors for the new year 2022. there is a four position living room color setup

1. living room facing east: yellow should be the main color

in the east, the five elements belong to wood, which is the place where qi is strong. according to the theory of the five elements, grams of soil are rich. this is both the richness of the soil and the wood, and yellow is the representative color of “earth”.

When you use paint, wallpaper, sofa, you should choose the yellow color series, both shades, as long as you use this color, you can get good results.

2. living room facing south-white should be the main color

South of the five elements is fire, which is the place where fire and gas flourish. according to the theory of the five elements, grams of fire make money.

so, if you want to make money for the southern living room, the paint, wallpaper and sofa you choose should be white. because white is the representative color of “gold“.

Although the south window is relatively cool due to the south wind, the south is always a warm place. if it is arranged in cool color like white, it can effectively reduce hot fire.

3. western living room: green should be the main color

The five elements of the west belong to gold, which is a place where golden gas flourishes and jin kemu is wealth. the effect of wealth.

and the west-facing living room is very strong in the afternoon sunlight, which is not only very hot, but also dazzling, so it is very suitable to use a lighter green that can protect your eyes and eyes.

4. north-facing living room: red should be the main color

the five elements of the north belong to water, which is a place where water and gas are prosperous, and water is a good way to save money.

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so, if you want to make money from the northern living room, you should go for red, purple, and pink, as fire wallpapers, sofas, and rugs are all three colors.

From a physiological point of view, the north winds in winter, and the living room to the north is relatively cold.

so it is not appropriate to use cold colors such as blue, gray and white. if you use red and purple like fire, you can add a warm feeling.

Installation rules for feng shui living room lamps

  1. many homes install a couple of wall lamps or a couple of table lamps next to the bed. however, this arrangement represents erhesha.
  2. which is not good for health. the solution is to use a row of lights to illuminate, but the number of lights cannot be two, three or five.
  3. the doors of some houses are in the corridor, and when you open the door, you see the wall. this design is not only detrimental to airflow, but people living in the house are often in a depressive state.
  4. The solution is to install a feng shui living room mirror on the wall facing the door to relieve the cramp. You can also hang photos or posters of natural landscapes here to symbolically enhance the feeling of space.
  5. A porch is a place to pass inside and outside the house. For greater comfort, there is usually some furniture for storage. such as shoe racks, wall cabinets, weather cabinets, lockers, etc.
  6. however, there shouldn’t be too much furniture here. it is better to make full use of the space, and effectively and neatly accommodate enough furniture in a limited space.
  7. furniture design should focus on coordination with other styles of furniture in the home, to achieve mutual.
  8. feng shui emphasizes airflow. if the smell of shoes is emitted in the shoe cabinet, it will inevitably spread the cloudy air into the room.

best feng shui living room furniture rules

Feng shui practitioners also suggested that when designing home furnishings, you should infer the theme color, decoration style , the location of the furniture, etc. of home furnishings according to the numerology of the owner.

You must choose a good day for the start-up of the decoration and the day of the move. be careful not to touch some of your feng shui taboos.

shoemaker in living room

Therefore, when designing the shoe rack, efforts should be made to reduce odor. In addition, the shoes should be cleaned before being placed in the shoe rack, and the shoe rack should be cleaned regularly.

The shoe rack cannot be completely airtight, and the proper amount of ventilation not only contributes to maintaining hygiene inside the shoe rack, but also prevents harmful gas from being exhausted.

designed living room shelves

the designed shelves in some shoe cabinets are inclined downwards. when in use, the toe should point up to take action to increase height. if the toe points down, it means that the family’s fortunes may go downhill.

  • sharp things are taboo in feng shui, called poison arrows. if a sharp corner of the table is waiting for the door, it will be a piercing heartbreaker, which is not good for people’s health and wealth.
  • if the corner of the table look at the door, it’s not good for the family. Also, if the corner of the table faces the bedroom, it is not good for the people who live in the bedroom.
  • The solution is to change the sharp corner of the table to a arch it up or cover it with a screen. if this is not possible, at least a pot of plants should be placed in the corner of the table to alleviate their evil spirits.

living room feng shui layout and design rules

buildings are usually divided into palace buildings, government buildings, public buildings, residential buildings , religious buildings, garden buildings, bridge buildings.

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various buildings have their specific fengshui operation requirements. In addition to the individual requirements of various buildings, there are some common main rules.

  • first– the integration of heaven, earth and people.
  • second– the balance of yin and yang.
  • third– the five elements live together.

History has regarded time as the sky, environmental space as the earth, and the year, month, day, and hour of a person’s birth as a person.

Through a complicated operation, the three are reasonably combined. as auspicious, all three are properly handled as good, otherwise they are fierce;

Twenty-two things in the world can be divided into yin and yang, with mountains as yin and water as yang, lower as yin and yang, right as yin and left as yang, windows as yin and yang, and rooms as yin as yang.

small feng shui living room layout?

In architectural feng shuismall living room feng shui design, it is necessary to grasp the balance between yin and yang as auspicious and imbalance as evil;

The third and fifth elements are the five attributes of gold, wood, water, fire and earth. jinsheng water, water wood, wood fire, fire, earth, gold.

in architecture, forms, structures and designs are based on the principles of inexorably living in harmony and violating each other, and the building’s small feng shui living room design fits in with auspicious setting.

  1. In the study of the science of feng shui, scholars believe that ultrafine ions are found in nature (like the plasma generators sold in years past).
  2. and magnetic fields have a significant positive and negative impact on the human body and that any substance in the natural world will have an effect on the human body.
  3. ultramicroions and magnetic fields, these energies also change with the environment and also with the change of the field information of the body itself. This information energy can make us feel happy, think on our feet, and live a long and healthy life.
  4. can also make people think dull, nervous (phantom hit), sickness and short life. feng shui is based on the basis and design of the residential feng shui small living room.
  5. some information symbols to meet people’s psychological requirements for avoid evil. Throughout human life, the human body constantly exchanges material energy and information with the outside world.
  6. and the reflection of changes in natural electromagnetic waves is bound to be accompanied by some physical changes and chemical phenomena (some scholars have successfully tested humans, animals and plants with instruments).
  7. A number of physiological and biochemical phenomena occur under the influence of the human body, providing a basis for feng shui function!

so what are the tips of feng shui experts for the living room?

feng shui requires the living room to be clean, bright and clear airflow, indicating that the temperament is peaceful, avoid darkness, otherwise the family is not prosperous. for general visual reasons, the window is bright, clean and cool are the most basic requirements.

The living room is an important space for meeting guests and friends, so the decoration design and feng shui small living room layout should also be adapted to feng shui.

The living room should be bright, have good natural light, good air circulation, and most importantly, be able to be exposed to sunlight. The most taboo dark and damp living room will not only affect your health, but also your work and mood.

If the hall of the residence is dark, you can add tapestries or paintings to compensate for the defects, such as peony or sunflower, you can collect masculinity. In addition, the hanging pictures must be happy and content, to avoid lonely things.

1. feng shui paintings for living room

If there are landscape paintings hanging in the hallway, you should watch the flow of water into the house, not out. because the owner of the mountain manages the wealth, the water flows in to enter the treasure, and the water that comes out is lost.

The ship painting must make the bow of the ship face inward, and not leave home, harm the fortune of those who leave, and get money and treasure for those who enter.

2. wall clocks in living room


wall clocks in some corridors and rooms are necessary because the wall clocks in these places have four functions: one is to recruit wealth and the other is to ward off evil spirits; the third is to help the owner’s fortune and the fourth is to tell time.

however, if you don’t know how to hang the clock, you won’t be able to hang it in the wrong place. the watch face cannot face inward. it should be oriented towards the door or balcony.

3. living room plants

the green plants of the room must be placed. Rich bamboos and rich trees can be placed in the room, symbolizing the production of vitality and oxygen, which is beneficial to the living room.

the four seasons flowers do not need to be forced, but should be evergreen and evergreen. if it is wilted, it should be changed frequently to make the living room more vibrant.

4. living room behind the bedroom

  • feng shui theory first saw the bedroom when entering the door, the living room is behind the bedroom.
  • the average family pays more attention to the privacy of the bedroom (the bedroom uses steel, iron products, marble floor mirrors and windows are taboo in feng shui). be sure to point it directly at the bed.
  • In bedroom decoration and design, don’t choose weird lights or light fixtures that give off weird lighting effects.
  • In the whole house, the lights should be soft and bright, so that this house gives people a vibrant scene.

5. strange lights from the living room

  • With strange lights, the whole space of the house will look dark, lifeless and fortune will fall. There must be some decorations in the home to make the home more lively, such as green plants or flower pots.
  • You can also hang crystal chandeliers in the living room to lighten the space and adds a great decorative element.
  • I don’t plan on putting spiky or needle-like plants like cacti. because sharp objects are not suitable to appear in the home, this is “fierce” in the science of feng shui.
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6. feng shui living room colors

  • white, yellow, blue and green are preferred. wood colors are also acceptable. avoid black and less grey.
  • the color of the roof should not be light and heavy, because the ancient heaven and earth were only chaotic at the beginning of the opening, and then divided into two types of air.
  • the ceiling of the living room symbolizes the “heaven“, and of course the color is light and clear. the so-called qingqing refers to increasingly lighter colors; generally speaking.
  • is mainly white, light yellow and light blue, symbolizing sky blue and white meaning white clouds the color of the floor should be slightly darker to fulfill the meaning of lightness and weight.

living room feng shui [atmosphere, landscape and modern aspects]

when you come to the forbidden city in beijing. the gardens of suzhou and hangzhou will draw columns for their carved beams. it is golden and glorious and leisurely. when we don’t find grass, we will avoid it.

the mountains and the spectacle of clear water, sheltered from the wind and the sun, will make people look happy; flowing water, grass and trees will make people feel nostalgic; yingge yanwu, birds and flowers will make people feel refreshed

there are the physical, physiological and psychological effects of the environmental landscape on human beings. all this will make our thinking clearer and more agile, and inspiration will be especially active.

The mission of modern geomantic science is to incorporate the simple truths of traditional geomantic water into the logo of the modern environmental landscape, to better serve humanity.

the best living room decoration rules according to feng shui

Feng shui has been around for a long time, and now more and more people believe in feng shui. They will pay attention to feng shui in both decoration and display. desks are often used in our lives.

Whether it is feng shui living room office study, there is a lot of feng shui in desks, such as the door can not be placed or under the beam, etc., see below put some fortune on the desktop.

1. fish tanks on the table

Whether the fish tank is placed in the feng shui living room office or home, it can not only play a decorative role but also a role in wealth, but it must be careful not to put the fish tank in the financial position, otherwise it will have no effect.

In addition to this location, the fish tank outside on the desk can also be a good way to earn money, but don’t put too big a fish tank, you can put a smaller one.

2. gold bars on the table

The gold bullion itself represents money, so it has a good wealth-seeking effect. can be placed in the home or feng shui living room office financial position,

and placed in the window or on the windowsill can also attract external wealth. putting it on the desk outside can also play a role in earning money.

3. glass on the table

When it comes to crystal, many people, especially girls, first reaction is the pink crystal fortune.

Crystals are of two types: natural crystals and artificial crystals. In addition to pink, crystals also have a strong chemical effect, of which natural crystals are more effective, as putting them on your desk can make a difference.

4. taboos placed against the door

In general, the desk will not be placed in front of the door, except the reception desk, but individual cases are not ruled out.

however, according to feng shui, this arrangement is not suitable for the office or home desk. next to the door, especially the office door.

There are often people coming and going at the door and outside sounds. if the desk is facing the door, it will be affected by people at the door or sound.

There is no way to concentrate on your work. this will naturally affect your own career, and your career’s impact on financial fortune will lessen as well.

5. taboo in front of the bathroom

A bathroom is a place where wastewater is drained daily, so it is full of dirt and gloom. if the desk is placed in front of the toilet.

It is conceivable that people invaded by darkness feel uncomfortable and naturally cannot concentrate at work. As a result, your career is locked, and even if it’s serious, you’ll lose.

Except that the placement of bathroom desks will affect business operations, in feng shui, neither the office table nor the study office table should be placed under a beam.

This is taboo in feng shui. it will cause employees to suffer in the long run. Feeling oppressed, you may feel inexplicably irritable if you can’t concentrate at work.

14 unique feng shui mirror placement tips for the living room

mirrors are an essential element of the home in life. mirrors allow you to organize your personal grooming in time and be more confident in front of others.

but the mirrors are not placed casually. From the perspective of feng shui science, the placement of mirrors is a great learning, from the perspective of feng shui numerology, the following feng shui analysis to place the feng shui mirror in the living room.

1. the feng shui mirror in front of the front door of the living room

do not put a mirror in general. the mirror plays a reflection role and will block the fortune. if you reflect on good fortune, it will cause the business to stumble or suffer financial loss.

2. living room mirror in front of the bathroom door

  • The bathroom is a very private place. if the mirror is facing the bathroom door, it will make it easier for others to see the bathroom items and every movement of people in the bathroom, which makes people feel awkward and indecent.
  • at the same time, your privacy will be exposed. it’s very difficult, so the mirror avoids the door to the bathroom.
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3. living room mirror facing the god

Putting a mirror directly in front of the gods is disrespectful to the gods. the gods not only can’t show the spirits, they can have the opposite effect. mirrors rush to the gods, which is very bad. god.

4. living room mirror in front of the main bedroom door

The door to the master bedroom is just as important as the front door to the entire house. plays a very important role. the master bedroom is where the master rests and spends half of his time in the bedroom.

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therefore, the mirror should not face the master bedroom door to avoid attracting people. bad luck.

5. living room mirror in front of the bed

If the mirror is facing the bed, the owner wakes up from sleep, and his consciousness is still in a vague state, and it is easy to be frightened by his own shadow in the mirror. at the same time, the mirror plays the role of reflection.

the mirror will reflect the good luck of the host to the host. therefore, the mirror should not look directly at the bed. the taboo of the mirror on the ceiling

the mirror is embedded in the ceiling. the people below will consume gasoline and money, which is bad for health. It is better not to embed the mirror in the ceiling of the living room, because it will affect the fortune of the people below, and also make the people below feel unnatural.

6. living room mirror facing the kitchen

A kitchen is a place where “fire” thrives. If the mirror is placed in the kitchen, all the fire inside and outside the mirror will make the kitchen fire more prosperous, and it is prone to fires or other accidents that make people angry.

7. it is forbidden to have a mirror in front of the door of the neighbor’s house.

Many people place a mirror-like object on their front door, which will affect the fortune of the neighbor’s house.

if you put a mirror on the door of your neighbor’s house in front of your own door, it will be bad for your own house.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do not place mirrors on your own front door and do not place mirrors on each other.

8. living room mirror in front of the financial position

Family wealth is closely related to family wealth. the mirror has a reflective effect on the source of wealth. do not put the mirror on wealth.

Instead, put some lucky pets in wealth, to make it more conducive to family wealth.

9. living room mirror in front of the study table

For some students, placing a mirror directly above the study table will distract them from studying. they will think more about their image, they will think less about studying, they will take longer and their academic performance will decrease.

10. the living room mirror should not be directed at the house party.

the mirror is not good for locals. master jide once gave many examples to help friends figure out why they can’t look to the side because the mirror is too reflective.

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it is likely to try the bad side. reflected, making the family darker, sullen, and unable to regenerate.

11. the living room mirror should not be placed behind the sofa.

the mirror that we should not have behind the sofa. people habitually sit on the soft without paying attention to the strength of the neck.

As a result, they talk too much with friends, accidentally touch them, or affect chat with friends. the environment, friends who talk about business at home will affect the progress of work, and friends who talk about emotions at home will make the relationship more rigid.

12. don’t place too many mirrors at an angle.

too many mirrors are the worst for tilting. too many mirrors in your home can seem gloomy, scary and cold. long-lived houses are bad for your health, so it shouldn’t be too much. the mirror must be flat with the wall so that the home is better and better.

13. the mirrors that we should not have in the living room

Mirrors in the living room are distracting. it will seriously affect the relationship of all family members.

In a life that is neither hot nor cold with family, the relationship will become more and more distant over time, which is not conducive to family happiness.

14. two mirrors should not face each other

we cannot hang two mirrors facing each other. this will affect the gas field of the whole family and easily lead to family energy disturbance.

The above is just a brief description of the various taboos of the lower mirror in the living room of the house. just see that the relationship between the mirror and feng shui is very different.

For this reason, special attention must be paid to the placement of the small mirror and the large mirror

feng shui living room with fireplace placement

find below how to arrange a living room with a corner fireplace.

  • In feng shui, a fireplace plays an important role in boosting relationships.
  • placing a fireplace in the northeast corner of a living room signifies calm thinking and health education.
  • while a fireplace placed in the south encourages romance and love .
  • If you can’t afford a traditional fireplace, try adding an electric fireplace for a similar effect.
  • adding a collection of candles is a good substitute for a fireplace

living room of feng shui small apartment

There are no other rules for small apartment feng shui, it’s the same normal rules for any living room in the house. If you want to know other aspects of small or small apartments related to feng shui, follow the guide on how to apply feng shui to your small apartment: quick tips

feng shui living room plants idea

Feng shui has been around for a long time, and now more and more people believe in feng shui. plants many people like to place at home, whether at home, in a company or in a store.

Trees are the most popular. if you place the lucky tree in the right place, you can bring good fortune. So where does the lucky tree bring good fortune? according to feng shui, put it in a large place.

Location near the living room door is good for good luck, and it’s okay to put it in your fortune. Let’s take a look at the plants in the living room that need attention.

where is the lucky tree?

The financial level generally has a bright financial position and a dark financial position. no matter which one we use, it can improve our financial fortunes.

Some people will put lucky or lucky plants in the financial position and hope to make better use of them. if the plant is heavy, placed in the financial position it cannot perform both functions.

the plants on the table cannot be too big

In addition to placing plants on the door and in all corners of the room, the room will also place plants on the table. if you put plants on the table, it should not be too big.

it is better to place some smaller plants. It affects our sight when we want to lie down and watch TV. if the plant is too big, it will affect our work efficiency.

do’s and don’ts in the living room with feng shui

  1. The living room is a place to relax and receive our guests. note that there should be no beams over the area. beams mean the job is stressful, mental debilitating, and easy to cause a nervous breakdown or fatigue. without it, it means that they lack valuable help, often make mistakes at work and commit serious crimes.
  2. white always reveals purity and elegance, and the white crystal is a kind of accessory that promotes the health of a race. he has a successful career and good health.
  3. It is the perfect lifestyle that white collar workers are pursuing today. position, corresponding to the human body means the middle of the top of the head.
  4. It can expel the disease and darkness in the body from the soles of the feet, make the people clear and refreshing, and it is very useful for career and health.
  5. If you want to further enhance this aspect of fortune, you can place a large white crystal column in your feng room. shui of the male owner. office. good luck will make you feel very bad.
  6. many people are very taboo when it comes to yellow. perhaps in some cases, yellow has some bad moral meanings, but everything has to look at the essence through the phenomenon. like when you buy crystal products.
  7. You’ll hear that yellow crystals can make a fortune. where yellow is a symbol of wealth.
  8. and to the west of the room we call it the direction of major business and wealth. if you put yellow furniture trim, you can bring prosperity, and you will wait for your other half to fly. tends to be “yellow.”
  9. red is a vibrant color. you know that red can also stimulate prosperity. Placing some red furniture and decorations in the east of the room, such as mahogany pendants and red decorations, can make your other half full of energy. , conducive to professional development.
  10. If your other half is a soho, which room is best to work in? the north-facing room is more conducive to the self-employed, the northwest room is more conducive to managerial positions.
  11. the northeast room is more conducive to service personnel, and the east side room is more beneficial for those who are constantly exploring new markets.
  12. people in the southeast room are easy to get outside help, and the south room is easy to get inspiration. It is an excellent choice for artists. what are you waiting for?

You may like to follow feng shui tips and guidelines.

feng shui instructions for the living room

In this living room guide, the feng shui orientation is different.

for example, the north position represents professional development and belongs to the waterline. the preferred color is blue or black.

The south right position represents fame, and the feng shui layout in the south position will bring fame and affirmation to the family.

The eastern position represents health, and placing lush plants in the feng shui area of ​​the living room can promote and guide the health and longevity of the family.

Northwest orientation represents your luck, and strengthening the room’s northwest orientation energy will help increase your luck and relationships.

the northeast orientation represents wen changyun. If there is a child about to take the exam, it is best to pay attention to the feng shui layout of the living room in this orientation.

There is a peach blossom in the southwest direction of the feng shui living room. Placing a chandelier-style table lamp here can increase energy and promote harmonious relationships. natural crystals and family photos also have the same effect.

common questions about how to feng shui living room for luck and prosperity


The importance of

feng shui in the living room is beyond the imagination of an ordinary person. it is so effective and paramount.

The living room has multiple functions and is a very important place for family activities. In home feng shui, feng shui in the living room is also a key concern. the quality of the feng shui in the room will directly affect the luck of the whole family.

the feng shui in the orientation of the living room will affect the overall feng shui of the home. in feng shui, the house has six parts.

  1. first, the position of the front door of the living room we call “suzaku bit”.
  2. the back of the house we call “xuanwu bit” in feng shui. it has the words “mainly breaking money, stealing, and right and wrong.”
  3. therefore, it is not good to place the room in the “basalt position”. which will destroy the feng shui of the living room.
  4. the location on the left side of the house we call the position of the blue dragon. it is good for people to place the living room in the “blue dragon position”.
  5. the “white tiger position” is on the right side of the house. if the living room is in this area, then it is prone to a blood mess.
  6. the “hook position” is in the middle of the house. it usually makes sense for the living room to be in the center of the house. because there is a kind of potential energy that brings everything together.

Of course, this article will effectively guide you on the mistakes people often make in living room feng shui.

And of course this article will guide you a lot in building your feng shui living room, so enjoy the best of life!

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