Feng Shui for Living Room ( 2022)

decorating the living room is really a work of art. furniture, colors, lighting fixtures, works of art – you want to combine them all in perfect harmony and balance.

a harmonious space is more than that. it requires inner balance, which is reflected on the outside. Today we are going to review some feng shui principles that can be applied when decorating the living room.

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psychologically, the living room represents the way we are perceived by the outside world, it is the space where we can highlight our place in society and where we can strengthen our ability to create prosperity and well-being.

If we spend a few good hours of our free time in this room, it is obvious that the feng shui of this space has a strong influence on the harmony, prosperity and success of all members of the family.

therefore, according to feng shui, this is the most appropriate room to activate energetically in the nine sectors: love, fame, prosperity, health, family, children, helpers, career and education.

feng shui color tips

As in any other room in the house, colors are one of the feng shui principles that can influence energy balance. Strong colors such as red or black should be avoided, especially in large proportions. opt for pastel colors, delicate shades of yellow, green, or even plain white. avoid blue on north walls as it will create the impression of a cold and hostile space.


the placement of furniture must ensure easy access to the room, not hindered by obstacles. it is not recommended to clutter too much furniture. an airy space will bring abundance.

The sofa and armchairs should be placed so that when we use them, we cannot directly see the door in front of us. also, it is not recommended to sit with your back to a window and directly next to the front door, but to have a wall in the background.

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If we have two sofas sitting facing each other, guests who don’t know each other well can experience conflict. therefore, we either move the sofas to a neutral position or place a table between them.

From a feng shui point of view, visible beams anywhere within the home affect the smooth flow of life energy. the best solution is to hang two bamboo cables or cover them with a false ceiling.

Over time, people sitting directly below them can feel a sense of difficulty, both physically and in family life. It is not recommended to leave cleaning supplies in the room. they symbolize the elimination of income, health and prosperity.

placement of television and direction of watching television

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Most of us spend much of our free time in front of the television.

In feng shui, the television has the power to amplify the energies of the room, so it should be placed only in places with positive energy, which can be determined with precise measurements.

this way we will avoid bad luck, headaches and eye diseases.

where we place the television makes us focus in a specific direction when we watch movies, news, TV series or entertainment. therefore, we must choose a direction with positive energy, which can be determined by calculating the personal kua number and with exact measurements.

rules for placing mirrors

Well, the living room is a space where we can place mirrors without too much hassle. the best position for a mirror is face to face with a window, but only when the image of the outside is a beautiful natural landscape.

In this way, we will bring the beauty of nature to our home. It goes without saying that we will not place a mirror in front of the window if the landscape from the outside is unpleasant and emits negative energy (construction site, messy or dirty patio, etc.).

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The most important thing is that the mirror reflects beautiful things: a painting, an indoor plant or family photos, as we have mentioned before.

Just as important, mirrors used for home décor are cleaned and laundered frequently. according to feng shui rules, a clean mirror releases positive energy, while a dirty mirror will charge the house with negative energy.

also, do not keep broken, cracked or chipped mirrors, because they absorb and release negative energy.

feng shui plants in the living room

Usually, all lucky plants such as flowers can be placed in the room, but it is recommended to arrange them according to their size. to avoid the impression of pressure, do not place a plant that touches the ceiling in the corner of the room. when choosing small plants, you should consider both the size of the table and the visual effect.

beneficial plants, according to feng shui: jade plants, bamboo, plant of happiness, pine, fir, orange, peach, apple, lemon. lucky flowers, according to feng shui: paeonia peregrina, chrysanthemum, spathiphyllum, Japanese rose, daffodil, lilac, magnolia, lotus and orchid.

plants and flowers to avoid

In feng shui, plants and flowers with pointed leaves that sting when touched are considered unlucky.

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The only space where this type of flower can be placed is next to the television or a computer, so that they absorb the magnetic energy they emit.

They can also be placed outside, next to the main entrance door, having the function of protecting the house. however, inside the house, it is recommended to avoid: cacti, roses or any other prickly plant or flower, such as bonsai.

Bonsai are supposed to emanate negative chi energy because the method of obtaining them symbolizes interrupted growth and development.

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the feng shui generated by its energies can affect both the development and expansion of your business, as well as the process of growth or development of children, but also your personal development as an individual.

placement of a fish tank

In general, fish are a sign of abundance, which is why an aquarium can be a simple element of decoration, but also a way to obtain prosperity and wealth if we believe that this remedy can help us solve our problems.


The best place to put a fish tank is in the living room or office, and to attract luck, the number of fish should be odd.

Keeping in mind that fish are not happy in a bowl aquarium, it would be better to choose a semi-circular or rectangular aquarium with rounded edges.

If the tank is placed on the north side of a room, it would be ideal if it had a cylindrical shape, in order to activate the energy of the metal.

The east direction is associated with the wood element, so to progress, it is a good idea to place a rectangular aquarium with rounded edges in that area.

If we want to activate the prosperity sector, to increase our wealth, experts recommend us to acquire an arowana fish or, if we do not have enough money, we can settle for a koi fish or an aquarium with goldfish.


If we manage to keep the aquarium always clean, with green plants and happy fish, we will attract a lot of positive energy to our home, obviously, if we place them on a suitable side of the room.

Golden fish symbolize success in financial business, while the koi fish is a symbol of luck and military glory.

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