Can You Feng Shui An L- Shape Standing Desk?

at first, l-shaped standing desks look like two desks joined together to form one large office space. They save space for office workers who spend a lot of time working on a computer. They come in different shapes and designs. most have storage and shelving on one side of the desk, leaving room for monitors.

an l-shaped standing desk is a unique office piece of furniture that enhances your office space. it has two sides that are perpendicular to each other and usually the same size. L-shaped desks provide additional surface area and keep all your documents and other items within easy reach. most l-shaped desks can be placed in a corner to save space. They can also be suitable for meeting tables since the table can be shared.

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An L-shaped desk allows you to maximize space in the corner or on a side wall.

When choosing an l-shaped desk, there are several features to consider including size, material, and storage options. L-shaped desks are mostly made of engineered wood or particle board and glass. these are much more affordable, although less stable than hardwood. also find that it has storage capacity.

the l-shaped desk adapts to the position of the corners. It can also be placed along a wall to make more space in the room. They come in various colors, styles, and materials, so making the right one can be a challenge, and the downside is their size. they take up a lot of space and can be a burden to mount or move.

There is a theme that has never been applied in the office space until now. Many Asian countries have applied this technique to harmonize their environment and add a sense of tranquility to their employees. this is called feng shui and has been around for centuries. feng shui feng shui, which means “wind and water”, is a traditional Chinese technique that links the destiny of man with his environment. its purpose is to make people live in harmony with their environment. The Chinese believe deeply in ch’i and incorporate it into many aspects of their lives, including their work environment


creating feng shui for the office space

It is practiced by Asians mainly in their homes. but recently, it has also been incorporated into the business world. they believe that any business transaction they undertake should be in harmony with their surroundings to ensure a prosperous and profitable business enterprise.

How does feng shui apply to a standing desk in an office?

In this article, we try to guide those who have a standing desk, particularly an L-shaped one, to find the balance between the natural world with the business world

feng shui office design

all rooms benefit from feng shui and the office space is also included.

There are a few things to harmonize feng shui throughout the office to create a calm and relaxing environment.

● The first step is to place your seat against a solid wall so your back is against it.

● Start the positive energy by adding plants and water features around the office. course this positive energy around your work and creativity

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● Put some art on the walls and shelves that can inspire you and your co-workers

● Calm colors are recommended, this includes pale yellow, pale orange, pale green

● find furniture with smooth edges and corners

● avoid corners pointing at you

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● If possible, your office should have a good view

creating feng shui for the office desk

Office desks should have a few feng shui essentials to consider. once you integrate these, your office will have peace of mind and more focus on your work without negative energy around you. it is strongly recommended to position the desk so that its back is against a solid wall.

Feng shui for your office desk should include:

● remove clutter from your workspace and place only the items you use every day

● Straight desks are ideal. but with a curved desk, you should sit deep within the arch to harmonize the chi energy.

● Wood is the ideal material for the desk to introduce nourishing energy that will revitalize the rest of the office

When designing feng shui in the office, you should not place your desk on the following:

● facing the desk towards the wall

● facing the desk toward the door

● place the desk in a position where it faces away from the door

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● placing the desktop in front of the window

ideal feng shui colors for your desk

use your desktop colors to your advantage.

this is a good way to create the kind of energy you want. just make sure it works for you, your office, and the type of job you have.

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● brown desks will bring nourishment to your office with an earthy touch

● a black desk is for those who need self-analysis and unbiased thinking

● Green desks have creative properties and disperse nurturing energy similar to brown desks

● White desks are crisp and clear, but can drain the energy of susceptible individuals

● gray desks are similar to white and improve concentration

feng shui l-shaped desk

all of the above can also be used on an l-shaped desk. But there are a few things you should think about first if you have an L-shaped desk. this is due to their unusual size and shape.

l-shaped desks are placed in command position at the rear of the office with minimal space at the rear of the room. putting it in the command position brings powerful and protective energy to your office and can be used to get a great result for your work.


if you plan to buy an l-shaped desk, use it in the same way as a normal desk, but it is very important to place it in the command position due to its size. this will introduce power throughout your office and help you succeed in your work. wood is the ideal support for a desk due to its creative and nutritious properties. their earthy color will enhance them even more.

feng shui is a powerful energy that seeks to harmonize man with his environment. a harmonized office station can bring prosperity and tranquility to the people around you.

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