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The feng shui practice of using the kua number of life is based on the eight mansions school of feng shui. Essentially, your Life Kua Number tells you what your lucky and unlucky directions are, and what aspects of luck are affected by your auspicious and inauspicious directions.

Before reading this article, you should already know what your kua number is. if not, read this article to find out how to find your kua number.

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if you know your kua number, this article will tell you what your unique feng shui requirements are, as well as what your best and worst compass points are.

kua numbers and your luck

kua is a subset of bagua, where “ba” means eight (8) and “gua” is another way of writing “kua”. there are a total of eight kua, and their numbers are usually 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9 (there is no number 5). in eight mansions, each person belongs to one of these eight kua numbers.

Your kua number will tell you your auspicious and inauspicious directions and what aspects of life they affect and influence. you will have four auspicious directions balanced with four inauspicious directions. most of your auspicious directions will be in the east or west, depending on your kua number. each direction will represent a different aspect of your life.

the east and west group

Of the eight kua numbers, four are in the east group and the other four are in the west group.

This group has the kua numbers 1, 3, 4 and 9.

the west group has the kua numbers 2, 6, 7 and 8.

The four auspicious directions of the east group include north, south, east, and southeast, in balance with the other four unlucky directions. the west group is just the opposite, with its four auspicious directions to the west, northwest, southwest, and northeast.

Each of the eight directions governs a different aspect of your luck, perhaps influenced by the magnetic force of the earth. the next section will provide more details.

the eight kua numbers and their auspicious and inauspicious directions

Auspicious directions are listed in order from most important to least important. similarly, unfavorable addresses are listed from most critical to least.

The name of each address you’re about to see doesn’t paint the whole picture (because of language or translation), and each address represents more than what it’s called. Also, don’t take the names literally because they are more of a figure of speech.

this is what each kua represents:

kua 1 – “kan”

if your kua number is 1, you belong to this group. your auspicious addresses are:

  • southeast – prosperity (sheng chi)
  • east – health (tien yi)
  • south – harmony (yan nien)
  • north – stability (fu wei)

its unfavorable addresses are:

  • southwest – total loss (thu ming)
  • northeast – five ghosts (wu cool)
  • northwest – six killings (liu xa)
  • west – obstacles (huo hai)
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kua 2 – “kun”

if your kua number is 2, you belong to the west group. your auspicious addresses are:

  • northeast – prosperity (sheng chi)
  • west – health (tien yi)
  • northwest – harmony (yan nien)
  • southwest – stability (fu wei)

its unfavorable addresses are:

  • north – total loss (thu ming)
  • southeast – five ghosts (wu cool)
  • south – six kills (liu xa)
  • east – obstacles (huo hai)

kua 3 – “zhen”

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if your kua number is 3, you belong to this group. your auspicious addresses are:

  • south – prosperity (sheng chi)
  • north – health (tien yi)
  • southeast – harmony (yan nien)
  • east – stability (fu wei)

its unfavorable addresses are:

  • west – total loss (thu ming)
  • northwest – five ghosts (wu cool)
  • northeast – six killings (liu xa)
  • southwest – obstacles (huo hai)

kua 4 – “xun”

if your kua number is 4, you belong to this group. your auspicious addresses are:

  • north – prosperity (sheng chi)
  • south – health (tien yi)
  • east – harmony (yan nien)
  • southeast – stability (fu wei)

its unfavorable addresses are:

  • northeast – total loss (thu ming)
  • southwest – five ghosts (wu cool)
  • west – six killings (liu xa)
  • northwest – obstacles (huo hai)

kua 6 – “chien”

if your kua number is 6, you belong to the west group. your auspicious addresses are:

  • west – prosperity (sheng chi)
  • northeast – health (tien yi)
  • southwest – harmony (yan nien)
  • northwest – stability (fu wei)

its unfavorable addresses are:

  • south – total loss (thu ming)
  • east – five ghosts (wu cool)
  • north – six kills (liu xa)
  • southeast – obstacles (huo hai)

kua 7 – “tui”

if your kua number is 7, you belong to the west group. your auspicious addresses are:

  • northwest – prosperity (sheng chi)
  • southwest – health (tien yi)
  • northeast – harmony (yan nien)
  • west – stability (fu wei)

its unfavorable addresses are:

  • east – total loss (thu ming)
  • south – five ghosts (wu cool)
  • southeast – six kills (liu xa)
  • north – obstacles (huo hai)

kua 8 – “gene”

if your kua number is 8, you belong to the west group. your auspicious addresses are:

  • southwest – prosperity (sheng chi)
  • northwest – health (tien yi)
  • west – harmony (yan nien)
  • northeast – stability (fu wei)

its unfavorable addresses are:

  • southeast – total loss (thu ming)
  • north – five ghosts (wu cool)
  • east – six kills (liu xa)
  • south – obstacles (huo hai)

kua 9 – “li”

if your kua number is 9, you belong to this group. your auspicious addresses are:

  • east – prosperity (sheng chi)
  • southeast – health (tien yi)
  • north – harmony (yan nien)
  • south – stability (fu wei)

its unfavorable addresses are:

  • northwest – total loss (thu ming)
  • west – five ghosts (wu cool)
  • southwest – six killings (liu xa)
  • northeast – obstacles (huo hai)
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how each direction affects you

here we delve into the aspects of luck that are affected by each of your eight directions. after knowing them, you will be able to better decide which addresses are most important to you.

the auspicious one

prosperity (sheng chi) – the life force

Translated as “growth chi” or upward moving energy, your prosperity direction brings strong growth and advancement in life. it can be used to advance your career, start your own business, and even increase your chances of having children.

If this address is used correctly, you will be more active in many aspects of your life, including increased income, aspirations, and motivation at work. the young and ambitious should take advantage of this direction, as it will help them to advance both in their life and in their career.

If this position is not used correctly, you may experience setbacks in your career. Worse yet, married couples can have trouble conceiving a child.

health (tien yi) – health and wealth

Translated as “Heavenly Physician”, the direction of your health is directly related to your health and vitality with an indirect effect on your wealth. This address is especially useful for the elderly and those who have health problems.

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Proper use of this direction gives you a healthy mind and body. you may also experience fewer distractions, especially unexpected events that can put a dent in your wallet.

Improper use can cause illness, disease and extraordinary expenses. for those who are already sick, they may experience a prolonged illness. they may find themselves in situations where they receive ineffective medications or cannot find a good doctor.

harmony (yan nien) – relationship and marriage

Translated as “harmony” and “longevity,” the direction of your harmony is directly related to your love, your relationships, and your marriage. this should be the most important address for those looking for a partner.

The proper use of this direction brings stability in your marriage and love life. your relationship with friends and family will improve, and you may find new social connections that can help you personally and professionally.

Inappropriate use of this address can lead to conflicts with friends and fights with your partner. professional relationships with your boss or supervisors can also be damaged, which can have undesirable consequences at work.

stability (fu wei) – peace, personal growth and stability

Your direction of stability brings you personal development and a peaceful life. Proper use of this direction will remove distracting ripples from your daily life, allowing you more time and energy to pursue improvements.

It’s easy to abuse your stability address because it’s the weakest lucky address of all. Improper use can lead to small but distracting events that require your attention, like when your dry cleaner loses or mishandles your clothes, or when your washing machine requires a minor repair.

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the unfavorable

Your four auspicious directions are balanced by four inauspicious directions. Here’s how these addresses affect you, starting with the worst:

total loss (thu min) – life-ending force

Straightly translated as “end life”, your direction of total loss is associated with your own self-destruction. it can cause depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses that can greatly affect your overall well-being. this direction is also said to negatively affect a person’s reproductive system.

If this direction is strengthened or used frequently, it can cause strong emotional instability. furthermore, worsening mental health creates the potential for many types of accidents that harm a person socially or physically.

five ghosts (wu cool) – social conflicts and accidents

The direction of your five ghosts is associated with violence and chaos. in some cases, this direction can cause more damage than the total loss direction. it can bring an unhealthy competitive drive, aggressiveness, and ferocity that creates conflict with your family, work, and social environments. Worse yet, it has the potential to lead you into situations involving lawsuits and gory events (surgeries, accidents, and other blood-provoking situations).

six murders (liu xa) – negative and unhealthy mind

your direction of the six murders is associated with a negative mind. This direction can damage your marriage, your career, and your relationship with others. at the same time, it can bring you insomnia and feelings of irritation and indifference. worse yet, it has the potential to lead to chronic gambling and alcoholism.

obstacles (huo hai) – vitality drain force

Translated as “mishaps” and “problems”, the direction of your obstacles is associated with loss of energy and motivation. Worse yet, it creates extreme fatigue and laziness, making you unproductive at work and at home. the person may be afraid of taking responsibility and may feel weak and sick all the time.


Discovering what your kua number means is just one of many steps to practicing eight mansion feng shui. the next step is to find out how to actually use your auspicious and inauspicious directions. so if you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t apply the above directions to your bed, desk, or home addresses. your personal kua address is not the entire feng shui practice of the eight mansions. moreover, addresses are more than just a “oriented” address.

If you’re wondering if you’re practicing eight mansions correctly, you can always hire an eight mansions expert or take feng shui courses to learn it yourself.

Although I am writing to you and teaching you about the feng shui of the eight mansions, please know that I have doubts about the effectiveness of this practice. read the end of this article to find out why.

what do you think about your auspicious and inauspicious directions? let us know by commenting below!

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